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April Quarter Final Summary

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
Write up’s for April's 2017 Quarter Finals

A brief summary of the days play held at each quarterly final venue can be found below. Photos and finishing positions can be found on our finals page or by clicking here.

We started off slow, not losing the first player until break was over but then Anthony Shuttleworth became the first player to exit the tournament. It wasn’t long before people started dropping out and we managed to get the final 10 at about 7pm with everyone fighting for the chance to get the national seat.
Ian Goode was the first to go, slightly short stacked, he made a push with pocket sixes, one caller with K2. It was a bad flop for Ian has no high cards came out, A 3 4 then the turn 9 yes he got rivered a 5 came down giving Howard the straight. We lost a couple more then onto the bubble Bob Rowley went here, but the players decided to give the bubble person £50, so he was happy. The last 6 had 5 players from the Rose N Bowl so a good day was had by them. We got down to the last 2 players Myra Gaffin V Neil Gadani, it was steady away for 15 minutes, both players after the trophy, Myra made the all in call with A J to be called by Neil with 8 5, the flop came 6 K 8 then A giving Myra the lead the river came to the delight of Neil 5 giving him 2 pair and winning the day.

We began at 15.10 at the Genting Casino Luton wit 58 taking part. We were playing for 55 mins before we lost our first player David Slaughter Jnr. At 20.10 We were down to the final dealer dealt table. Finishing in 8th place was the top lady of the day Dawn Card. By 21.50 we were heads up, Alan Avison & Patrick Mullaney. Just after 22.00 we had our showdown hand and Patrick wining with a straight.

Play got under way just after 2pm with 70 players registered for the day's play and we lost our first player after about 30 minutes of play and the unlucky player to receive a big applause from all the rest of the players and the customary photo to go with it was DARYLL KITCH.
After the lunch break we had a steady flow of players going out and we got down to the final table at 7:25pm and with 7 places up for grabs at the final and 6 places being paid out. Everyone on the final table agreed to take a fiver from the paying places and give it to the bubble and the player to receive this was NICK LLOYD. The unfortunate player who busted out on the bubble for the final was BEN WALKER.

We got to heads up between HARRY BLAIR and PETE KENT at 8:30pm and after about 30 minutes of play both players announced the famous words ‘all in’ and with HARRY showing Ac,Qc and PETE showing 8h,8d the race was on the flop came down 7s,8c,7d giving PETE a full house and HARRY needing a small miracle.The turn card was a 3c and the river card Qd. So with PETE flopping the full house it brought an end to the days play.

Well done PETE and good luck to the rest of the players who managed to qualify for the final later this year. Lastly a big thanks to the casino and to the rest of the players who also turned up. Hope to see you at the next quarter final.

With only 31 players and Tavern legends like John and Jo Brei-Crawley and Terry Gould among others missing it promised to be a unique tournament, although the grand fathers of the game Dave Stevens and Garry Roberts were present.
Play was brisk as usual and it became apparent early rockets or high pocket pairs were not holding up. 18th place finisher Aaran Squires had aces cracked. 16th place Darren Cassidy had various high cards cracked but his downfall was when his kings lost and 14th place finisher Colin Crawford had his rockets beaten by the ladies.
With 4 players heading to the finals something unusual was happening as we reached the last 10, five of the players had already qualified so when Kev (should look more carefully) Powley finished 10th we had our qualifiers. Keith Hoggett won the event with his pub mates Anne Pell and Malcolm Farley on the podium also. A special mention should go to the 4th place finisher Terry (Alfie) Secker whose 75th birthday was the day before the tournament.

The game started with 40 players ready to try and qualify for the national finals. The first to leave with little luck after about 30 minutes was John Watkins on his first visit to the quarters. After the break players started to leave at a fairly speedy rate, with tables being reduced. Making the final table were :-
Derek George, Danny McGlynn, Dameon Bowrin, Amanda Fey, David Errington, Teresa Beard, Chris Honey, Travis Murphy, Shaun Crooley

The betting was pretty strong as the chips moved around the table at a good rate. Slowly people left the table eventually getting down to the final 2 Teresa and Shaun, both agreeing to split the prize money before playing a final hand for the trophy. The winner with a straight being Teresa.
The top 5 going to the National Final being
1 Teresa Beard
2 Shaun Crowley
3 Chris Honey
4 Travis Murphy
5 Dameon Bowrin

The third final of the 2016-2017 poker year saw 55 players sit down to compete at the G Casino in Dundee. Bobby Horsburgh from Perth was the first to depart. He may not have realised it at the time but the shadow of deja vu was hanging over him as he had gone out in exactly the same position in the same tournament last year! Tentative play throughout the first session meant only an additional four players had been knocked out by the time we got to the first break.

On returning to the tables the players were in good spirits and settled down to the task of securing their place at the final table. Best hand of the day went to Mike Thomson of The Ball Room, Perth and his quad Aces helped him gain one of the ten final table seats.

Sitting down to the final table father and son duo David and Ben McAlpine had already gained their places at the National leaving the remaining eight grappling for the seats on offer. Eammon O’Boyle and aforementioned Ben McAlpine, both from The Waverley Hotel, Callander were the first to be eliminated, followed by James Gill, The Perth Poker Club and John Dick, The Pitcairngreen Inn. The departure of John in 7th place meant the remaining players at the table both cashed in the tournament today and secured a spot to compete for the big prize pool in September. Finishing positions were:-

6th Mike Thomson, The Ball Room, Perth
5th Raitis Zomerovskis, The Portcullis, Arbroath
4th Dzmirty Ryzhyk, The Aboukir Hotel, Carnoustie
3rd Lee Charlton, The Aboukir Hotel, Carnoustie

Heads up was between David McAlpine who supports several of the Scottish CPL venues and Shaun Bowie, The Old Bolag, Brechin. This was only the second time Shaun had attended a CPL quarterly and although David had several more tournaments under his belt a win had eluded him; therefore, both players were anxious for their first CPL title and trophy. A split was agreed re the cash and with both players a few hundred pounds better off for the day only the said title remained to be contested.

The final hand saw Shaun push his big blind with Qh 6h and David call with Jh 9h. A flop of 9s, 3d, Qs gave both players a piece. The 10h on the turn made things interesting. With Shaun’s Queens still ahead but an open-ended straight draw for David the poker gods duly obliged for David and the 8h on the river meant he did indeed hit his straight and picked up his first Scottish Champion title and accompanying trophy.

As ever I’d like to thank all the players for their support and banter and Craig and the team at the G casino Dundee for a great day.

Coming Soon….


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