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April Quarterly Final Summary

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
Write up’s for April 2015 Quarter Finals

A brief summary of the days play held at each quarterly final venue can be found below. Photos and finishing positions can be found on our finals page or by clicking here.

We started playing at 2.05pm with 45 players, after 55 mins we lost our first player Richard Johnson, this was for the 2nd time, he was not best pleased refusing to have the customary photo!

We were now going all the way to the top 5, this to qualify and make the cash. By 7pm we had our final table of 10 players, 4 ladies and 6 gents. Top lady on the day was Lyn Hatcher finishing 4th. Heads up on the final table were Richard Mighall and Stephen Luff, at 9pm we had our showdown hand, Richard Queen 3 and Stephen 7, 9. The flop was queen, 10, 7 the turn 8 and river an ace, Richard winning the event with a pair of queens.

With this being the 3rd quarter final for the 2014-2015 season, there were plenty of people hoping to get their names on the list ready for the National Final in September 2015.

Well done to all the final table players, their finishing positions were as follows:

10th – Tim Fosdick from the Six in Hand in Cwmbran
9th – Barry Windeatt from the Queens Head in Ludgersahll
8th – Sean Jackson from the Racehorse Inn in Devon
7th – John Quigley from the Oakfield Hotel in Cwmbran
6th – John Larkins from the Market House Inn in Devon
5th – Diane Evans from the Six in Hand in Cwmbran
4th – Paul Whitcut from the Six in Hand in Cwmbran
3rd – Rudeerat Ware from the Six in Hand in Cwmbran
2nd – Teresa Beard from the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol
1st – Dave Palmer from the Market House Inn in Devon

The top 3 qualified for the National final but since Teresa had already qualified by winning last quarter’s final, then this passed down to the top 4 x going. Top 5 x shared the cash prize pool over £970
Look forward to seeing you all again next quarter final

After a rocky start to the beginning of the Quarter Final Poker Tournament held at Birmingham’s Grosvenor’s Card room we quickly got underway and it wasn’t long before we began to lose players and by the end of the first hours play we had lost 7 players out of the 47 starters.

Rough and tumble, fast and furious with the call “lost one” was the state of play. All good humoured and by 6.30 we were down to three tables. Play continued at a fast rate and then began to get very tight and by 8pm saw us down to 2 tables.

We eventually got down to the final table of 10 by 8.50pm and for the next 45mins the play was a see saw game, chips, good strong play saw the players unafraid to take their chances. It took 45mins to get the top 5 on the final table, all safe but then play got really interesting with what I can only describe as “pure” any two cards will do. All in hands and very strong hands were getting continually” rivered”.

At 10.50pm the blinds were 20,000 and 40,000. Three players were left in including me Howard Lewis, young Zac Anderson who happened to bubble out at the last quarter final and was also the youngest player in the tournament, and Phil Young another Leicester player. Again the pattern of play was that the strong hands were being “rivered”, with Zac rivering me twice and finally taking me out.

Then at 11.40pm Phil who had “runner runner” to complete 2 flushes one straight after the other, the last hand by virtue he was the only one with a diamond and won with a diamond flush and thereby taking the Trophy.

Well done Phil and to the rest of the Players who helped to make it a very good night.

The final got off to a slow start and we didn’t lose the first person until after lunch. The final table had 2 x brothers John and Stu Lyons from the Sedgley Park Rugby Club in Manchester battling it out which was interesting to say the least. We got to the final three players about 8.20pm and all three of the went ‘all in’ at this point with Wayne Summer from the Ley Inn in Chorley being the casualty.

The very next hand had another all in from the final 2 x players John Lyons and Mark Driver from the Blackhorse Inn in Batley. John’s hand was too strong and took Mark out with A 7 against 3 2 after a flop of KKJQ9, so the A held up!

John was over the moon as he collected his trophy and cash
Well done to all the players and we look forward to seeing the top 6 x at the National final in September. Note top 7 will be invited since Bob Rowley had already qualified from a previous final.

We got under way at 2pm with 70 players registered for the days play.

We lost our first player after 55 minutes of play and the unfortunate player to go out was NIGEL GOWER who got a rapturous applause from the rest of players. By the first break we only lost three players.

Now with all the rebuys and add on's sorted out it was announced that there would be 8 places up for grabs at the final and 6 places being paid out on the day.

