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April Quarterly Finals

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League

With the Genting Star City Casino hosting our Birmingham quarterly final, everything got off to a good start with a field of players competing for the National final seats along with a share of the prize pool and the winners trophy.
Steady play up to the first break meant that only 2 players busted out before the buffet, and with all rebuys and add-ons completed, and sufficient rest and refuelling it was down to action once again for the remaining players. With the casinos TD for the day Nathan keeping everything running smoothly, the action carried on at pace with around 35 players remaining as the clocks showed 6pm.
As we reached the final 2 tables for the remaining 18 players, some of those that had been unfortunate to bust out earlier in the day took the opportunity to compete in a separate sit n go tournament between themselves.
By 8pm we had got down to the final table of 9 players comprising Patrick Murphy, Dominic Smith, Karla Davis (who ended as the highest placed lady finisher on the day), Chris O’Hanlon, David Cairns, Phil Young, Tyler Balram, Oliver Stanley and Ricky Eagle. Despite the pressure of being close to the bubble for National final seats and cash prizes the game was played with good spirit and sportsmanship.
With the final 5 players above all sharing part of the days prize pot, plus the last 7 players all winning National final seats, the final hand eventually came after a long days play with Ricky triumphing against Oliver to also take the winners trophy after they had sportingly earlier agreed to split the combined first and second place prize money.


There seemed to be a hushed atmosphere early on at Bradford, as you could almost hear a pin drop for the first 50 mins, before we lost our first player Erin Haslam just before the break.
It was a tense day with all players with several targets to aim for, including the National final seats available, the winner’s trophy and prize pool, plus the all-important bragging rights for outlasting the other players from their local venue.
At lunch the players were extremely impressed with the excellent rang of buffet food provided by the Gala and after the next few hours of competition, as players slowly went out, the final table was announced at 8pm.
With 2 of the players who gained seats to the National on the day already having qualified in earlier seasons, it meant a total of 9 of the weekends starters at Bradford will be receiving invites to this years National final.
Heads up finally came at 9.30 with David and Alistair, and after 10 mins of playing David moved all-in with K,2 to find himself dominated and up against Alistairs K,3 which hit the nuts on the flop and held up to take down the tournament.


The 3rd season quarter final took place at the Bristol Gala Casino on Saturday 20th April. With a few players arriving late due to traffic, we had to delay the start of the tournament by about 15 minutes.
The first player out was David Evans who plays at the Upper Cock in Cwmbran went with only a few following before the lunch break. A mention should also go to Kim Pring from the George in Bristol, who managed to get a Royal Flush early on in the day.
After a great feed, there was a steady flow of players exiting the tournament, until we reached the final 10 players who made up the final table.
Well done to all the final table players, their finishing positions were as follows:

10th – Anthony Hembrow from the Golden Ball in Bridgewater
9th – Matt Bedborough from the Church House in Gwent
8th – Tony Rogers from the White Hart Hotel in Devon
7th – Nick Gornal from the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol
6th – Dave Evans from the White Hart in Holsworthy
5th – Kim Pring from the George in Bristol
4th – Wayne Meares from the White Hart Hotel in Devon
3rd – Mike Walker from the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol
2nd – Amanda Fey from the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol
1st – Sean Dean from the Queens Head in Andover

The final table eventually whittled down to the final three player’s; with Mike massively chip stacked compared to the other two and Sean just about enough chips to cling on for a few blinds more. All the smart money was on Mike to walk away as the winner but this wasn’t to be the case. He went in on a few hands against the other player’s, but lost out, and eventually they took his chips between them and he exited the tournament.
Amanda and Sean agreed to split the prize money for first and second between them but to continue to play on for the trophy. Sean emerged the victor with his 2,5 holding up!


67 players took to their seats at 2pm to compete in the CPL Season 3, Scottish Quarterly Final, held at The G Casino in Dundee on Saturday the 27th April, 2013. I was delighted to welcome players from all over Scotland and appreciate them taking the time and effort to attend. After my short welcome speech on behalf of CPL, the immortal words ‘shuffle up and deal’ were announced and the tournament commenced.

Liz Mayo from The Abbotsford Lounge Bar, Perth quickly had to take advantage of the re-buy in her debut CPL tournament, as her AQ did not hold up and was busted by trip 9’s in her very first hand. Alas for Liz it was not to be her day as the pocket KK’s she looked down on in her following hand did make trips, however this was not good enough to beat the flush that came out and after just 10 minutes her tournament was over. She was not lonely for long, however, as we lost another few players within the first 30 minutes, including her partner Steve Martin, who of course stated that this had only been out of sympathy and chivalry on his part. After the initial flourish of busted players, and with the pressure of being out first removed, the rest seemed to settle into their stride. Jamie Ford had possibly the best hand of the day at Level 4, as his innocuous 5, 7 of Diamonds became converted into a Straight Flush when the 3, 4, and 6 came out on the board.

