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April Quarterly finals latest

With all the quarterly finals from season 3 now completed after last weekends Northampton contest, the results and final placings for each quarterly final venue can be found as usual on our finals page.

Simply scroll down to the relevant season and venue to see the final placings of all signed out players and a link to photographs taken during the action.

The list of qualifying players who have won seats to the September National Final should be fully updated on the web site by mid May, with invites going out later in the summer and here's a brief summary of the days play at the quarterly venues :-


With the Grosvenor Casino in the city centre hosting our Birmingham quarterly final, everything got off to a good start with the field of players competing for the National final seats along with a share of the prize pool and the winners trophy.
Steady play up to the first break meant that only 1 player had busted out before the buffet, although the rest of the players were relieved at hearing the news. With the first break session ended and with all rebuys and add-ons completed, it was down to action once again for the remaining players after refuelling. With the casinos card room manager Jon keeping everything running smoothly, the action carried on at pace with around 30 players remaining as the clocks showed 6pm.
As we reached the final 2 tables for the remaining players, some of those that had been unfortunate to bust out earlier in the day took the opportunity to try their luck at the various gaming tables downstairs.
With Lynne Etches finishing as the highest placed lady on the day just outside the final table places. by mid evening we had got down to the final table of players moving into the enclosed room at the venue to raise the tension for those remaining with 5 cash prizes to play for and at least 5 National Final seats up to be won. The last 9 players comprised Paul Fingleton, Paul Beasley, Ajay Kika, Howard Lewis, Bob Delange, Ian Anderson, Zac Portas, John Tilley and Mark Woodward. Despite the pressure of being close to the bubble for National final seats and cash prizes the game was played with good spirit and sportsmanship.
With the final 5 players above all sharing part of the days prize pot, plus the last 7 players all winning National final seats, the heads up contest was not too long between Mark and John with John showing a long run of low hands giving him little chance to attack Marks larger stack before a win with the final heads up hand gained Mark the top placed finish on the day and the winners trophy.


With the assembled players vying for the Bristol quarterly final winner’s trophy, along with a share of the days prize pool and seats for Septembers national final the action got under way just after 1pm at the Rainbow casino in the Harbourside area. With the players relaxed and ready to enjoy the battle, the cardroom manager Tim ensured everyone had their seats and the event ran smoothly.

With most players taking a steady approach early on, the action continued through the afternoon with a warm buffet to refresh the players and regular breaks for players to discuss strategies or take the chance to have a chat with fellow players.

When we eventually reached the final table it was everything to play for, with 2 of the remaining players already qualified for September’s National final it was down to the others to keep their chips stacks healthy and aim for the National seats and prize money.
It turned out to be a case of Deja Vu for Steve Wood, who successfully defended his winning place from the season 2 quarterly final holding off the challenge of Chris Phillips in the heads up battle, with Matt Bevan, Barry Windeatt and John Quigley also taking cash prizes on the day, and the top 7 players will all be receiving invites for the upcoming National Final Many thanks to the casino staff for their organisation and to all the players who took part on the day.


We had our best turnout to date at a Dundee final with 80 players contesting the Season 3 CPL quarterly final at the G casino. Again the departure of our first casualty, Iain Black from The Perth Poker Club, was swift and met with the ubiquitous cheer and round of applause as the pressure was off.

Kenny White from The Waverley Hotel Callander was the player who just missed out on the final table; however, he was not too despondent as he did secure his seat for the National since three of the players already had theirs.

So with all ten finalists confirmed for Sheffield this just left the small matter of who would cash and it was Mark Stewart from The Perth Poker Club who was the unfortunate ‘bubble boy’ this time.

10th Jack Carmichael, The Auld Hoose Perth
9th Stewart Barnett, The Perth Poker Club
8th Mark Stewart, The Perth Poker Club
7th Tom Bulley, The Abbotsford, Perth
6th Tracey Welch, Ormond Bar, Perth
5th Rami Saleh, The Perth Poker Club
4th Ratis Zomerovskis, The Abbey Inn, Arbroath
3rd Scott Sweeney, Ormond Bar, Perth

Down to the final two players, heads up was between Chris Halladay from The Waverley Hotel in Callander and Grant Davidson from The Perth Poker Club. Grant acquitted himself well on his inaugural CPL Quarterly outing but saw his chip stack dwindle away quite quickly and Chris finished the tournament off with a pair of 9’s. Special mention must be made of this win and kudos to Chris as it meant he took home his second CPL Quarterly Final trophy and thoroughly deserves his new alias, Chris ‘Two Time Champ’ Halladay!

