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New Quarterly Final details!

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
We are pleased to announce, ahead of full details of the finals being posted soon, that we are adding another final to our roster!

Our players can now opt to go to NORTHAMPTON Gala Casino (Sol Central) on the 25th of April! We hope that this will give our players from the busy Luton and Walsall locales another option if they cannot make it on the 2nd of May.

We are also changing the location of the Bristol finals from the Grosvenor Casino Bristol to the larger Gala Casino Bristol. Please make sure you turn up to the correct venue!

Full details of the finals will be posted soon!


Posted by Liz 'badders' Shaw

That sounds great - how many players can they seat?

Posted by Kieran 'The vicar' Penrice in response to Liz 'badders' Shaw

Northampton can seat 100 players and Bristol Gala can seat 140.

Posted by Liz 'badders' Shaw

Has anyone been to this casino before? What's it like?

Posted by Liz 'badders' Shaw in response to Kieran 'The vicar' Penrice

Hi Vicar, I suppose we have to register if we're going to Gala casino?

Posted by Kieran 'The vicar' Penrice in response to Liz 'badders' Shaw

Hi Liz, do you mean confirm with us or register with Gala? You don't have to confirm with us (though we would STRONGLY RECOMMEND it), but you do have to join Gala. Unfortunately, unlike Grosvenor or G Casino, you can't do this online, you have to do it on the door. Check this page for more details .

Posted by Liz 'badders' Shaw

I meant register with the casino.

Posted by Martyn 'The Clutch' McMorrow

Is there no scope to hold a final at the Nottingham Gala? There seems to be no location East of Walsall..

Posted by Steven 'The Maduecer' Wilson

does anybody know the dates and times of the newcastle final yet and wat is the amount of seats avail for the final and money etc . is it worth going to newcastle or better off going all the way to leeds.
steve newcastle

Posted by Kieran 'The vicar' Penrice in response to Steven 'The Maduecer' Wilson

The dates for the Newcastle final have not yet been announced as we are still gauging interest. once we have a final number of interested players we will be able to announce the dates of the final. Please note that if you DO decide to travel to Leeds, you will not be counted towards the Newcastle final.

Posted by Steven 'The Maduecer' Wilson

when do you think you will no about the newcastle venue as it is only a week till finals and if itis a no go we need notice to sort out for leeds

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