There are 06 days left this season.   Potential yearly prize pool: £4,006,600
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July Quarter Final Summary

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
Write up’s for July 2015 Quarter Finals
A brief summary of the days play held at each quarterly final venue can be found below. Photos and finishing positions can be found on our finals page or by clicking here.

Play got under way with 64 players registered for the day's play.

We lost the first player after 25 minutes and the unlucky player was PAUL MASON who was given a massive applause from all the other players

The lunch break was taken at 4pm and afterwards the field started to whittle down and the players now playing for the qualifying spots at the final.

We reached the final table at 7:15 pm and with 7 places at the final up for grabs and 6 places being paid out play became a little bit more cautious.

The unfortunate player who busted out on the bubble for a place at the final was MIKE PICKARD.

We got to heads up at 8:30pm with DAMIEN BLAKE up against ADAM BELL play continued for about 15 minutes until DAMIEN announced the famous words ALL-IN after the flop was dealt. ADAM immediately called. DAMIEN turned over 2h 4s and ADAM showing 6d 4c The flop was 3s 5s Ac giving DAMIEN a straight and ADAM needing to hit either a 2 or 7 to hit the bigger straight. The turn card was 7c and the river card was Kh so giving ADAM the card he needed to give him a higher straight and take down the win on his first ever appearance at a CPL quarter final. Well done ADAM.

Finally thank you to all the players who turned up and good luck to all of those who have qualified for the final in September.

With this being the 4th quarter final for the 2014-2015 season, this was the last opportunity to qualify through to the National Final to be held at Sheffield Casino on 26th and 27th September.

First out was Andy Robarts from the Market House Inn in Devon, well done for playing and hopefully better luck next time!

Well done to all the final table players, their finishing positions were as follows:

9th – David Jackson from the Queens Head in Ludgershall
8th – Beth Dean from the Queens Head in Ludgershall
7th – Chris Ware from the Six in Hand in Cwmbran
6th – Calvin Davies from the Oakfield Hotel in Cwmbran
5th – Steve Hacking from the Market House Inn in Devon
4th – Sean Dean from the Queens Head in Ludgershall
3rd – Pat Nicholson from the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol
2nd – Mike Walker from the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol
1st – Tom Young from the Six in Hand in Cwmbran

Congratulations to Tom for winning and since this is the first quarter final he has attended, we must give him credit for a great performance. Although Mike was a little upset on the final hand, both players all in and Mike must have thought he was in a good position holding A,J against Tom’s 5,2 but the board came up with 2,10,Q,7,6, so Tom’s pair 2’s held!

The top 4 qualified for the National final but since Sean Dean had already qualified, then this passed down to the top 5 x going, with the top 5 also sharing the cash prize pool over £1,080
Look forward to seeing you all again next quarter final and for those that have qualified see you in Sheffield.

Despite the lower turnout than usual due to the holiday season, for those who attended, it was a very friendly and jovial atmosphere and a good time was had by all.
The tournament started with the usual quick play with lots of bad beats stories taking out many of the usually excellent players, but hey that’s the way it goes sometimes.
At 6.45pm on the final table of 10 players got underway, with a lot of chips swinging around the table and we were quickly down to the final 6 players.
They were Paul Rouse, Ian Stanford, Lynne Etches, James Costello, Dave Mee, and Martin Pugh
There were 4 x places up for grabs for the National Final in September but as Lynn Etchine had already qualified previously this meant her place would be passed down. When the ‘bubble’ Martin Pugh was taken out in 6th position, this freed up the game somewhat with more “all ins” and aggressive play.
Paul Rouse finally played through everyone else and took the prize pool and winners’ trophy – well done to him!
It may have been a small select group of players but the games were fast and exciting, with lots of wise cracking players making it a great atmosphere, well done to all who attended.

It was a quiet start to the tournament, with everyone fighting for the last chance to get to the Nationals in September. First player to exit the tournament was the unlucky Jane Gormley.

We then had a steady stream of players being knocked out and after 7 hours play, we had our final table of 10. This was good news for the last ten players, since four of them had already qualified and with six places up for grabs, it meant everyone on the final table was going to the National! But with this settled, there was still the matter of getting into the top 6 to win some cash.

At 9.15 we got to heads-up with Gareth Tate against Denis Warner; with fairly equal chip stacks they battled for 30 minutes hoping to get the right set of cards to try and take the title. What decided it was an ‘all in’ call A6 against JQ. With an Ace dropping on the flop Denis took the title and the prize money. He was over the moon and beaming with his ‘cheshire cat’ smile; this was the first quarter he had attended since joining CPL, so well done to him!

Play got under way with 53 players registered for the day's play.

We lost the first player right at the break and the unlucky player was CELSO BADILHA who managed to escape without receiving the usual applause and customary picture.

The lunch break was taken at 4pm and afterwards the field started to whittle down and the players now playing for the qualifying spots at the final.

