There are 08 days left this season.   Potential yearly prize pool: £3,226,600
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January Quarterly Finals

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
A brief summary of the days play held at each quarterly final venue can be found below. The results and final placings for each venue can be found on our finals finals page or by clicking here.


Birmingham’s City Centre’s Grosvenor casino, once again played host to over 50 enthusiastic players from around the West Midlands who had reached the quarterly final rounds. The Card room manager Jon Baker, acting as TD for the day ensured all the action ran smoothly throughout the tournament.

The poker was hard fought but played out in good spirit throughout the day, with a welcome break for a refreshing complimentary buffet, after which the action continued at pace as the field was slowly and surely whittled down until our final table comprising: Danny Leaver, Zac Portas, Sam Western, Suzanne Rafelt, Tim Newell, Ricky Eagle, Martin Warner, Philip Gunby, Pete Winter and David Joyce.

Eventually the bubble approached for the 6 guaranteed spots to be won for National Final seats, and play became tighter with the short stacked players looking for the right hand to attempt a double-up and those with plenty of chips trying to use them to gain some extra leverage. As Suzanne went out on the bubble she could console herself with the knowledge that she had managed to obtain the highest female finishing position on the day, with the remaining 6 players winning both a share of the prize pool and a seat at this year’s National Final.

The heads up battle was hard fought between David and Pete before David’s Ace, Jack hand was to see him win 1st place and the winner’s trophy.
Well done to all the players who took part on the day to make it a good days contest.


The day’s tournament went well with all 43 entrants from the local area trying their best to claim a seat at the Nationals later this year. The first departure from the tournament was Lynda Goode, who within the first hour received a loud cheer and warm round of applause from the remaining, and very relieved players.

It remained a challenging contest throughout the rest of the day as we reached the final table at 8pm with Christine McCormack the unfortunate player to exit on the bubble for both the cash prize pot and National Final seat.

With Jamie and Joe now the final two remaining for the heads up battle, it was Joe who announce all-in first at the crucial hand, to which Jamie replied call putting him at danger of being busted with his Q,10 dominated by Joe’s Q,K. Joe’s hand was looking even stronger when the dealer dealt him a straight, only for Jamie’s flush draw to hit and result in his taking home the winner’s trophy after a dramatic climax.


With nearly 50 players vying for the Bristol quarterly final winner’s trophy, the action got under way just after 1pm with the top five gaining both National Final seats and a share of the day’s prize fund. A good casino room at the G casino Bristol had the players relaxed and ready to enjoy the battle, with the cardroom manager Sergei ensuring everyone had their seats and the event ran smoothly.

With most players taking a steady approach early on, the action continued through the afternoon with a warm buffet to refresh the players and regular breaks for players to discuss strategies or take the chance to have a chat chat with fellow players.

When we eventually reached the final table it was everything to play for, with 1 of the remaining players already qualified for September’s National final it was down to the others to keep their chips stacks healthy and aim for the 5 seats up for grabs.
After Steve Davies was knocked out in 5th place, having previously qualified for the National, it meant Barry Windeatt in 6th also gained a National seat, along with Rudeerat Ware in 4th, with the remaining 3 players agreed a deal for the remaining prize fund, before Nicholas Marriott took 3rd place, leaving Pete Isaac and Steve Wood to face a heads up battle, before Steve successfully took the No.1 spot and the winner’s trophy, to round off a day of good competition played in extremely good spirit.

Many thanks to the casino staff for their organisation and to all the players who took part on the day.


63 players sat down to contest the second Scottish CPL quarterly final of 2013-2014 at the G casino in Dundee. The departure of the first casualty early doors was met with the ubiquitous cheer and round of applause as the pressure was off; however the player, Scott MacKenzie from The Scone Arms Perth, was not particularly perturbed as he had already secured his National seat at the previous Quarterly final and he was happy to return and continue his pre-tournament success and profitable run at the casino gaming tables.

The excellent catering at the meal break allowed the players to refuel with some warming comfort food whilst discussing the bad beats of the previous play and strategies for the upcoming levels.

