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October Quarterly Finals

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
A brief summary of the days play held at each quarterly final venue can be found below. The results and final placings for each venue can be found on our finals finals page or by clicking here.


The first quarter final for this season took place at the Birmingham Grosvenor Casino on Saturday 19th October. This was the first time we had run one of our finals at this casino, but we hope it won’t be the last! A great cardroom, fantastic food and John the TD was brilliant. Looking forward to the next one!

The tournament kicked off on time but it wasn’t long before Vijay Randhawa was announced to the rest of the players as the first player out the tournament, and received rapturous applause from the rest of the crowd. Vijay plays at the True Briton in Wednesfield and said he is aiming to get further in the tournament next time. After a fantastic lunch, there was a steady flow of players exiting the tournament, until we reached the final nine players who made up the final table.

Well done to all the table players, their finishing positions were as follows:

9th – Dalbir Singh from the Rovers Sports and Social Club in Wolverhampton
8th – Patrick O’Shea from the True Briton in Wednesfield
7th – Aaron Mehta from the True Briton in Wednesfield
6th – Paul Rouse from the Hop Pole in Leominster
5th – Uwe Beykuefner from the Thornhill Arms in Kettering
4th – John Tilley from the Tydd Gote Inn in Wisbech
3rd – Ray Carey from the Hop Pole in Leominster
2nd – Leon Norhern from the Bulls Head in Markfield
1st – Paul Nurse from the Tydd Gote Inn in Wisbech

The final table took place in the private VIP room, with just enough room for spectators to crown round, although you could also watch the action from the screen in the main cardroom, since it was being streamed live. Within a few minutes of re-convening for the final table, Dalbir Singh was knocked out the tournament and his final table experience came to an end.

With the top five positions going through to the National Final next September, it made things a little tense when we got down to final six players. Unfortunately Paul Rose was on the bubble, but hopefully he will have better luck next time.

The final table eventually whittled down to Leon Norhern and Paul Nurse. As they commenced the head’s up battle, Paul was in command with probably twice the amount of chips. This soon changed however, when both Leon and Paul were all in both chasing a straight, Leon came out with a higher straight on the river and became chip leader. The favour was returned a few hands later, when Paul picked up chips on the river and took most of Leon’s chips. There was no way Leon could recover from this and a few hands later, Paul was announced the winner, when his trip ace’s held up against Leon’s pair of Jack’s.

Congratulations to Paul for winning, it should be noted this is his second win at a CPL quarter final since he finished 1st in Northampton back in 2011. Well done Paul, and well done to the other players who made it through to the National Final.


A great day was had by all at Bradford, a lot of first time players trying to make their mark and enjoying the venues excellent food.

The previous final winner was trying for a repeat performance but after several bluffed hands he was unfortunately eliminated. The final table was tense right down to the bubble when a king kicker won the hand to give us the last 5.

Heads up between Aaron and Andrew was a tricky bit of playing, both players wanting the trophy. It was an all-in after 15 mins with Andrew taking it down.


We were back again at the Gala Casino in Bristol, with lots of regular faces, along with some new players, of which this was their first time at the casino.

The tournament kicked off a little late, since we waited a while for a few players to turn up who got caught up in the holiday traffic. Unusually we didn’t lose a player within the first hour, but upon re-convened after lunch, the first casualty was Matt Brown from the Ram in Queens Head.

There was a steady flow of players exiting the tournament, until we reached the final ten players, who made up the final table.

Well done to all the final table players, their finishing positions were as follows:

10th – Leah Trimm from the Tylorstown Ex-Servicemen’s Club in Tylorstown
9th – Denis Gosling from the George in Chepstow
8th – Sean Dean from the Queens Head in Ludgershall
7th – Thomas Huish from the Tylorstown Ex-Servicemen’s Club in Tylorstown
6th – Stephen Harris from the Queens Head in Ludgershall
5th – Nigel Williams from the Upper Cock in Cwmbran
4th – Mark Kimber from the Patriot’s Arms in Swindon
3rd – Diane Evans from the Upper Cock in Cwmbran
2nd – John Galbraith from the White Hart Hotel in Devon
1st – Steve Davies from the Oakfield Hotel in Cwmbran

With the top five positions going through to the National Final next September, it made things a little tense when we got down to final six players. Unfortunately Steve Harris was on the bubble, but hopefully he will have better luck next time.