We reached the final table at 6:45pm and with 6 places at the final up for grabs and 6 places being paid out play became a little bit more cautious.

The unfortunate player who busted out on the bubble was PETER BLAKE.

We got to heads up at 8pm with DANNY McGLYNN up against DAVID GOVIER play continued for another hour until both players announced the famous words ALL-IN after the flop was dealt. DANNY turned over Jh,4c and DAVID showing Qh 4h The flop was 4d,9s,4s. The turn card was 2c and the river card was 8d so with both players having trip 4s it came down to the player with the highest kicker and the fortunate player was DAVID GOVIER. Well done to David.

Finally thank you to all the players who turned up and good luck to all of those who have qualified for the final in September.

A field of 27 sat down at noon to contest their chance of the prize money, along with three places at the National final in September.

Steve Luff received a massive round of applause when he was knocked out 15 minutes after the re-buy period. Players continued to fall by the wayside until at 3.15pm we were down to two tables.

When Darren Cassidy, who got to the final table at the last quarter finals, went out in 9th, we were at our final table of 8.

Maria Steward and Martin Brown, who had both already booked a place at Sheffield previously, finished 8th and 7th. Pauline Bates was the last female contestant and she went out in 6th, with Andy Broda ‘bubbling’ in 5th.

We were then left with 4 players in the money but only 3 places for Sheffield. Michael Masko unfortunately went out in 4th leaving our three Sheffield qualifiers. Thomas Algar came 3rd and the extremely lucky Kevin Powley, beating Duane Smith heads up, to win the tournament.

Well done Kevin, thanks to everyone for coming and look forward to seeing some of you in Sheffield

At Aspers Northampton play began at 2pm with 31 players. We had been playing for 75 mins before we had our first casualty, Vanessa Winterburn from The Dragon in Peterborough. All the players now aiming to make the final table of 10 and be dealer dealt. At 6pm we had reached that goal. Top lady on the day was Kay Pell from The Birds in Spalding finishing in 10th place. 6.30pm we were down to the final 5 all making the cash. 10 mins later the top 4 all going to Sheffield in September. Another 45mins play we were heads up, Bob Bilsby from The Dragon Peterborough and John Wayne from The Birds Spalding, Bob Bilsby winning the showdown hand and the crystal trophy with an ace flush.


51 players sat down to contest the last Scottish CPL quarterly of the poker year at The G Casino in Dundee. With 20% of the field having already secured their seat for Sheffield the pressure was still on, but the odds greatly improved, for the 40 players still hoping to bag a place at the 2014-2015 National. First out Rami Saleh from Perth and a few other fallen comrades will have to set their sights on September 2016, however, having departed the tournament before the first break.

Returning to the tables after the break the dynamics of the game changed slightly. With players no longer having the safety net of a re-buy and their eyes firmly on the prize the game slowed down somewhat as play tightened up; though the looming antes meant that the short stacks could not sit back for too long before making their move. A short stacked Fred Lawson managed to convert his 7d 9d into the best hand of the day as he hit a straight flush, but others were not so fortunate and at around 7.30pm the final table was announced.

As the finalists sat down at their seats they were very aware that two of the players had already secured National seats and with the top six getting paid and six National seats available, strategic play definitely became the order of the day.

Will Paton from The Almondbank Inn, Perth and John Pullar from The Waverley Hotel, Callander were the two players to miss out departing in 10th and 9th respectively, leaving all of the remaining players confirmed as National qualifiers. Andy Cowan from The Abbotsford, Perth was the next to depart and 7th place for James Gill from The Perth Poker Club meant he was the cash bubble boy. The remaining standings were:-

6th Andy Edwards, The Perth Poker Club, Perth
5th Mike Thomson, The Almondbank Inn, Perth at his first ever CPL quarterly
4th John Paterson, Ormond Bar, Perth

As regards the cash a deal was struck between the remaining three - Tony Short, The Abbey Inn, Arbroath, Fred Lawson, The Abbotsford, Perth and Phil Stockwell, The Perth Poker Club. Despite the deal all three players dearly wanted to add the glass trophy and the pursuant bragging rights to their portfolios of poker accolades and subsequently did not rest on their laurels.

Tony Short did not achieve his second title this time round as he departed his 8th CPL quarterly final table in 3rd place leaving the two Perth players heads up. A banter filled battle ensued, yet both players were dogged and determined in their desire to win. After nearly on hour of head’s up play the final hand saw Phil push with his suited connectors , 8 9 spades, to be called instantly by Fred with A Q diamonds. A flop of 2d 9c 5s saw Phil take the lead with top pair, 7h on the turn added a gutshot into the mix and 6c on the river duly obliged giving Phil a straight and the title of Season 4 Scottish CPL champ.

As ever I hope you all enjoyed your day and thanks to Ant and the team at the G casino Dundee for their continued support and professionalism. Congrats to all the National qualifiers – I look forward to seeing you all in Sheffield in September for the craic and a few light libations of course.


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