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CPL Online league results!

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
The First week of results are in! We had 68 players on our online league on Sunday, so check out the results on our online leaderboard!


Posted by Tracey 'bet400' Madhead

Only CPL i could find you had to pay 5-50 to enter and that said the CPL online league. I believed it to be a freeroll and could not find any tournament to use the CPLKings password. Please help.

From Tracey Jackson

Posted by Kieran 'The vicar' Penrice in response to Tracey 'bet400' Madhead

Dear Tracey,

The Freeroll was held on the 1st of March, this Sunday (the 8th) was the start of the online league, which is not a freeroll.

The password for this tournament was cplkings. The password for next week's tournament will be cplroyal and it will be held at the same time as last week, 5pm on the Sunday.

We do not currently have any additional freerolls confirmed, all tournaments will have a $5 entry fee.

There will also be 'second chance sunday' and 'last gasp' tournaments. For information on these, please see our online page in the community section of the menu.

Posted by Steven 'The Maduecer' Wilson

sorry to say vicar but madhead is correct.the online for 8th was advertised as a 500 added freeroll to all cpl players not 5 bucks to enter,also you couldnt get in it either (maybe that was why only 68 played).you should not advertise something for free when it is ot actually so,and allow people to play so madhead i agree with you and i couldnt get in it either so what is cpl going to do about the disapointment myself and madhead(possibly more)had in not being able or allowed to play in it cheers maduecer

Posted by Kieran 'The vicar' Penrice in response to Steven 'The Maduecer' Wilson

Dear Steven,

After your comment I have rechecked all of our e-mail, text and website posts regarding the 8th in order to see if we had indeed misinformed you as to the nature of the tournament held on the 8th.

I cannot find any reference in any of our marketing to the tournament on the 8th being a freeroll. Can you please tell me where this is posted, or send a copy of the email to myself at

It may be possible that you picked up an email referring to the tournament held on the 1st, which was a freeroll, late. This would also explain why the password you were using was incorrect. If this is the case then I apologise and will make sure that the exact date is more prominent in future emails.

If you ever have any problems with the online league, please check our website first, as the password will always be displayed on the front page.

Posted by Darren 'dazDEMONJACKSjago' Jago

Posted by Darren 'dazDEMONJACKSjago' Jago

i thought these tournys were freerolls i looked for ages then realised it was $5-00 to enter, i think they should b freerolls and password protected to members only.

Posted by Joanne 'REDDERS' Redfern

how many wks do we have left of this league.

Posted by Joanne 'REDDERS' Redfern

how many wks do we have left of this league.

Posted by Dorian 'The Dealer' Hayes

Our Quarterly is scheduled for 2/5. What's our last qualifying date?

Posted by Kieran 'The vicar' Penrice

The season will close at midnight on the 29th of March. The new season will start at 12:01am on the 30th of March.

To allow the venues time to submit their final points the qualifying positions will not be rolled up until the middle of the following week. An email will be sent out to all qualifying players informing them of their qualification and allowing them to confirm their attendance at any of the finals.

Full details of this season's Quarterly Finals will be available soon, we're just finalising a couple of things.

Hope that answers your question! If you need anything else, let me know!

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