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October Quarter final summary

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
October 2014 Quarter final writes up’s

A brief summary of the days play held at each quarterly final venue can be found below. The results and final placings for each venue can be found on our finals page or by clicking here.


Play started at 2pm prompt with 69 players. We reached the first break with no players eliminated - which is a first for Luton!

We had been playing for one hour 10 mins before we lost our first player, John Ireland from The Heston Club. Top lady was Amanda Collett finishing in 8th place.

We were playing till 8.30pm before we got to the last 7 and all going to Sheffield next year. Play continued for another hour before we were heads up, Paul Le Page v Karl Williams, Paul had 9, 10 and Karl had Ace, Queen; both went all in; the flop was 3,6, Queen, the turn 6 and the river a 3. Karl therefore won the tournament with a pair of Queens. Congratulations to Karl!


We had 58 runners turn up to battle for the seats to the National Final.

First blood came after 1 hour’s play with Steve Moore exciting the tournament to the cheer of the crowd. It was slow play until we reached the final table of 10 players by 7pm, a few short stacks at the table with James Hepworth going out on the bubble.

After the next two fell, the last 7 players decided to split the money and play for the trophy. This eased things up a little with some good battles taking place until we finally got the winner, Paul Barker, who took home the trophy along with his share of the winnings.


We started the day's play with 94 players just after 12pm, with the first player out at 12:50pm being Sarah-Jane Hillings who received rapturous applause from the other players. By the time we got to the lunch break at 4pm we were down to 28 players.

We got down to the final table at 6:30pm and the unlucky player on the bubble for the last qualifying was Paul McLeod.

There was some tight play after the first two players were eliminated, as the players were now aware they were close to the money, the unfortunate player who made the bubble was Dave Rossiter.

We then went to heads up between Lisa Birch and Ziggy Volosinas at 7:35 pm and the final showdown happened at 7:55pm with Lisa showing Q,8 and Ziggy Q,7 the flop came 2,10,4 the turn was a 6 and the river card was a King so Lisa's Q,8 won the final hand.

Congratulations to Lisa for winning the quarter final. Well done to all the players who battled hard and good luck for the future qualifiers.


Firstly I would like to say thank you to John our card room manager for organizing us with a friendly and very well run Poker Competition, all got underway on time with 48 players starting.

We had only lost one player, Michael Deaton on the last hand of the first session. This seemed to show the way for the rest of the whole competition which was “Tight” but “Friendly”.

Getting down to the final table at 7pm we find Zak Anderson our youngest player at just 18 years old, he unfortunately went out on the bubble with a pair of 8’s against A,J and an A coming on the turn.Leaving us with a final table of 10 at 7.15pm we saw that 5 of these were low stacked, so again tight play was in order to try and catch the 5 places on offer for the National Final.

Coming up to the final bubble 2 players were low stacked with Elizabeth Shaw doing an impression of Houdini, going from 2,500 chips to 38,000 in 3 hands , one being blind and taking it with a Queen High Flush.

The bubble eventually went to Mark Davis who started the final table with the third highest chip stack but unfortunately for the next hour he could not get a hand and was just blinded out by small and big blinds, eventually going out with an Ace/10 to Ace/Jack which held.

With 3 players left and no deal in sight as Bob Lang was a massive chip leader with 380,000 chips, they proceeded with some outrageous all in’s and calls which was to the credit of the players. 2 hands on the trot produced 380,000 Pots, with you’ve guessed it the weakest hand standing up and winning both times, one to each player.

Bob just could not get rid of another young player Krystian Ruminski and at 15,000 to 30,000 blinds the final hand was played at 9.30pm with Christian, his young heart beating fast, winning Ace/6 against 4/8.

Congratulations go to the winner and to all the players for making it an excellent tournament.
1. Krystian Ruminski
2. Bob Delange
3. Andy Harley
4. Liz Shaw
5. Dave Smith
6. Mark Davis
7. Simon Odom
8. Mark James
9. Peter Pierce
10. Donna Harley


With this being the first quarter final for the new year, there were plenty of people hoping to get their names on the National Final list ready for next Year’s National Final.

