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April Quarter Final Summary

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
Write up’s for April 2016 Quarter Finals

A brief summary of the days play held at each quarterly final venue can be found below. Photos and finishing positions can be found on our finals page or by clicking here.

Play started at Bristol with 33 players.

The first person out was one of the Market House Inn regulars Steve Hacking. He was applauded for being first out and accepted it in good spirit. Play then settled down with all remaining players relieved that the first man out place had been taken. After a while we lost a good number of players and it looked like the day may finish early. However once it was close to getting to a final table play tightened up.

On the final table we had some family members (Mark and Karen Tilling and Chris and Rudeerat Ware), however it was Kevin from the Queens Head that ended it victoriously:

6th – Steve Davies from the Oakfield Hotel in Cwmbran
5th – Pat Nicholson from the Crown & Horseshoe and Warwick Arms
4th – Mark Tilling from the Warwick Arms in Kingswood
3rd – Calvin Davies from the Oakfield Hotel in Cwmbran
2nd – Tracey Gallacher from the Market House Inn in Devon
1st – Kevin Robinson from the Queens Head in Ludgershall
Congratulations to Kevin for winning and for knocking both Tracy and Calvin out in the same hand.

The top 4 qualified for the National Final on 1st and 2nd of October 2016. Top 5 x shared the cash prizes of £1,095 with Kevin taking home the new CPL crystal trophy.
Look forward to seeing you all again next quarter final.

Play started at Luton at 14.05 with 66 runners, we had to wait to the last hand of the first hour to lose our first player John Bown. We were playing till 7-30pm before we were down to the final dealer dealt table, after half an hour we were down to 7 all going onto Sheffield later in the year, only another 15 mins had passed and another player was knocked out leaving 6 all making the cash. After an hour of hard play we were heads up, Joanne v Jason. The showdown hand was queen jack of diamonds for Jason and a pair of 4’s for Joanne. The flop was king, 7, 3 of diamonds, the turn ace of spades and the river a 9 of clubs. Jason wining the event with a king flush.

The words shuffle up and deal went out at 2pm with 59 players registered for the day's play and we lost our first player after just 30 minutes of play and the unlucky player to receive a big applause from all the rest of the players was CELSO PADILHA.

Players seem to be dropping quite quickly and the final table was reached at 7:45pm and with 6 places up for grabs at final in September 2016 and 6 places also being paid out.

The unfortunate player who busted out on the bubble for the final was SOPHIE MURRAY and now the rest of the players knowing that their places were safe. We got to heads up between RICHARD LEECH and OSCAR NICHOLLS at 9pm and after ten minutes both players announced the famous words all in and with RICHARD showing Ah,8c and OSCAR showing Qs 7s the race was on the flop came down 4h,Kd,8h giving RICHARD a pair of eights and OSCAR looking for his queen. The turn card was 10c and the river card 8d giving RICHARD trip eights and bringing an end to the day's play.
TOP lady of the day was SOPHIE MURRAY

Well done RICHARD and well done to the rest of the players who managed to qualify for the final next year. Lastly a big thanks to the rest of the players who also turned up. Hope to see you at the next quarter final.
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The Grosvenor Casino in Birmingham welcomed 57 players to the 3rd quarter final of the season. Play started with a real flourish and we quickly saw the first player exiting the competition. This quick fire approach to play continued up until the break by which time we had lost 12 players.
When we finally got down to the last table of ten, of which three of the players were already qualified for the finals, play changed to a tighter game and so began the tight play to win one of the six places left available. Then with the loss of John Tilly that left 6 players, 5 of which came from Leicester.
Olley Stanley and Paul Finley sat there with just 6k left, so it was no surprise to see them both go out within the next 2 hands. The last 4 player’s thoughts were ones of dogged determination to win the trophy. Great play followed mirrored by the fact that the blinds finally got to 15k-30k. Then Scott Gallaher finally got the better of Pat Murphy to pick up the trophy.
So well done to Scott from the Heathcoat in Leicestershire
Again all players said what a great session it was and would like to thank John at the Grosvenor for a good day.

A mix of veteran CPL finalists and nervous newbies gave us a field of 71 players for the 2015 -2016 Season 3 quarterly in the G Casino in Dundee. Bobby Horsburgh from Perth was the first to depart accompanied by the ubiquitous cheer and round of applause and with fairly tentative play throughout the first hour only four other players had joined him by the time we got to the first break.

On returning to the tables the players appeared to be more settled and ready for action. The day saw some big hands including quad Kings for Laura Gunning and a straight flush for Elaine Fitzpatrick, but the crown for best hand of the day went to Alex Willis from The Perth Poker Club when his 9 10 of hearts secured him a straight flush to the King.

