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Quarterly Final results!

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
The last of the Quarterly Final Results are now in and we're ready to announce the full list of Qualifiers for the upcoming National Final!

To see the full list of national qualifiers for the year, please click here. In addition to these players, the following players from the two Second Chance Sunday tournaments we ran in May and August have also qualified and will be receiving an invite from William Hill Poker Club:


If your William Hill username is on this list you should soon be receiving an email invitation to the final from William Hill Poker Club, but please send an email with your full name and which username is yours to as well so that we can make sure your name is on the list.

Now onto the results!

We have held eight finals across the UK over the past two weeks with great success!

Coventry G Casino on the 1st of August

First up is our very successful new final at the fantastic Coventry G Casino with a huge 132 runners.

The Coventry casino has recently been purchased by Grosvenor Casinos and was the first time that Champions Poker League had used this for a quarterly final. All the players were very impressed with the casino which has a true 'Vegas feel' to it. As usual the Grosvenor staff were friendly and helpful throughout the day and put on a great tournament. Karl the Tournament Director for the day was constantly moving players around, organising sit and go's and responding to player questions and did a great job.

Pete Oxley who plays at the Bricklayers Arms in Shrewsbury was the first out after about 1/2 hours play which was greeted with raucous applause from the other players. Play was quite slow to start with and it wasn't until about 2 hours into the tournament that people started to bust out at a more steady stream. Play slowed again when we had about 17 players left in the tournament and with 13 places up for grabs for the National Final then you can understand why!

We worked our way down to the final table with some familiar names there including 'Bodsie', Bob Snowball and John 'the Chef'. Play continued until we had heads up between Mark Dewson and Bob Snowball with the final hand of the night taking place about 11 pm. Bob had A8 with Mark on K2 (suited). The flop and the turn brought 9,10,J Q which saw both players decide that each of their straights were too good to miss and piled 'all in'. At this point in the proceedings then Mark was ahead with the higher straight of 9 - King beating Bob's 8-Queen. Only a King on the River could save Bob which is exactly what happened giving him the higher straight 10-A. What a showdown! Bob took away the first prize of 500 and the trophy with Mark claiming 312.50

Special congratulations should go to Karen Walker who held on by her finger nails to finish 12th which is another great result after previously cashing at Luton in in 4th place.

Click here to view the full finishing positions.

Click here to view the photo galleries.

Luton G Casino on the 25th of July

Always a massive final, Luton did not disappoint with a massive 182 players vying for the 2000 prize pool.

The tournament got underway just past 2pm. A huge cheer was given to poor Stuart Williams who was the first player out.

The final two players who played out the heads battle were Andy Slater and Chris Davies, the showdown hand being 5, 9, for Andy and King, 9, for Chris. the Flop was 9, 10, 6, both players checking. The turn revealed another 9, all the chips went in, but the river only gave a 2 so Chris walked away with trophy and earned his 800 first place prize.

No less than 17 players qualified from Luton this Quarter.

Click here to view the full finishing positions.

Click here to view the photo galleries.

Bristol Gala Casino on August 1st

Despite a large number of traffic problems on the day, 49 keen players attended the Quarterly Final at Bristol, though the start of the tournament was slightly delayed.

After more than an hour of play all 49 players were still in the tournament due to some very conservative play. This set the tone for the rest of the evening, with the tournament lasting a full 7 hours of tense competition!

First out was poor Pete 'Cider' Edmunds, after an hour and 25 minutes. Other players soon started to follow in drips and drabs, and as the blinds went up, so did the speed of people exiting. Soon we were down to just 13 players, close to the bubble (Gala Bristol kindly provided addtional prizes for 6th to 10th place). Strangely at this point play slowed to a crawl, being a full hour and a half till the final table was announced.

After a short break the final table reconvened. Quite soon several of the more short stacked players had dropped out, with Jamie Parsons and Chris Blackmore unable to keep up. Katie Rolls and Michael Weller dominated a large portion of the proceedings, but this situation was reversed after a selection of excellent plays by Nathan Warren and Joseph Alexander, who ended up heads up and at just shy of 9pm, Nathan emerged the victor, taking home the Champions Poker League Quarterly Final trophy.

Click here to view the full finishing positions.

Click here to view the photo galleries.

Manchester G Casino on the 1st of August

Our Manchester Quarterly Final saw an impressive turnout, with 92 players making it into the tournament.

The final table looked like this:

Robert Curran - 38,000
Jason Jeweson - 150,000
Mark Stewart - 35,000
Steve Hulligan - 57,000
Alfredo Ayala - 53,000
Shane Kipps - 74,000
Dave Thomas - 66,000
Andy Smith - 91,000

Despite this unbalanced start to the final table, there was a shock upset as chip leader Jason Jeweson went out in 7th place, with rank outsider Mark Stewart and Steve Hulligan ending up head to head. Mark walked away the winner with King eight to Steve's Queen four after hitting an 8.

Click here to view the full finishing positions.

Leeds Grosvenor Casino on the 25th of July

We had 31 players at Leeds this quarter, with the final table consisting of Laura Dixon, Wayne Harrison, Julie Pryke, Hedley Goddard, Paul Arpino, David Paterson, Ian Slater and Chris Binns.

Eventually the game came down to Chris Binns and Ian Slater, with Chris taking home the trophy, and the first place prize money!

Click here to view the full finishing positions.

Edinburgh Gala Casino on the 25th of July

As the league's presence in Scotland continues to grow, our Edinburgh final is still proving to be a great final location, as the 49 players who attended on the day can attest.

Last season's winner, Thomas Ridley, put in another appearance, making it all the way to the final two, going heads up against Chris 'Ace High Halz' Halladay, but didn't manage to walk away with a second trophy.

Click here to view the full finishing positions.

Aberdeen mini-final

Our first Aberdeen mini-final was a great success with 15 players making the journey. Congratulations to Nathan Baulch, who managed to beat out Martin Davidson to win first place!

Click here to view the full finishing positions.

Newcastle mini-final

Our second Newcastle Final had 19 players, with 1st time quarterly finalist Chris Huntley eventually coming out on top.

Due to the feedback we've received regarding the Newcastle finals, as well as the high number of players attending we are pleased to announce that we will now be upgrading Newcastle to full CPL final status! We will be sending out an email to all Newcastle players shortly with full details.

Click here to view the full finishing positions.


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