Well done to all the final few players, their finishing positions were as follows:

9th – Tony Rogers from the White Hart in Devon
8th – Steve Wood from the White Hart in Devon
7th – David Bond from the White Hart in Devon
6th – Amanda Fey Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol
5th – Chris Ware from the Upper Cock in Cwmbran
4th – Barry Windeatt from the Queens Head in Ludgershall
3rd – Danny Winstone from the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol
2nd –Sean Dean from the Queens Head in Ludgershall
1st – George French from the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol

The top 3 qualified for the National final along with the top 5 taking home their share of the £805 prize pool

Look forward to seeing you all again next quarter


This was the 3rd time we had held this regional final the Railway Tavern and again proved to be a great success, with 28 people taking part.

With all players still in after the re-buy it was Dave Stevens who left us first when his pockets rockets got busted.

With players steadily going out thereafter it, was with some surprise that former winner and top 20 National Finalist Gary Roberts went out when his ‘all-in’ AK got busted by AA.

With Stuart Woodcoach going out in 9th we had our final table. Dereham’s Kev Powley was first to go when his AK lost to pocket 10’s. Husband and wife John and Jo Brie-Crawley finished 7th and 6th and when Jamie Taylor’s A10 lost to AK we had our cash winners. £30 went to Tom Byrne in 4th but just missing out on a National place, which were filled by:

3rd Terry Gould - £60
2nd Vanessa Farley - £140
1st Elise Rout - £200

Elise won when her 9,7 caught a straight vs Vanessa’s trip 5’s

Thanks for all who attended and look forward to next the next quarter finals at the Railway Tavern


64 players had made their way to The G Casino in Dundee to contest the first Scottish quarterly final of the new CPL poker year. For Michael McNicol his inaugural quarterly proved to be a baptism of fire and he was knocked out early doors to the traditional cheer and round of applause. Michael should not be disheartened though as the eventual winner of today’s tournament was in his position this time last year!

Play was quite tight during the first session, perhaps because all of the remaining players were vying for the first elusive National seats of the new season. Who knows, but whatever the reason only a handful of players had departed to the casino tables by the time the first break was announced.

With their chip stacks fortified from the add-on and their stomachs likewise from the excellent catering, the majority of the field returned to the tables. Play continued quite steadily once more; that was until the antes started to take effect and with enhanced pots to play for each hand the game sped up somewhat.

Inevitably we made it down to the final table which consisted of just nine players on this occasion. With cash for the top six and seven National seats it was disappointment for Gary McWilliams from The Perth Poker Club and Allan Fisher from The Abbey Inn, Arbroath who went out in 9th and 8th respectively. Gary can of course take solace in the fact his clan was not disgraced as Fiona McWilliams, also from The Perth Poker Club, did secure a National seat going out in 7th, leaving the remaining players in the money:-

6th Ben McAlpine, The Waverley Hotel, Callander
5th Hugh Lightbody, The Waverley Hotel, Callander
4th Richard Blyth, The Aboukir Hotel, Carnoustie
3rd Ratis Zomerovskis, The Abbey Inn, Arbroath (his fourth final table in five quarterlies)

Heads up was between fellow Perth Poker Club players Kev Caldow and Stewart ‘Fudgie’ McFarlane. At the start of play Stewart had a reasonably good chip lead but Kev ground his way back (with a bit of luck from the poker gods). A good hearted, entertaining battle ensued; the agreement to split the cash not deterring either player from playing to win. As the quote goes, however, ‘There can be only one’ and a board of 5c, 5d, 4d saw Fudgie push with Kd, 8d. Kev called with his pair of black 2s. The Ac on the turn added a straight draw into the mix, but with 10h on the river a brick for both players, the pocket 2s held up making Kev Caldow the new Scottish champ.

Many thanks to all the players who participated and made this yet another great day and as ever thanks to John, Mike and the team at the G casino Dundee for their continued support and professionalism.


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