Eventually we got down to our final table and as none of the players who had already bagged a seat for Sheffield had made it this time all ten finalists were left to battle it out for the eight seats up for grabs. Despite having reached his first quarterly final table there was to be no National seat this time for Craig Forbes, The Cliffburn Hotel, Arbroath as he went out in 10th nor Iain Fleming, The Abbotsford, Perth in 9th. Having sat down at the final table in both Seasons 1 and 2 this year, but gone out in 9th place on both occasions, it was 3rd time lucky for Rosco McGregor, The Waverley Hotel, Callander and his relief at finally securing a National seat was palpable!

Seats at Sheffield confirmed the remaining players turned their attention to the six cash prizes available. It was not to be for final table veteran Tony Short, The Cliffburn Hotel, Arbroath, as he went out in 8th or ‘bubble girl’ Laura Gunning, The Market Arms, Aberdeen in her inaugural CPL tournament.

The six remaining players had experienced a final table before and although they were secure in the knowledge that they had cashed all were very determined to lift the trophy and accompanying title. Perhaps this is why this final table seemed to see the chip lead change so many times with some brutal hands and bad beats; none more so than when A6 was up against AK, a board of AA3 gave both players trips, but a K on the turn made the nut full house, only for another K to appear on the river resulting in the very substantial pot being split. As a result of the ups and downs the players ultimately departed the table in the following order:-

6th Stewart Barnett, Perth Poker Club, Perth
5th Gary McWilliams, Perth Poker Club, Perth
4th Ross MacGregor, The Waverley Hotel, Callander
3rd Tom Bulley, Perth Poker Club, Perth

So our heads up came down to Graeme Howe, The Cliffburn Hotel, Arbroath hoping for his first title and Elaine Fitzpatrick, Ormond Bar, Perth vying for her second. With the blinds already a hefty 20,000/40,000 a good standard of heads up poker ensued with several pivotal hands throughout, including a big hand when Elaine’s’ pocket kings hit trips on the flop only for Graeme’s A8 to hit the nut diamond flush on the turn. The final hand saw Elaine push with 6d 6h to be called with Ad 7s. A flop of 5s 2h 9s changed nothing but the 10s on the turn did give Graeme a flush draw; however it was not a spade but the 7d on the river which proved to be the killer card resulting in a pair of sevens beating the pocket sixes and Graeme Howe securing the trophy and Scottish title for Season 3 2015-2016.

Many thanks to all the players who participated, I hope you enjoyed your day and as ever thanks to John and the team at the G casino Dundee for their continued support and professionalism.

There were 45 runners at the Huddersfield final on Sunday, for a few players this was their first CPL quarter final and they enjoyed meeting new players from different areas. First blood came just after the break when we lost Selwyn Merton. Slowly the players started dropping out until 7pm when we reached the final table of 10. It wasn’t long before we got to the last 3 players who decided to split the money and play for the trophy. Howard Collins was the next to fall, then down to the final battle Dominic Lord v Frank Gorton. After about 10 minutes play we saw an ‘all-in’ from Dominic, with A5 and a quick call from Frank with pockets 6’s. Frank’s 6’s held up and he was the worthy winner.

Thanks for all attending and see you next quarter final over in Manchester

First out was Richard Dorman from the Dunmow Clubin Essex - hopefully better luck next time!

Well done to all the final table players, their finishing positions were as follows:

10th – Tim Newell from the Addison Arms in Glatton
9th – Mat Wixted from the Inn on the Lake in Bletchley
8th – Bob Bates from the Five Bells in Tydd St. Mary
7th – Kay Pell from the Birds in Spalding
6th – Steven Massey from the Nags Head in Bourne
5th – Alan Avison from the Birds in Spalding
4th – Marcel Cunnington from the White Horse in Market Deeping
3rd – Martin Lee from the Addison Arms in Glatton
2nd – Nick Stevens from the Birds in Spalding
1st – Ash Knight from the Birds in Spalding

Congratulations to Ash for winning! On the final hand, Ask went ‘all in’ with 6,6 and Nick called with 5 in his hand and 5 on the board. With 7 on the ‘turn’ and 9 on the ‘river’, this meant that Ash’s hand held up and he was pronounced the winner.

Three places were up for grabs for the National Final in September, but since Nick Stevens had already qualified, then his place was passed down to Marcel Cunnington. The top 5 also shared the cash prize pool of £860.

Look forward to seeing you all again at next quarter final, which will be the last opportunity to qualify for the National Final in Sheffield in September.

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