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January Quarter final summary

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
January 2015 Quarter final writes up’s

A brief summary of the days play held at each quarterly final venue can be found below. Photos and finishing positions can be found on our finals page or by clicking here.

Play started at Luton G Casino at 2pm with 51 runners. After 40 minutes play we lost our first player, the aim now to make the top 6 and qualify for the final later in the year. Top lady for the day for about the third time was Amanda Collette finishing in 9th place. About 8.30 we were heads up with two young guns !!! Kris and Andy. The Showdown hand was Kris with 10, jack and Andy queen 8. The flop was ace, 5, king, the turn 3 and river a king, Andy from the Dunmow Club wining the event with a pair of kings ace queen.

With this being the 2nd quarter final for the 2014-2015 season, there were plenty of people hoping to get their names on the list ready for the National Final in September 2015.

Well done to all the final table players, their finishing positions were as follows:

10th – John Quigley from the Oakfield Hotel in Cwmbran
9th – Steve Davies from the Oakfield Hotel in Cwmbran
8th – Sean Dean from the Queens Head in Ludgershall
7th – Steve Beard from the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol
6th – Nick Gornell from the Crown and Horseshore in Bristol
5th – Jeremy Batcherlor from the Queens Head in Ludgershall
4th – Paul Whitcut from the Six in Hand in Cwmbran
3rd – Steve Wood from the White Hart Hotel Devon
2nd – Chris Ware from the Six in Hand in Cwmbran
1st – Teresa Beard from the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol

The top 3 qualified for the National final along with the top 5 taking home their share of the £940 cash prize pool
Look forward to seeing you all again next quarter final

The day started well with 50 players, 24 of whom were from the Leicester area. John the card room manager had re-worked the blind structure and then also found enough players to deal throughout the tournament. One of whom was our own Steve Astly who unfortunately promptly dealt himself out, so being the first to go.
The atmosphere was friendly and good humoured and by the end of the 2nd break we had only lost 11 players.
At 6pm we were down to 2 tables but because of the new blind structure no one unnecessarily had to defend their small and big blinds. We got down to the final table at 7.30pm with Dave Winter chip leader with approximately 130k chips out of 500,000 in play. The rest was divided evenly with the exception being myself and Lynn Etching. I promptly went out on the first hand going all in with Ace7 suited, promptly got called with pocket 10’s and exited the competition.
Play continued with some very good play, the Houdini of the group this quarter was Lynn Etchins who though low stacked was lucky enough to dodge the bullets and eventually got 5th position and a seat in the National Final.
There was one deciding hand which was 4 handed, Elliot going all in pre flop and promptly being called by 3 players, Gwilym, Curran and Dave, flop, turn and river. The outcome being, Elliot and Dave splitting 1st pot and Dave taking the rest, leaving five players all of whom won seats in the National Final.
The last major hand came from Elliot and Dave who had struck a deal for the cash prize money, then playing for £15 and the Trophy for winner. Elliot immediately went all in with pocket 5’s, Dave calling with Ace 7 suited. The 5’s held up and Elliot won and went on to the win Quarter Final. Well done all and the perfect ending for a great days play.

With 26 entrants meaning that three qualified, this promised to be an enthralling afternoon’s entertainment. After just ten minutes a re-buy claim was heard when former winner Vanessa Winterburn raised her hand, although another 5 were to be heard in the next hour. All participants had made lunch, although some were short on chips.
Now playing as a freezeout tournament as all add-ons had been completed, Maria Steward was the first to go when she missed with an open-ended straight flush draw.
In the next 2/3 hours many shouts of anguish could be heard, but after four hours play, we had out final eight.
With five pay-outs and three qualifiers the final table play was tense. Finally down to six players, a big ‘all in’ from Aaron with JJ was called by Shaun Sleight with AK and with a J on the flop we had our bubble (5 left). Marcus Tye was the unlucky bubble and when Elise finished 4th our final 3 battled it out. Aaron LeRoy bullied his big chips to finally get the better of local hero Garry Roberts with Martin (Cagey) Brown finishing 3rd.
Thanks to all for a great days poker