Many congrats to all the players who secured National seats and thanks to all the players who participated and made this another great day. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and many of you will have the opportunity to do it all again in July. As ever, thanks must also go to John, Mike and the team at the G casino Dundee for their continued support and professionalism.


Play started at Aspers Casino Stratford London at 12.05pm with a total of 98. After 58 mins we lost our first player Davin Ratnor receiving the normal sympathetic but relieved cheer from the other CPL finalists. For the 3rd time the top lady on the day was Vanessa Turner finishing 12th and by 7pm we were down to the final table of 10 and all going onto Sheffield later in the year. At 8pm we were heads up Darren v Greg. When the all important showdown hand arrived, Darren had a pair of 8s and Greg a Jack 7 suited. The flop 3, 4, 9 the turn 10 and river a 3. Darren wining the event with 2 pairs 8s and 3s.


Play began at Luton at 2pm sharp with 95 players. We had been playing for 28 mins before we lost our first player Jason Hazel from The Borough Arms, once again getting the biggest cheer of the day. We had to wait till 8-15pm before we had our 12 players all qualifying for the final later in the year ( 2 players already there). Top Lady on the day was Jan Keenan finishing 7th. 9-20pm we were heads up, Peter v Ded and a few hands later we had our showdown hand, Peter King 7 and Ded 6, 3. The flop was 6, 8, 7. the turn a 3 and river a5. Ded winning the tournament with 2 pairs 6s and 3s well done Ded.


Carl Jackson was on form for making it a double by going out first at 2 quarterly finals in a row which he did in the first 20mins. It was a tight game following that as we only lost one more player by the first break.
After 3 hours of further steady play we were down to 50% of the original field, and by 8pm we had a final table of 10. P Airey was the bubble boy for the national place at which he was rather upset and we wish him better luck next time. At 9.15 we finally got to heads up. After 30 mins of chips passing either way and with the blinds now 25000 and 50000 we got an all in announced by Jonny Brown with his pocket 4s, Rob Mcgrath called with his unpaired over cards, but after a few ooh and arrrs the river came with neither hand inproving and the 4s held up giving Jonny the win.


The first regional quarterly final to be hosted by the Railway Tavern in Dereham was a great day contested by keen entrants from the East Anglian region. With all entrants making it successfully to the break with either a rebuy or add-on purchased to boost their chip stack.

After an hour and a half’s play the unlucky player to be the first entrant to hit the rail was Shaun Sleight who received a comforting round of applause from the remaining players. The game continued amongst a great atmosphere with the 3 largest chip stacks being Garry Roberts, Terry Gould and Chris Rhett.

After around 4 hours of play we had reached our final table with the unfortunate Jo Brie-Crawley being knocked out when her A,K lost to A,3 when the board ran out J,J,Q,3,9. Next to go after having to push all-in with 8,10 suited was darren Goldsworthy, losing to a straight. Garry Roberts finished next on the bubble in 6th when his 4,4 pocket pair lost to pocket Aces.

The remaining 5 players finishing in the money were; Wendy Collingridge, Tom Byrne, John Brie-Crawley, Chris Rhett and Terry Gould who took down the tournament after flopping 2 pair with his J,10 and cracking Chris’s pocket Kings.


The day eagerly awaited by all the qualifiers at Aspers casino got underway just after 2 o’clock with the players competing for not only a share of the days prize pot and to get their hands on the prestigious trophy, but also to finish high enough to guarantee a National Final invite later this year. Action was steady up to the break with just a few early casualties quietly bowing out and vowing to make amends next time.

After an opportunity to refuel with a hot meal provided by the catering staff it was quickly back down to business with players keen to make use of any add-on chips purchased at the break. Play progressed steadily throughout the day with some players building healthy chip stacks at their table whilst others experienced less good fortune with around half the field remaining when the late afternoon break arrived around 6.30.

As the blinds increased we were to eventually reach the final 2 tables, where play started to tighten up with the occasional all-in move pre flop often taking the pot uncontested, until those with short stacks felt the time was right to call or commit all-in themselves with varying degrees of success until we eventually had 10 players remaining who had all gained qualification to Septembers. With the small matter of the days prize pool to be won by the top 6 placed finishers as well as the winners trophy up for grabs the action was hotly contested at the final table.

With some good tactical play in evidence, it was a while before the field was reduced to the final heads up contest between David Winter and Vanessa Farley where Vanessa’s Ace,Jack held up on the final hand of the day to win her the trophy and bragging rights at her regular weekly venue.

We look forward to seeing all the qualifying players at the National Finals next September and best of luck for the current season to all those who’s good fortune didn’t hold up this time..


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