We got down to the final table at 19:40 and with 3 players from THE SUN COVENT GARDEN and the unlucky player who busted out on the bubble for Sheffield was GARY SIBLEY.

15 minutes later we lost MARK SALMONS who busted out on the bubble for the final paying places.

We reached heads up at 21:35 between ROBIN WEBSTER and LISA HOLMES and after about 20 minutes both players went all in with ROBIN showing Kc,4s and LISA showing Qs,10s the flop came down 9c,Ks,4c the turn card As and then the river card 8d so with ROBIN having two pair it brought an end to the day's play.

Thank you to all the players for a good day's play and good luck to all those who qualified for the final later in the year!

This was the fastest quarter final tournament to be held at the Railway Tavern, with it lasting just 6 hours in total. The main reason for this was the dominant and aggressive play by Martin Knowles who was actually our eventual winner!

Kevin Powley was the first player out when he lost his original 5,000 chips and then his rebuy after only 25 minutes – this clearly wasn’t going to be Kevin’s day.
Early chip leader Marcus Tye also dwindled his chips and when his 99 lost to AK he became our 6th player out, finishing in 28th.

The final table had 3 x players who had already qualified for the National Final in September so their places would be rolled down if they made it into the last 4 qualification positions. Steady James Neve finished 3rd with the previous runner up Vanessa Winterburn finishing 2nd again! Martin Knowles clinched the title when his J3 hit against JK , so when we lost 2 x others this meant the remaining 5 were all going in September.

Started at 2pm with 53 players, we only had to wait 35 mins to lose our first player Chris Wild. After 1 hour we had our buffet break, we re-started at 3.30pm with the aim now to make the top 6 and qualify for Sheffield in September. By 7pm we had our final table of 10, 15 mins later we had 7 qualifiers, one person already there.

Finishing fourth and top lady for the day was Linda Bowers cashing out with £115. At 8pm were heads up Steve Sutton and Peter almond. Another half an hour went by and we had our showdown hand Steve Queen 9 and Peter Ace 10 the flop 9, Ace 4, the turn Ace the river a 3.

Peter Almond from the Milton Keynes Pavilion Winning the trophy and £450 Cash.

70 players sat down at the tables of The G Casino in Dundee for the 3rd Scottish quarterly of 2014-2015. It was the turn of Lewis Philips to receive the round of applause no poker player wishes to hear as he departed the tournament less than half an hour in. A few more had joined him before the first break, but they all seemed quite content to take advantage of the casinos excellent facilities and were not down hearted for long.

As ever, on returning to the tables the players continued with steady play and good hearted banter and eventually the field was whittled down to our final table of ten. This final table was an interesting mix of both veteran and ‘virgin’ quarterly final ‘tablers’ and with one of the players already having secured their seat to the Nationals the seven on offer today were tantalisingly within reach.

10th position went to Louise Holdaway from The Caledonian Bar, Forfar followed by Craig Jeffrey from The Abbotsford Bar, Perth in 9th. Craig was to be an unfortunate double bubble boy as his departure meant all the remaining players were going to the Nationals and after discussing it amongst themselves they also decided on a deal which meant they all cashed as well, meaning poor Mr J missed out on both a National seat and cash in one fell swoop. It was a different story for 8th place finisher Danny McCann from The Buchlyvie Inn though who had a great day at his first ever CPL Quarterly – Cashed, National seat and had the best hand of the day with a straight flush.

7th Colin Skinner, The Abbey Inn, Arbroath
6th Stewart Barnett, Perth Poker Club, Perth
5th Kev Sinclair, Perth Poker Club, Perth
4th Ratis Zomerovskis, The Abbey Inn, Arbroath
3rd Karen Kennedy, The Caledonian Bar, Forfar

The heads up came down to Ian Todd from The Abbotsford Bar, Perth and Joe Milne from The Abbey Inn, Arbroath. It was nice to see a good standard of heads up poker play from both players who also coped well with having an audience of busted players surrounding them keen to see who would be the new Scottish champion. Kh 10d and Ad 2s were to be the hands to decide said champ. A board of 3h, 10h, 2d gave a little something for both players, but the 10 held up as Qc, 9s completed the board and Ian Todd was the victor at his first ever CPL final table, taking home the Season Three 2014-2015 winners’ trophy and a healthy addition to his wallet.

Many thanks to all the players who participated, I hope you enjoyed your day and as ever thanks to Ant and the team at the G casino Dundee for their continued support and professionalism.


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