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October Quarter Final Summary

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
Write up’s for October 2016 Quarter Finals

A brief summary of the days play held at each quarterly final venue can be found below. Photos and finishing positions can be found on our finals page or by clicking here.

Wow, Great, Fantastic, impressive, just a few of the adjectives used by players when entering our new Midlands Venue at Genting’s Resort World Casino for the first Quarter Final .

We were greeted by Richard the Card Room manager and play soon got underway; it was steady with the atmosphere being one of relaxed and friendly play. Most of the conversation centred on the venue and its fantastic facilities.

After the second break we began to lose players at a more even pace, again no really big hands or pots.
By the time we got to 3 tables though the mood changed and the intensity showed, getting to the final table gave us the hard luck stories, 2 players with Jack/ 10 , 3rd player Ace/King , flop King/nine/eight. There were 3 clubs on the table, turn Queen river the 3 of clubs- Dave winning by virtue of having 10 club taking 2 players out.

On the final Table of 9, 3 were big stacked, there was some good play but inevitably without making any mistakes the low stacked players going out, giving us our final 5. On the loss of Big Phil Young a deal was struck by the final 4, thereby leaving the betting wide open. Big bluffs and counter bluffs, there were no holds barred.

Finally it was Rachel Kelly who eventually got the cards and the luck together with some smart play to take the Trophy.

This was a great choice of venue and easy to get too. Everyone was happy, the atmosphere was great the card room looked after us and supper of Thai Green Chicken Curry went down well. We all agreed we would be delighted if the next quarter Final were held here.

With a strong field of 43 players with two entrants being on the final table in the Nationals (Gary Roberts and James Neve) and a former champion from Sheffield, Vanessa Farley great poker was sure to follow.
With play only 50 mins old we saw our first casualty when Martin (Stonewall) Brown was sent packing after being over aggressive with his soon to be cracked aces.

After the break period when add-ons and re-buys had been done, play was very aggressive with players being knocked out at regular intervals, most with bad beats and river agonies.

When Jo Bc went out in 9th we had our final table which would feature husband John Bc. Rich Bowser followed by John were the first to go and when James Neve crashed out in 6th we had our qualifiers.

Carl Prior 5th and Roy Garner 4th went next leaving 3 players all with similar chip stacks. George (Pretty Boy) Roberts finished a creditable 3rd and when Terry Goulds 7s held up against A5 our winner was crowned. Well done Terry.

It was a good tournament today, everyone happy with the 10,000 chips and rebuy 10,000.
First blood was after the break, when Gary Morris was taken out who was a first timer at the competition. Gradually then they started to fall and it was nearly 9pm when we manage to get to heads up, with the blinds a crippling 30K/60K. Eddie got J Q and pushed all in, to a call from David with pocket 10s. The flop was an interesting 4, 8 ,10 which gave David the lead, then the turn a 9 which then gave Eddie the straight. By this time both players were on their feet waiting for the river. The dealer slowly turned another 4 which gave the winning hand to David, who took it down with a full house!
A good day was had by all with everyone happy with the new setup.

Play begun at the Genting Casino Luton at 3pm with 49 players. After 50 mins play we lost our first player Steve Massey, after the first hour and break we had only lost the one player. At 5pm we had our buffet break. Play began again at approx. 5.45pm all now trying to make the top 5. By 7.30pm we were down to the final table of 10 players, after another 30 mins the 5 players left all qualified for the final next year and made the prize money.

At 9pm we had our final showdown hand, Bev Cooper v Malcolm Farley. Bev had King Queen and Malc Jack 8. The flop was 3, 7, 2 the turn a Queen and river a 2. Bev winning the tournament with two pairs, Queens and Twos.

59 players made their way to The G Casino in Dundee to contest the first Scottish quarterly final of the new CPL poker year. Players who know his style of play were not surprised when it was announced that Mark Neville, The Ball Room Perth, was the first to be knocked out at his inaugural CPL quarterly as he received the traditional cheer and round of applause. By all accounts Mark did however have a successful day at the casino tables so was not too despondent. Once again play at this quarterly was quite tight during the first session and only a handful of players had departed the tournament by the time the first break was announced.

With their chip stacks fortified from the add-on the majority of the field returned to the tables. Play continued quite steadily once more, but with some exciting big hands taking place. Dzmirty Ryzhyk, The Aboukir Hotel hit a straight flush when his 2 4 of diamonds saw the 3d and 6d come out on the flop, followed by the 5d on the turn, but his bragging rights were short lived as Ben McAlpine usurped him when his 8h 8c saw a board of 6h, 7h, 9h come out, with the 5h duly putting in an appearance on the turn. It was Kieran Milne, The East End Bar who ultimately had the best hand of the day however when his K Q of spades saw the dream flop of Js, As, 10s come out straight away with the 9s on the turn just for good measure!

