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April's Quarter Finals

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
Write up’s for April Season 3 2017-2018 Quarter Finals

A brief summary of the days play held at each quarterly final venue can be found below. Photos and finishing positions can be found on our finals page or by clicking here.

Thirty Five Players contested the latest Quarter Final at the home of Norfolk poker, with players coming as far as Leicester to compete.

Steve Goodson was given a generous round of applause, when he was the first player to be knocked out shortly after the fish and chip lunch break. A special mention to Kev Powley who finished with a seasons’ best 24th place, he fell when his 2,7 bluff got found out.

The final table saw some familiar faces; former champion Paul Martin finished 8th with Mark Simpson 7th; Dereham legend Mike Lyons finished 6th booking his Sheffield place, as Roy Gower (5th) and Ricky Eagle (3rd) had already made it. Dennis (Slow Hand) Thrower finished 4th to qualify, whilst David (The Gambler) Stevens finished runner up.

This left the ‘Queen of the Day’ Vanessa (Budgie) Winterburn to chirp with delight as she took home the trophy. Well done Budgie!

Battle of the Roses

The Red roses were here today in numbers to take the final down, but the Yorkshire players weren't going to give the trophy away!

We lost the first player before the first blind was up, not a good start, but it was steady away until break. After Dinner we got down to 3 tables, the blinds increasing people were just pushing to stay in. The silence was broken with a shout of ‘Royal flush’ from Andy Walsh, his first ever in a tournament, this gave him hope.

David Williams, a previous winner, was the bubble boy this time, going out in 11th place. The final table was steady away, players pushing all in trying to double up. Eventually we got down to the last 2 players, heads up for the battle of roses, Brian Pickersgill (Yorkshire) v Andy Walsh (Lancashire). After a cagey few hands, Brian pushed all in with K,8 spades and took the title.

Starting the third Quarter Final of the season at a new venue for the midlands the Aspers Casino in Northampton, didn’t get off to the smoothest of starts. The casinos computers in the card room went down and all the checking in etc. had to be done by hand; very time consuming thankfully the players understood and just got on with it.

After a short delay we finally got going but everyone was in good spirits, four levels later on the lunch break 6 players were out. The Lunch was very good, 3 hot dishes to choose from and plenty of it.

On with the game, with nothing really happening as all players seemed to be playing a steady game, but after a couple of unlucky hands by 7.30pm and we were down to 2 tables, by 8pm we were down to 1.

We were then left with one table of 9 players 2 of which were well stacked, Richard Brondell and Matthew Dixey and I being middle stacked. Play continued without any surprises until we got down to the final four there Simon Cousins took out Matthew Dixey. I then took a big pot from Simon Cousins with trip 10’s against a 2 pair. The heads up was myself (Howard Lewis) and Richard with the winning hand coming in as a flat call; then the flop King.8.Ace .all in from Richard with a King in the hole. I called with and Ace, then turn, river and job done.

I always say to win a tournament you need not only a bit of luck and also good cards, as no amount of skill can kill a bad beat. My luck came from beating Tracey Bristol—all in called by both of us, Tracey had a pair of Queen’s and I had a pair of Aces----- flop 3,3,Queen and the turn card Ace!

The addition of new venues meant our Season 3 quarterly was a real mix of CPL stalwarts and nervous newbies and with 72 players settling in for the day this was the largest field we’d had for a while. It was Willie McLean from The Waverley Hotel, Callander who received the round of applause no poker player wishes to hear as he was the first to depart the tournament on this occasion after being runner-up last time.

As ever, on returning to the tables after the meal break the players continued with steady play and good hearted banter as they chased a seat at the national and a piece of the prize pool. Scott Sweeney, Ormond Bar claimed best hand of the day after turning his Ac 3c into a straight flush and this may well have contributed to his place at the final table.

Eventually the field was whittled down to our final table of ten and as three of the players already had places everyone knew they were guaranteed Sheffield so turned their attention to the six cash prizes. Things were looking pretty good for new player Shane Ross who at the start of the final table had more than a third of the chips in play sitting in front of him, unlike short stacked Dan Myles.

First out was aforementioned short stack Dan Myles, The Pitcairngreen Inn, Perth followed by Robert Turnbull, The Waverley Hotel, Callander. 8th and 7th respectively saw Alexsandris Novikovs and Robert Franks depart, both having put up a good show for The G Casino, Dundee on their inaugural CPL season.

6th Pauline McIntyre, Perth Poker Club
5th James Gill, Perth Poker Club
4th Shane Ross, The G Casino, Dundee
3rd John Dick, The G Casino, Dundee

The heads up came down to Scott Sweeney, Ormond Bar, Perth and Ben McAlpine, The Waverley Hotel, Callander. An agreement was reached regarding the remaining prize pool and a good standard of heads up play ensued. After a sporting battle between the two, Ah 3d and Ad 7s were to be the hands to decide the champ. A board of 2d 7d 5d gave Scott top pair with the nut flush draw. A turn of 8h changed nothing but in true movie style the river saw the dealer turn the four of clubs giving Ben one of his two outs to hit the straight and claim his long awaited title. After being so close with a third and two runner-up positions on previous occasions Ben finally gets to take the winners trophy home and have bragging rights over his father David McAlpine a fellow CPL player. Well done to both Ben and Scott for a great ending to a great day.

Many thanks to all the players who participated, I hope you enjoyed your day and as ever thanks to Craig and the team at the G Casino Dundee for their continued support and professionalism.

Coming Soon……


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