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July Quarterly Final Summary

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
A brief summary of the days play held at each quarterly final venue can be found below. The results and final placings for each venue can be found on our finals page or by clicking here.

The Grosvenor Casino in central Birmingham was once again the venue for players from the West Midlands who had qualified through their pub leagues. Play got off on time with Jon, the cardroom manager keeping everyone in good spirits.

With a sound cheer from the remaining players it was the unfortunate Carlos Finn who was the first to bust out from the tournament shortly before the break, and after a hearty round of refuelling it was back down to action for the remaining competitiors.

Play carried on at a pace with several premium hands, including more than 1 quad hand enthusiastically announced. At around 6.30 pm we were down to the final table with a minimum of 6 National final seats up for grabs.

Of the final 6 players comprising Matt Caulwell, David Joyce, Russel Hall, Richard Bell, Dave Kelly and Sam Western, 3 had qualified in previous seasons allowing the additional national seats to be added to the lower places. The tournament finished with a tight heads-up battle between Sam and Dave before Sam eventually took the number 1 spot and winners trophy when her A,K all-in hand held up leaving Dave to take the 2nd place with great credit and a helpful cash payout to ease the journey home.

The day ended after a well fought contest played out in good spirits and we look forward to seeing all the successful qualifiers at the upcoming National final.

We were back again at the Gala Casino in Bristol, with lots of regular faces along with some new players. This was the last chance to qualify for the National Final on September 20th and 21st in Sheffield so players were keen to do well.

Well done to all the final few players, their finishing positions were as follows:

8th – Barry Windeatt from the Queens Head in Ludgershall
7th – Julie Pethick from the White Hart Hotel in Devon
6th – Rhian Taylor from the Upper Cock in Cwmbran
5th – Dave Evans from the White Hart Hotel in Devon
4th – Pat Nicholson from the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol
3rd – David Bond from the White Hart Hotel in Devon
2nd – Aaron Scott from the Queens Head in Ludgershall
1st – Rudeerat Ware from the Upper Cock in Cwmbran

The top 3 automatically qualified but this rolled down to include the 4th position since Rudeerat had already qualified from season 2 final by finishing 4th. Pat Nicholson was on the bubble for the prize money, but did get and invite through to the National Final and a William Hill goody bag.

The final table eventually whittled down to heads up between Aaron Scott and Rudeerat Ware with fairly even chip stacks. The battle went on for some time with Rudeerat winning with an 8,2 off.

This is the 2nd time Rudeerat has won the Bristol Final so congratulations to her and also to Aaron, David and Pat, and look forward to seeing you in Sheffield in September for the National Final. Invitations will be sent out by text and email mid-August.

58 players sat down at the poker tables of The G Casino in Dundee to contest the last Scottish CPL quarterly of 2013 – 2014. With this being the last chance to qualify for the National in September the usual pre-tournament excitement was intensified when it was announced that 20% of the field had already secured their place, therefore, significantly increasing the odds for the players still vying for a seat. That being said Andris Irbins from Perth will not have to check out accommodation prices in Sheffield for this year being the first to depart the tournament, followed by another six casualties prior to the break.

Upon returning to the tables the play continued at a steady pace with Robert Turnbull of The Waverley Hotel, Callander having the best hand of the day. He had pushed short stacked and managed to hit a straight flush, but that unfortunately was not enough to take him to a top spot. Eventually we were down to our final ten and the players were delighted to take their seats at the final table safe in the knowledge that everyone now had a National invitation.

Tom Bulley from The Abbotsford in Perth was the first to depart in 10th, followed by Waverley Hotel players Chris MacLeod and Jamie Cole. Rae Finlayson from The Mallard in Dingwall had his final table luck run out this time going out in 7th, leaving the final six in the cash. Unusually all six agreed to split the prize pot equally but continued to play for the trophy and winners bragging rights. This was not to be the case for:-

6th DJ MacDonald, The Waverley Hotel, Callander
5th Manuel Martel, The Auld Hoose, Perth
4th Dzmirty Ryzhyk, The Aboukir Hotel, Carnoustie
3rd Jack Fisher, The Abbey Inn, Arbroath

Heads up was between tournament veteran Ian Noble and the rookie Kenny McIntosh, both of whom play in Ormond Bar, Perth. A good natured battle ensued between the two with the chip lead changing hands several times; however the final hand saw Ian’s KJ make two pairs with the board, but this was not enough to beat A4 off and Kenny finished the tournament and his first trip ever to a casino as the victor with trip Aces. I’m sure Kenny may point this fact out to Ian from time to time and it is worth noting that three out of the four quarterly trophies this year have winged their way back to Ormond Bar in Perth!