Break time allowed the players to fuel up with some hearty chilli, whilst discussing their various bad beats and watching the action at the already flourishing poker cash tables. With all the re-buys and add-ons done the tournament recommenced with 57 players vying for the 7 National seats up for grabs. Players continued to drop out steadily until we reached 22 , which seemed to be the magic number we stuck at for some time, but eventually around 7.30pm with Steve Ellis and Allan Fisher both from The Abbey Inn, Arbroath falling at the last in quick succession, the field had been whittled down to our final table of 10.

Going into the final table the positions were:-
Gus Dakers – Ormond Bar, Perth 99000
Tom Bulley – The Abbotsford Lounge Bar, Perth 45500
Aaron Ginter – The Auld Hoose, Perth 70000
Neil Campbell – The Clyde Bar, Helensburgh 66500
David Kilpatrick – The Orb Bar, Bellshill 50000
Robert Henderson – The Abbotsford Lounge Bar, Perth 113500
Chris Halladay – The Waverley Hotel, Callander 7000
Alex Willis – The Abbotsford Lounge Bar, Perth 41000
Ben Harvey – The Auld Hoose, Perth 133500
Jane Jeffrey – The Perth Poker Club, Perth 47000

Having made it to yet another Quarterly Final final table, unfortunately the consistent Chris Halladay from The Waverley Hotel, Callander was quickly lost, closely followed by Tom Bulley, leaving 8 players to fight it out for the 7 National seats. It was to be a battle between fellow venue players which was to lead to Alex Willis being the unfortunate ‘bubble boy’ as his K 10 was beaten by Robert Henderson’s A K. Their National seats secure the players could breathe a sigh of relief and Neil Campbell was the first to depart in 7th place, with Robert Henderson and Jane Jeffrey being knocked out shortly afterwards. Jane did cash in her debut CPL tournament, however, coming 5th.

The final four decided that they were happy to split the rest of the prize pool and to continue playing simply for the trophy and kudos of being the champ. Twenty minutes later Aaron Ginter was 4th and Gus Dakers 3rd on their debut CPL tournament outings and we were head’s up.

With the blinds at a hefty 30,000/60,000 with 6000 ante, head’s up did not continue for too long. The final hand played out as David Kilpatrick pushed pre-flop with 6 4 of Clubs to be called by Ben Harvey’s K J of Diamonds. David hit a 4 on the flop which held up and he became our Season 3 Scottish Champion.

Many thanks go to Mike, John and the team at the G Casino in Dundee, Allen and Fred for their photography skills and to all the players who attended. I look forward to seeing you all again in July.


With a few regulars and previous winners unable to attend the quarterly finals at Horden Supporters Club it gave the opportunity for a potential first time winner to take down the cash prize and the winners trophy. And so it was to be as the players started out for a tough 5 hour contest. Robert Chapman was first to bust out calling two all ins and being unfortunate to find his Full House of Fours over Kings beaten by 2 players in
Ian Parker and Sharon Hall holding larger Full Houses of Kings over Fours. Play continued and was very tight up to the break. The very first hand after the break saw Joe Hall go out, quickly followed by Adam Warren. Next to go was Ross Workman. Following this, Ian Parker disposed of John Charlton when his Ace heart flush dominated John's King heart flush, leaving three players left to battle for the prize money. Carol Maguire finished in 3rd place when her pocket 7s ran into Ian's pocket Queens. Heads up play only lasted for a short while with Sharon going all in with A,6 hearts and Ian's hot run was to continue as he called with A,10 spades and with nothing on the board for either player Sharon was out and Ian took the trophy and 1st prize. Many thanks to the supporters club for providing the venue and food for an enjoyable five hours of poker to hopefully be improved by more players competing at the end of this current league season.


Play began at 12pm prompt and despite nearly 120 runners, It was over an hour before we lost our first player, Peter Millerton from the Four Chesnuts. Everyone now was fighting to get in the top 12 places with guaranteed seats through to the Birmingham National Finals in September. Top lady on the day was Katie Kelly finishing 20th and as the field was reduced more and more, as the clock hit 6.30pm we were down to the last 13 and after only another 20 mins had gone by when we were on a final table of 9. The top 6 would be winning a share of the cash prizes and by 8.15pm we were heads up between Nick & Richard. We soon had our showdown hand, Richard: King, Jack, Nick: Jack, 5. The flop 6 Queen Ace, the turn 2 the river a king. Richard winning the tournament with a pair of Kings.


