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Our leaderboard system

Points system in the pub

Points are awarded in the pub using a bonus system depending on how many people play in the tournament which keeps things fair between small and large venues.

1st place 125 points + bonus
2nd place 100 points + bonus
3rd place 75 points + bonus
4th place 50 points + bonus
5th place 40 points + bonus
6th place 30 points + bonus
7th place 20 points + bonus
8th place 10 points + bonus
9th to 16th place bonus (minimum of 10 points)
17th onwards 10 points (no bonus)

The amount of bonus points is equal to the number of players in the tournament.

Quarterly Final Qualification

We operate a three tier leaderboard system that encourages players to return to your venue week after week and keeps things fair for all.

National Leaderboard

The National Leaderboard points are calculated using a percentage based points system. Each live tournament has a pot made up of 100 National points per player in the tournament, distributed across the top 8 places in the following percentages:

1st - 40%
2nd - 25%
3rd - 14%
4th - 8%
5th - 6%
6th - 4%
7th - 2%
8th - 1%

If the number of players in the tournament is less than 10, then the number of points per player is reduced. 90 points per player for 9 players, 80 for 8 and so forth. Last place in a tournament is never a paying position (except for participation points).

In addition all players in a tournament receive 50 'participation points'.

The top 150 players qualify through the National Leaderboard.

Benefit - This rewards our players who play regularly in several venues but who may not have succeeded in qualifying through the venue leaderboards.

Venue Leaderboard

Each venue has its own leaderboard which only shows points earned at that venue. Calculating that venue's average number of players each week over the season, the top 25% (who have not already qualified e.g. from the National leaderboard) will qualify through to the Quarterly Finals, with one of those places going to the venue's player with the best average score over at least 6 games. A minimum amount of the top 4 players, plus the highest average will always qualify from each pub each season for all silver and gold service venues.

Benefit - You can always be assured that several of your best players will qualify, guaranteeing that your top players will not have to go to the finals alone. Also, your players who cannot attend regularly can still qualify through the average qualifier position.

Online Leaderboard

Where an on-line league is held in parallel to the live season, the points from these tournaments all go onto a daily and quarterly leaderboard. At the end of each 3 month on-line poker season (which may vary by a few days from the 13 week 'live' venue season), the top 10% of players from the on-line combined leaderboard will receive invites to the live Quarterly Finals

Benefit - Enables players who cannot make it to the pub to qualify by playing at home.

Qualification from Quarterly Finals through to the Nationals

The top 10% of players (rounding up) will qualify from each Quarterly Final through to the National Final. If a player qualifies more than once, the additional seat won at a later Quarterly final is passed down to give an extra qualifying place from that Quarterly Final to the next eligible player. Each player who qualifies twice will also receive a special prize at the National Final.

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