The final table eventually whittled down to Steve David and John Galbraith. John put up a good battle but Steve came through to win with his King, Six of diamonds.

Congratulations to Steve for winning, it should be noted this is his second win at a CPL quarter final, so well done to him and also to the four other players who made it through to the National Final next September.


62 players took their places at the poker tables of the G Casino in Dundee to contest the first Scottish Quarterly Final of the 2013-2014 Season. Players had travelled from as far afield as Dingwall and Aviemore to attend which was very much appreciated. The dubious honour of being knocked out first out went to Kev Caldow of The Perth Poker Club and with play obviously tight only another five players had joined him by the time we reached the meal break.

Upon their return to the tables players fell steadily by the wayside until the final table was announced. Gerry Lillie from The Scone Arms, Perth was the first to leave, closely followed by Adam ‘Hayzee’ Hayes from The Abbey Inn, Arbroath; meaning eight players remained with only seven National seats available. Having reached a quarterly final table for the third time, it was John Murdoch from The Waverley Hotel in Callander who missed out on this occasion leaving the following to secure their seats:-

7th Iain Fleming, The Abbotsford Lounge Bar, Perth
6th Stuart Anderson, The Aboukir Hotel, Carnoustie
5th Scott MacKenzie, The Scone Arms, Perth
4th DJ MacDonald, The Waverley Hotel, Callander
3rd David McAlpine, The Waverley Hotel, Callander

Down to the last two, the heads up was between Rae Finlayson from The Mallard in Dingwall and Raitis Zomerovskis from The Abbey Inn, Arbroath. Having had Pocket Aces stand up for him four or five times already during the tournament, including hitting quads, it seemed the poker gods had been smiling on Raitis all day and he took the tournament and his first quarterly final title down when his Pocket Kings hit a Full House on the flop against Rae’s A4 off.

Many congratulations go to the new champ Raitis Zomerovskis and all the players who secured National Final seats. Thanks go to John and his team at the G Casino in Dundee and also to all the players who attended helping make this another enjoyable and successful final. I look forward to welcoming you all again in January.…brrrr.


Play started at London just after 12pm with 91 players. We went an amazing hour and 18 mins before we lost our first player Bob Ford.

Everyone now aiming to make the final table 10 and qualification for Birmingham next year. Top lady on the day was Melanie Beard finishing 13th. At 6.15pm we were down to the final table.

After another hour we were down to 6 players all making the cash. When we were down to 3 players we played for another hour and thirty mins before we got to heads up, Tony v Paul, at 9pm we had our showdown hand, Tony had King 10, Paul had Ace 10, The flop was Queen, King, Ace.

The turn was Ace and river a 7, Paul wining the event with trip aces.


Play started just after 2pm with 82 players, we were playing for 55 mins before we lost our first player Colin Crawford.
Everybody now was aiming to make the final table of 9 all going onto Birmingham for the final next year. We were playing till 8pm before we had our final table of 9, the aim now to cash by coming in the top 6.
Top lady on the day was Liz Shaw finishing fourth, The showdown hand arrived just after 9pm., Matt Taylor had king 3, Mick Sydney had 6,4. The flop was Ace 3, 6, the turn a 4 and the river 6. Mick winning the tournament with trip 6s.


We had 64 runners who all enjoyed the spread of food provided by the venue, greeted with a huge cheer from all the players. Everyone was keen to be the first to qualify for the nationals, so after a cautious start, the first player bowed out after one and half hours play.

By teatime at 6pm we got to the last 2 tables. The pressure was on the players who’d reached the final table with extremely tight play unless you had a monster hand to push all your chips in with. Sarah kept getting pocket queens until finally falling to a raggy ace call.

Finally we were heads up with Michael and Bob both equally stacked and both wanting the trophy, 2 hands were played then all in was called, Bob with Q,9 vs Michaels A,2 : The flop came 7, 8, J then 6 giving Bob on open ender which was not to fall with a 4 on river meaning Michael’s Ace held up to take the tournament down.


