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Januarys Quarter Finals

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
Write up’s for January Season 2 2017-2018 Quarter Finals

A brief summary of the days play held at each quarterly final venue can be found below. Photos and finishing positions can be found on our finals page or by clicking here.

Play began dead on 3pm with 65 taking part. The first person out was Steve Luff after 30 mins play. The aim now to make the top 7 and go to Sheffield later in the year.
We were playing till 7.45pm before we down to the dealer dealt final table of 10.

20 Mins later we were down to the 7 qualifiers. Finishing 6th and just getting in the prize money was once again Dawn Card our top lady on the day. 9pm we were heads up between Joel & Gilaad. The showdown hand was King 2 for Joel & 9 3 for Gilaad. The Flop was 2 8 9 the turn an ace and river a queen. Gilaad wining the event with a pair of 9s.

63 players attended the game at the Genting Casino Salford for the January Quarterly final on Sunday 21st Jan 2018. We had a 1pm start and at around 7.30 pm we were down to the last table of 9 players. First to go was Ben Fanshawe and Ste "Faz" Farran, followed by John Senior when Janet Phillips's Q's stood up against his AQ. Next to depart was Gill Platt, when her A7 came up against Peter Wittekind's straight.

Wayne Hacket was low stacked after his 8's didnt hold up and he was next through the out door. This left 4 players, soon to be 2 when Andy Crawley and Janet Phillips were no more, leaving Dom Lord and Peter to fight it out for the honours. It didnt take long for the showdown.. Peter all in with A5 against Dom's KJ. No Ace and a King on the community and it was all over. Congratulations to Dom and all the players for a fine game played in the right spirit.

Thanks again to Glenn Ashworth and all the team at Genting for hosting a superb days’ poker.

The tournament started at 1pm with everyone seeming to be carefull with their betting as only one person asking for their top up before the break. After this players slowly started to leave the tables and the tables were broken down until we were down to the final. Chips went round the table until we were down to the final 3, those being Aled Davies, Amanda Fey and Jeramy Bathelor, with Aled coming 3 Amanda 2 and Jeramy being the eventual winner.

With 41 players playing, 5 places were up for grabs for the Sheffield National Final.

Having started at noon it took five hours to reach our final table at 5pm

With two players already qualified for Sheffield, Anne Pell was the unlucky bubble player when two hands in a row she ran into rockets.

Robert Bilsby qualified in 7th place since Marcus Tye who finished 6th, had already qualified. Lorraine Carter finished 5th and on his Tavern debut David Taylor finished fourth.

The final two players for a good half an hour before Paul Martin’s AJ lost to former national champion Vanessa Farley’s AQ.

This meant that Vanessa Farley took the trophy and the £290 prize pool.

Well done Vanessa and look forward to seeing you all next time

56 players sat down at the tables of The G Casino in Dundee for the 2nd Scottish quarterly final of the poker year. Sadly for James McDonald from The Buchlyvie Inn his inaugural quarterly was not to be profitable and he had the dubious honour of being the first to leave the competition, with only half a dozen others joining him by the time we made the first break.

On returning to the tables, the players continued with steady play and good hearted banter. Some getting paid off with great hands such as the best hand of the day - quad K’s for Anthony Stewart, The Buchlyvie Inn, whilst others were not so fortunate, leading us inevitably to our final table of ten.

First to depart the final table was two time Scottish quarterly winner Allan Fisher, The Portcullis, Arbroath, followed by newbie Joe Stewart, The Buchlyvie Inn. Ian Todd, The Abbotsford Perth and fellow Perth player John Dick were to depart together; however, much to Ians chagrin John did secure his seat in Sheffield as he had more chips. Their double departure left the remaining players both in the cash and heading down south in September:-

6th Eammon O’Boyle, The Waverley Hotel, Callander
5th Anthony Stewart, The Buchlyvie Inn, on his first CPL quarterly outing
4th John Paterson, Ormond Bar, Perth

Hugh Lightbody, The Waverley Hotel, Callander made it two for two as regards final tables this year but bowed out in 3rd leaving fellow Waverley player Willie McLean heads up with Bobby Horsburgh, Ormond Bar, Perth. A chop was agreed for the remaining prize pool but both players were still keen to win title and trophy. Luck was definitely on Bobby’s side for a couple of hands and the final hand came down to a push from Willie with As Kc to be called by Ad 3d. Flop of 2c Ac 9h came down, followed by 4c on turn to give Willie top pair/kicker and the nut flush draw but Bobby spiked the 3s on the river meaning the Season 2 trophy was winging its way to Perth. Players who were disappointed with their performance today should take note that just two quarterlies ago Bobby was first out, but is now chuffed to bits as our new Scottish champ with a trophy to prove it and show off to boot.

Many thanks to all the players who participated and made this yet another great day and as ever thanks to Craig and the team at the G casino Dundee for their continued support and professionalism.

Coming Soon……


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