There were 58 runners at the final today with a few new players entering the tournament for the first time, which was great to see. It was a long day with a lot of slow play, lost the first player just before break. Finally got to last table by 7 pm, and luckily for some we already had 3 national qualifiers on it which meant if these got into the qualifying positions, then their places would be passed down. It ended up ‘heads-up’ between Frank Gorton and Jason Sewelson, Frank had 4 times more chips than Jason but after 30 mins of play they decided to split the money and just play for the trophy. They played on and eventually Jason won the game and took the winner’s title.
With the top 6 qualifying for the National Final in September, this was extended to 8 in total for the day since 2 x of the players had already qualified previously.
Thanks for everyone who attended – see you next quarter

Play started at 2pm prompt with 52 runners all trying to make the top 6 to qualify for Sheffield later in the year. 48 minutes had passed before we had our first casualty. Steve Massey from the dragon Peterborough. By the time we reached the buffet break we had still only lost 2 players. At 6.45pm we had our final table of 10 and being dealer dealt, 5 ladies and 5 chaps. Soon we were down to 8 all going to Sheffield due to 2 previous qualifiers 7th and on the cash bubble was Sue Mason. Top lady on the day was Jo Brei-Crawley finishing 3rd. Fighting it out heads up were Darren Laughton & Tom Read. At approx 9.15pm we had our showdown hand, Darren 10, Jack and Tom a pair of 7s. The flop was 8,2,3 the turn a queen and river an 8, Tom winning the event with two pairs 8s & 7s and a queen.

65 players sat down at the tables of The G Casino in Dundee for the 2nd Scottish quarterly final of the poker year. Sadly for Michael McNicol the day proved to be a case of déjà vu, however, as once again he had the dubious honour of being the first to leave the competition, with only half a dozen others joining him by the time we made the first break.

On returning to the tables, the players continued with steady play and good hearted banter. Some getting paid off with great hands such as quad Q’s and quad K’s, whilst others were not so fortunate, but eventually we reached our final table of ten.

First to depart the final table was Tom Bulley from The Abbotsford, Perth, followed by fellow Perth player Karen Shovlin. Eddie Gallacher from The East End Bar in Brechin acquitted himself well going out in 8th on his inaugural CPL tournament, but Gillian Peal from The Caledonian Bar, Forfar was to fair one better in her first CPL outing securing a seat for the National. Their departures left the following final table veterans to cash:-

6th Adam Hayes, The Abbey Inn, Arbroath
5th Elaine Fitzpatrick, Ormond Bar, Perth
4th Tony Short, The Abbey Inn, Arbroath

Play slowed down somewhat, but eventually Loraine Montague, Ormond Bar, Perth bowed out in 3rd and we were left with an all Angus heads up: Allan Fisher from The Abbey Inn, Arbroath against the newbie Steven Duncan representing our newest Scottish venue, The East End Bar, Brechin. Both players were keen to take home the winner’s trophy and a good standard of poker was played throughout their heads up. The final hand came down to one of those ‘played itself’ situations when a board of 10s, Jc, Kd so all the chips end up in the middle. Steven sitting with top pair Kc 4h and Allan behind with 2nd pair Jh 6c. The 6h on the turn reversed the players fortunes however and with no K or 4 on the river Allans’ two pair held up and the trophy was winging its way back to the well represented Abbey Inn in Arbroath.

Many thanks to all the players who participated and made this yet another great day and as ever thanks to Ant and the team at the G casino Dundee for their continued support and professionalism.

Play got under way at 12pm with 99 players registered for the day's play and 10 places up for grabs at the final. The first player out was Greg Simmons who promptly left the poker room to a raptuous applause from everyone else.
At the first break we had only lost 5 players but by the time we reached the lunch break at 1630 the field was down to 27 players who were now trying for one of the ten places at the final later on in the year. We got to the final table around 1850 and 7 places paying for the cash prizes.
The unlucky player who was the bubble for the cash was Don Fresha.
The top lady for the day was Hayley Hopkins.
We reached heads up at 2025 between Jason Hazell and Lee Bailey and the hand that bought the day to an end was Jason's K5 against Lee's J4 the flop came down 2,3,A the turn 8 and the river card was a 6 so Jason's K5 holding up to bring an end to a good day's poker.
Good luck to all the players who made it to the final.


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