Thanks as always go to John, Mike and the team at the G casino Dundee for their continued support and professionalism. As ever I hope you all enjoyed your day and congrats to all the National qualifiers. Looking forward to kicking back with some cocktails with you all in Sheffield before we do it all again in October.

A great battle took place to get the last of the seats for the National Final. The was some very tactical play in evidence but first blood came after 1hr 30 mins of play; Steve Riley was the unfortunate first player to bust out to a great cheer from the other players. The flood doors opened then and it was 6 hours later before we got to final table. Stan Radcliffe was the bubble man for the money but got is seat for the nationals and was very happy. The final 3 slowly battled it out and being roughly equally stacked in chips, decided to split the money and play for the trophy. With the remaining prize money sorted it took a further 20 mins for Robbie Marshall to seal the deal and take down the trophy and 1st place in the tournament along with a William Hill goodie pack which was gratefully received.


Play began at the G Casino Luton at 14.05 with everyone trying to make the final table of 9 and all go onto the main final next month. We had to wait almost an hour to lose our first player Richard Johnson. By 7pm we were down to the last 14 players all going onto the final due to 5 of the players having already qualified. By 7.15 we were down tour final table of 9, with Dawn Card going out in 10th place and being the top lady on the day. By 8.45pm we were heads up. The showdown hand was Raymond having 4, 2 of cubs and Gordon 10, 4 of diamonds. The flop was 9, 3, 4, with two clubs the turn was the queen of clubs and river a 9 resulting in Raymond winning the tournament with a flush.

The second regional quarter final to take place at the Railway tavern was an entertaining affair held in the marquee under very warm conditions, just as hot was the play on the tables.
After an hour of play all the contestants were still involved and a wonderful lunch was then served before battle commenced again. Then after nearly 2 hours of play a shout from Marcus Tye meant we had lost our first player, where a warm response and a round of applause greeted him.
The half-way point of the contest saw only 11 players left with David Stevens and Chris haste looking to have the largest stacks. The final 8 players took their seats shortly before 3pm and first of these to bust out was Richard Redman whose A,Q lost out to K,Q.
Sherry Cloudesley, Garry Roberts and Lee Collingridge soon followed to leave us with the final 4 players; Dave Stevens took the 4th spot with the remaining 3 players all winning National Final places. Scott Head finished 3rd before Chris Haste’s A,6s hit a flush against the shorter stacked Vanessa Winterburns’ pocket 8’s to win him the tournament and the first place prize money at the end of an enjoyable day.

The day eagerly awaited by all the qualifiers at Aspers casino got underway just after 2 o’clock with the players competing for the prize pool, the prestigious winners trophy and seats for the upcoming National Finals. Action was steady up to the break with great relief amongst the remaining players once it was realised that the first casualty of the day had busted out.

After an opportunity to refuel with a hot meal provided by the catering staff it was quickly back down to business with players keen to make use of any add-on chips purchased at the break. Play progressed steadily throughout the day with some players building healthy chip stacks at their table whilst others experienced less good fortune with around half the field remaining when the late afternoon break arrived around 6 o’clock.

There were plenty of premium hands in evidence with one table recording several pocket Aces, and even Quads for one lucky player.

As the blinds increased we were to eventually reach the final 2 tables, where play started to tighten up with the occasional all-in move pre flop often taking the pot uncontested, until those with short stacks felt the time was right to call or commit all-in themselves with varying degrees of success until we eventually had 9 players remaining who had all gained qualification to next years National final tournament.

With some good tactical play in evidence, it was some time before the field was reduced to the final heads up contest between Kelvyn Massey, a veteran of many quarterly finals and who had come back from a position of holding just a 3 or 4 big blind stack, and Karl Williams, who had built a steady chip stack throughout the day.

After a close fought contest it was Karl who took down the final hand to win the 1st place prize money and winners trophy to round off an exhilarating days play.

We look forward to seeing all the qualifying players at the National Finals in September.


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