Another great day out at Heroes Bar in Dereham with the most players we have had at the Norfolk Mini Final totalling 41 players.

registration was at 11am and we kicked off the tournament at 12.15, players eased themselves in gently with only 2 players needing a re-buy before the first 3 rounds of blinds were done and the lunch interval. With homemade chill with chips sausages and bread to re-fuel the players they were ready to start again. Jake Cully only managed 3 hands before being the first player to drop after the lunch break leaving to the usual round of applause, closely followed by James Murrey. With the rest of the players holding on as well as they could over the next 4 hours before dropping before the final table with Adam Cameron being the unlucky last player to drop before the final table.

After another break the final 8 player took to their seats at the final table Lee Collingridge and Wendy Collinridge, Andy Broda, Steve Wilks, Casey Clarke, James Neve, Bob Bates and Aaron Squires. Both Lee Collingridge and Casey Clarke both short stacked only managed a few hands on the table before being knocked out. With only 2 more hands played poor Andy Broda was knocked out on the bubble by James Neve giving him the largest chip stack on the table with 140k out of the total 410k in play.

Steve Wilks was the next to drop out in 5th place qualifying for the National final and going home with £35 for his loss to Wendy giving her a similar chip stack to James. 4th place went to Aaron Squires qualifying and leaving with £60 in his pocket, Bob being the victor in that hand.

Wendy took the next 3 hands in a row mainly stealing just the blinds which made for a good profit, Wendy then wins 24k from Bob after Wendy putting Bob all in but Bob mucks his hand this time. Bob now the short stack on the table manages to double through in the next hand giving him 38k with the blinds set at 6k-12k, Bob goes all in against James and drops out giving him a qualifying place and £80 for his troubles.
Heads up time with Wendy a slightly larger chip stack then James, the next 5 hands saw the blinds being swapped between to 2 of them. James steals 24k from Wendy followed by a 50k pot and then an 80k pot after James scares Wendy of by going all in. James now has a 3-1 advantage chip stack.

The last hand see's james dealt with 6,7 off suit and Wendy with j,3 off suit. Wendy declares all in and James calls.

The flop comes Qd, 8s, 9s the turn is a 3h and the river is 7c giving James a pair of 7's and the first place prize money and the Quarterly final winner’s trophy.
There will be a new Tournament Director for the next Norfolk mini final so good luck to them and all the players in the future.


The day eagerly awaited by all the qualifiers at Aspers casino got underway just after 2 o’clock with 93 players competing for the prize pot and the prestigious trophy. Action was steady up to the break with just a few early casualties quietly bowing out and vowing to make amends next time.

After an opportunity to refuel with a hot meal provided by the catering staff it was quickly back down to business with players keen to make use of any add-on chips purchased at the break. Play progressed steadily throughout the day with some players building healthy chip stacks at their table whilst others experienced less good fortune with around half the field remaining when the late afternoon break arrived around 6.30.

As the blinds increased we were to eventually reach the final 2 tables, where play started to tighten up with the occasional all-in move pre flop often taking the pot uncontested, until those with short stacks felt the time was right to call or commit all-in themselves with varying degrees of success until we eventually had 11 players remaining who had all gained qualification to next years National final tournament. The successful players were: Carl Dutton, Graeme Atkin, Andy Kew, Mike Griffiths, Steve Shreeve, Gordon Howe (who had already qualified via the National Leaderboard), Mark Foster, Andrew Plumridge, Stuart Attwood, Dean Whitwell and Kevin Waller.

With some good tactical play in evidence, it was some time before the field was reduced to the final heads up contest between Dean Whitwell, a veteran of many quarterly qualifiers and aiming for his second quarterly final winner’s trophy, and Kevin Waller within reach of his first.

With chips moving back and forth, and with Dean holding a significant chip advantage, a crucial hand arose when Kevin’s all-in was called by Dean. And with Dean having a large chip lead it was his K,Q suited up against Kevin’s pocket 9’s which were looking favourite when a King came on the flop, only for the river to produce a 9 giving Kevin the better trip 9’s hand and reversing the chip stacks to now give Kevin the advantage.

Just a few hands later Dean was all-in with A,8 off suit against the K,Q of spades for Kevin. After a safe looking flop for Dean, coming Jack high with just 1 spade it was the dealer who was to produce the turn and river cards both spades to give Kevin the flush and win the 1st place prize money and winners trophy to round off an exhilarating days play.

We look forward to seeing all the qualifying players at the National Finals next September and best of luck for the current season to all those who’s good fortune didn’t hold up this time..


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