As ever play was steady until we reached the final table of ten with Robert ‘The Bull’ Turnbull from The Waverley Hotel Callander the unfortunate player who just missed out. Although there had been several players in the tournament who had already secured seats for the National, none of them made the final table leaving all ten finalists to battle it out for the seven seats on offer. Eammon O’Boyle from The Waverley Hotel was the first to lose his short chip stack, closely followed by Craig MacDonald from The Scone Arms, Perth. Despite a consistent record of reaching the Scottish Quarterly final table it was Ben Harvey from The Auld Hoose Perth who did not manage to secure his National seat this time going out in 8th place. The Abbey Inn in Arbroath was well represented with three of the National seats awarded to players from this venue:-

7th Allan Fisher, The Abbey Inn, Arbroath
6th Nelly Torres, The Abbey Inn, Arbroath
5th Mark Stewart, The Perth Poker Club, Perth
4th Adam Hayes, The Abbey Inn, Arbroath
3rd David D’Ambrosio, The Aboukir Hotel, Carnoustie

Down to the final two players, heads up was between Charlotte Reid from Ormond Bar in Perth and Andy Strathie from The Perth Poker Club. Andy acquitted himself well on his inaugural CPL Quarterly outing; however it was to be Charlotte’s day when her pocket 10’s held up against Andy’s AK in the final hand. On winning the tournament Charlotte now not only has the title of quarterly champ, but possibly more importantly the trophy to display alongside her partners (a previous Scottish Quarterly final winner) negating any poker bragging rights in the Reid household…..until the National final at least.

Many congrats to all the players who secured National seats and thanks to all the players who participated and made this another great day, particularly as YOU ALL REMEMBERED TO SIGN OUT finally! THANK YOU. Thanks must also go to John, Mike and the team at the G casino Dundee for their continued support and professionalism.


Play began at Aspers Casino Stratford London at approx 12pm with 92 runners. The main goal of the day for the players was to come in the top ten and qualify for Birmingham later in the year. We had to wait until the very last minute of the 1st hours play before we lost our first player Hamish Stuart from Maldon.
It was around 6.30pm before were down to the final 11 all qualifying for Birmingham (with 1 of the 11 players having qualified from the last round of quarter finals). By 7pm we were down to the last 7 remaining players all making the cash. Top lady for the day for the second time was Gail Drea finishing in 4th place.
By 8o'clock we had our showdown hand between Ian King and Jake McEnroe . Ian had a five and an eight suited and Jake held ace three off suit. The flop was Jack, Jack, Ace the turn card a 4 and the river a 5. Jake winning the tournament with a pair of Aces. Well done to him.


Play started at Luton at 2pm prompt with 123 runners, with the top 13 qualifying for Birmingham later in the year. We had been playing for 55 mins before we had our first casualty and for the 2nd time it was Ricky Darbon from The Heston Club. We had to wait to 7pm before we were down to our list of qualifiers all going onto Birmingham. At 8pm we were down to the final 7 all making the cash, 5 of which were ladies so well done the girls. By 9pm we were heads up Will and Andrea and at 9.30 we had our showdown hand, Will had Ace King and Andrea Ace Queen, the flop was 8, 4, 2 the turn a Jack and the river Queen, Andrea taking the event with a pair of queens.


The day went smoothly with a good full days play at the Manchester quarterly final. The tournament lost its first player after 30 minutes, with the unfortunate first casualty, Carl Jackson receiving loud applause. The food during the break was great again, with a nice buffet everyone seemed happy with.
It was 8.30 pm when we reached the final 10 players, and by 9.30 it was heads up being contested by two previous winners. After just a few hands between Micheal and Gareth, it was announced all-in with a call Q8 vs AK. The ace held up to win the tourney with both the winner and those less successful on the day looking forward to next.


Action got underway just after 2 o’clock with 62 competitors aiming for the prize pot and the prestigious trophy. Play was steady up to the break with no one willing to risk too much of their stack early in the tournament.
After a refreshment and food break, with all remaining players being able to take advantage of add-ons where possible to improve their stack size. Play progressed steadily throughout the day with some players building healthy chip stacks at their table whilst others experienced less good fortune with around half the field remaining when the late afternoon break arrived.
As player numbers were whittled down through the afternoon we finally got down to the final 8 players, and with 1 player having already qualified for the September National that meant that all of them would be receiving invites later this year.
The heads up battle was contested between Alan Avison and Andy Kew. Both players had regularly qualified for the regional quarterly finals over the last couple of years, but it was Andy who triumphed after a well fought contest played in very good spirit.

Congratulations to Andy and to all the cash winners and National seat winners on the day and we look forward to seeing you all in September.


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