Play started dead on 2pm with 115 players all trying to make the top 12 to go onto Birmingham later in the year. It only took 30 mins to lose our first player Thomas Howlett from The Dragon Peterborough, who had 114 other players all giving him a massive cheer. Play continued to just after 8pm before we were down to the last 16 all going to Birmingham, (including 4 previous qualifiers). Top lady on the day was Amanda Collett finishing 8th and by 9.15 we were down to the last 6 all making the cash. We then had an hours play at heads up between Robert and Andy with the final showdown hand at approx 10.50pm. Rob had Jack 7, Andy King 7. The flop Ace, Ace 7, turn a 4 the river a queen. Andy winning the event with 2 pair and his King kicker making the difference.


Following the recent large scale refurb of the Genting Salford casino, it took a bit of settling in for all of our Manchester quarter finalists to be ready for the start of the big tournament. At stake were a guaranteed 7 National Final seats along with a share of the prize money and the eagerly sought after winners trophy.

Once play got under way, the unfortunate first player to bust out within the first hour was Lee Stewart, and shortly after the food break was taken with many players seizing the opportunity to take up the choice of the add-on and increase their chip stack. After 6 hours of play had appeared to whizz past, we got down to the final 2 tables of players, and then we eventually reached the final table, with Gillian Platt going out on the bubble just before.

As the remaining players on the final table were reduced, we ended with a dramatic heads up tussle between two previous national finals qualifiers in Richard Black and Robert Kershaw. And quite a match-up it was with chips moving back and forth between the two, until the big decider came in the hand with Richards A,8 coming up against Roberts 9,10. After a board of A,Q,2,Q,4 giving Richard the better hand of 2 pair, he accepted the trophy with a triumphant smile.


A fantastic event held at the new Norfolk mini final venue in Dereham at the Hero's Bar, the drinks were cheap and the atmosphere was brilliant with plenty to do if you were unlucky enough to drop out early from the final, which to Ian Gell's misfortune found him to be in that position, being the first to drop just before lunch. We all tucked into the sausage and chips which were kindly laid on for us, and with a little break, the players took their places to see who would lift the quarterly final trophy.
The blind levels came and went with players dropping regularly leading to the final table starting about half past 4. There was one stand out chip leader on the final table in Lee head. The first two player's to be lost from the final table, Matthew Cross and Jason Adams, both dropped within the first 10 hands. The next to be dumped out was Scott Head who was taken out by his brother Lee.
The final 5 players were quite evenly spread apart from the chip leader Lee Head who had at this stage about 150k worth of chips. The next 10 hands chips were spread out between the players with Casey Clarke taking the lions share putting him close to take the chip lead. Casey then went on to soon take out Lee Head and Jimmy Clark, given him a chip stack of over 200k. David Ball claimed Duane Smith's chip stack leaving David and Casey to fight it out. The next hand Casey managed to relieve David of most of his chips. In the final hand the blinds had taken most of David’s chips so he went all in with pocket Jacks and Casey had to call with the value on the table and the fact he was big blind and it was only a few more chips. David turned over his pocket Jacks and Casey his 2 and 3. David's feeling of confidence to double through was short lived when the flop came 2, 3, King, giving Casey 2 pair, followed on the turn by another 3, giving a full house to Casey and leaving David with an outside chance of a Jack to win. With a queen on the river ending David's dream of lifting the trophy, Casey Clarke became the winner. Everyone commented on having a fantastic day and enjoyed the new venue. So a big thanks to Ian the Landlord.

With all the players attending the quarterly final at the Aspers Casino in Northampton relieved that the previous seasons bad weather hadn't meant any delays or rescheduled finals it was swiftly down to action, with steady play at the early levels meaning that there were no fatalities before the break, although there had been one false alarm when Lee Eudale announced he was out, only to remember he still had the option of a rebuy, and quickly got back into the contest. After a refreshing food break the tournament continued with players slowly being eliminated, some moving on to sit at the casino's cash game tables, and others remaining to support fellow players from their venues. One player with several followers keen to check on her progress was Sue Farrow enjoying her first time playing in a casino who finished in an excellent 14th place. Shortly afterwards, with 12 players remaining and only one of those having already qualified for the National, the action became very cautious and tactical, and with the eventual winner already having qualified for the National, it meant that Gaynor Strawbridge and Stuart Attwood both gained a National Final place before the final table sat down comprising: Kevin Pedley, Jim Newell, Elise Rout, Deepak Parmar, Richard Sennett, Graeme Atkin, Lyndsey Churchyard, Martin Lee and Kate Strawbridge. An extremely well contested final table saw the final 6 above all share in the cash pot prize for the day, and an excellent steady performance by Kate Strawbridge saw her just pip Martin Lee to the winners trophy and take the top spot on the day. Well done to everyone who made the day an enjoyable, fun and well contested event with all the players that didn't win a National Final seat looking forward to another good batlle at their local venues over the current season.


Posted by John 'the pipe' Jermy

I hope CPL will continue to hold quarter finals here as it was a very enjoyable time , good company, well organized, and the food was first class, far better than going to Luton for a curry every time. Well done Hero*s bar

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