Inevitably we made it down to the final table of ten where the players were reminded that the top six would both cash and secure a seat for the National. First to depart was David Hall, The Perth Poker Club who had been delighted to reach the final table in his first ever CPL tournament. Next to leave was final table veteran Ross McGregor, The Waverley Hotel followed by Alan MacLean, The Perth Poker Club and in 7th place the player to just miss out on this occasion was Dzmitry Ryzhyk, The Aboukir Hotel, Carnoustie. The remaining standings were:-

6th Tommy McMillan, The Abbotsford Bar, Perth at his first CPL final table
5th Adrian Pirie, The Buchlyvie Inn, Buchlyvie
4th Iain Fleming, The Abbotsford Bar, Perth
3rd Gary McWilliams, The Perth Poker Club, Perth

Heads up was between Kieran Milne, The East End Bar, Brechin, playing in only his second CPL Quarterly and Ben McAlpine, The Waverley Hotel, Callander who was hoping to better his previous final table best of 2nd place and take home the crown this time. Both players had been having a good day of poker as mentioned previously in this report and with a split agreed re the remaining prize pool the players got down to the serious business of who was going to take the trophy home.

An interesting heads-up ensued with both players enjoying some great banter and a good standard of poker. The final hand had a ‘movie script feel’ about it as Kieran limped with pocket Kings and Ben shoved with his pocket 5’s. Happy that his trap had worked Kieran obviously called the pre-flop shove, but poker karma punished him for his limp as the board came out Qd, 5d and 4c giving Ben trips and meaning only a King or runner, runner flush could save Kieran. 8h on the turn reduced Kieran’s outs to just two, but in true Hollywood style one of them miraculously appeared on the river as the K of spades was dealt giving Kieran the higher trips, the title and the trophy and leaving Ben the bridesmaid once again.

As ever many thanks to all the players who participated and made this yet another great day and thanks to John, Mike and the team at the G casino Dundee for their continued support and professionalism.

Play started at Bristol with 43 players all eager to secure a seat to the national final, from this first quarter final of year.

The first person to bust out before we had reached the break was Andy Robarts from the Market House, who in a previous season had made it to the final table. We hope he had better luck in the tournament he then joined.

After the break we saw Kevin Robinson from the Queens Head knocked out, swiftly followed by his son Arthur. Play slowed down as we were approaching the final table.

9th – Shaun Crowley from the Warwick Arms
8th – Amanda Fey from the Crown and Horseshoe
7th – Andrea Hopkins from the Cock Inn and Blue Bell
6th – Simon Coulson from the Queens Head in Andover
5th – Sean Dean from the Queens Head
4th – James Collins from the Weary Traveller
3rd – Teresa Beard from the Crown and Horseshoe
2nd – Steve Davies from the Oakfield Hotel in Cwmbran
1st – Dave Errington from the Greyhound in Gloucestershire

Congratulations to all that made it to the final table, the top 5 qualifying for the National Final. The Top 3 agreed to split the pot of just over £1K with David taking home the CPL crystal trophy after winning with his final hand 7S 2H! Well done Dave. The Erringtons now have two CPL trophies as his son Mike won last season.

Look forward to seeing you all again next quarter final.

The words shuffle up deal went out just after 2pm with 77 players registered for the day's play and we lost our first player after 45 minutes of play and the unlucky player to receive a big applause from all the rest of the players and the customary photo to go with it was MICK CURTIS.

With a steady flow of players going out after the lunch break we got down to the final table at 7:30 pm and with 8 places up for grabs at the final and 7 places being paid out. There was a quick conversation between the final players at the table and it was decided that each player would sacrifice £5 each from the prize pool and give it to the player who finished in 8th place and the player that ended up receiving this was CELSO PADILHA.

We got to heads up between STEVE MERRALLS and GILAAD HANAN at 8:30 pm and after just FIVE minutes both players announced the famous words ‘all in’ and with STEVE showing 7d,6c and GILAAD showing K,s 10,h the race was on the flop came down 10s, 3d, A,h giving GILAAD a pair of TENS and STEVE looking for runner, runner. The turn card was 5h and the river card K,h giving GILAAD two pairs and bringing an end to the day's play and taking home the trophy.
TOP lady of the day was SOPHIE MURRAY

Well done GILAAD and well done and good luck to the rest of the players who managed to qualify for the final next year. Lastly a big thanks to the rest of the players who also turned up. Hope to see you at the next quarter final.


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