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October Quarterly finals

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
With 'wintry' Aberdeen as the venue, the qualifiers eagerly arrived at the G Casino, each chasing the three National places which would take them through to the final next September. We did not have too long to wait before the first buy-in and bust out. It was hard luck to Danny Logan whose talents did not go to waste when he took on the role of dealer after being knocked out. The remaining 23 players stayed alive until the first break and all took advantage of buying their top ups.
After a enjoyable buffet from the G Casino poker recommenced at 3.30pm. It was fast and furious with players trying to stay above the chip average. Final table was decided at 5pm, it was now down to Ian Paterson, James Phimister, Martin Gray, Craig Birnie, Catriona Pirie, Edward Allan, Rae Finlayson, Fraser Greig, Lesley Birne and Geoff Main to battle it out.
First to bust at the final table was Ian Paterson. Edward Allan was first to reach the prise money in 5th place, followed by Kenneth Finlayson who went out in 4th position. This left the three national qualifiers, Fraser, Lesley and Geoff to fight for positions. Play lasted another 30 minutes with Lesley and Fraser both chasing Geoff's large chip stack. Fraser was first of the three to vacate his seat finishing third.
We now had our finalists, Lesley and Geoff went heads up, both chasing what would be their first victory at a Quarterly final. Play was very exciting with some premium hands being dealt, Lesley aiming to be the first female to win a CPL Quarterly at the G Casino, but her hopes were dashed when the final hand was dealt at 6.45pm. Lesley turned over KJ and Geoff AQ, the flop was dealt 6, 8, then an A, the turn card a 10 followed by a 3 on the river giving Geoff the winning hand of two Aces. A smiling Geoff was congratulated by all those who had remained to watch the final before Abbie CPL rep presented him with the CPL Quarterly Trophy.
Congratulations to Geoff and good luck to the three National Qualifiers. Big thanks to he staff from the G Casino and we are looking forward to the next event.

With the Birmingham tournament starting just after 2pm it was steady action for the first few levels with only a few players unlucky enough to bust out before the first break. They had the consolation though of a hearty buffet meal provided as usual by the casino restaurant. Once back and refreshed the action continued at a pace with some excellent play in evidence as the field was slowly whittled down during the afternoon and evening until the final table of 10 players were settled and ready to compete for both the winners trophy and a share of the prize fund, as well as that important seat at the National final. The final table included Heather Wilson in her first casino final who went on to be the highest placed female on the day, finishing in an excellent 8th place, and with her husband Glenn Wilson finishing 2nd it was probably a very happy journey home for the couple. The final 8 were: Heather Wilson, Patrick Murphy, Mick Castell, John Charlton, John Fullard, Andy Davies, Glenn Wilson and Nicholas Orme. Nicholas maintained a very healthy stack throughout the whole of the play at the final table, despite needing to catch a river card on a few occasions to make the winning hand, eventually accumulating a massive chip lead over the other players once we were down to 3 handed. There were only a few hands between both 2nd and 3rd place finishers being forced to put all their chips in the middle before Nicholas held on to eliminate each of them in turn and claim the trophy and winners cheque.
The whole of the days tournament was played out in very good spirit with all players making the most of the day and Colin, the cardroom manager and his staff helping to keep everything organised and running smoothly.

The Bristol Gala Cardroom was ‘organised chaos’ on the morning of the Champions Poker League final, due to the fact that they would be running not only ours, but also The Deaf Poker Association, their usual 3pm game and the usual cash games throughout the day. This meant that CPL set up next to the bar in our own little area, which worked quite well.

First player out before the break was Dave Whitaker who players at the George in Bristol. This was an unusual position for Dave to find himself, since the last quarter final in Bristol he finished 1st and has also had a 1st and a 4th in previous quarterly finals! Obviously a bad day at the office!

After lunch there was a steady flow of players exiting the tournament, until we reached the final 10 players who made up the final table.

Well done to all the final table players, their finishing positions were as follows:

10th – Alex Norgett from the George in Bristol
9th – Warren Jackman from Millwrights in Aylesbury
8th – Steve Davies from the Oakfield Hotel in Cwmbran
7th – Anthony Hembrow from the Golden Ball in Bridgwater
6th – Pete Stamps from the Golden Ball in Bridgwater
5th – Bruce Elston from the White Hart Hotel in Devon
4th – Chris Matthews from the Rising Sun in Reading
3rd – Sean Dean from the Queens Head in Andover
2nd – Jessica Gouweloos from the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol
1st – Rudeerat Ware from the Upper Cock in Cwmbran

When it came to ‘Heads up’ it was great to see two ladies still at the table ready to commence battle, although Rudeerat had a massive advantage over Jessica with a huge chip stack. This battle didn’t last long and after a few minutes of ‘heads up’ play Rudeerat was pronounced victorious, with Jessica a fantastic second. Rudeerat was at hand to pose for photographs showing her winning K6 of Hearts, along with taking home the trophy and cheque.

Also congratulations to the other 3 people who cashed and made it through to the National final which will be held in September 2013. Thanks to the casino for running a great final.

14 players started the latest North East quarterly final at Horden CW Supporters Club meaning that just 2 places were up for grabs in next year’s National Final. There were no casualties within the first hour of play with just Lorraine from the Beacon and Ross Workman needing to rebuy before the first break.

Annette Yousef was the first player to exit in 14th place in her first quarterly final as James Evans’ pair of 7s was enough to prevail. Adam Dixon was unlucky 13th, eliminated by Wayne Henderson; both play at the Beacon in Eston. Joe Wilson exited in 12th, Scott Barlow and Katie Wallace were 11th and 10th respectively both knocked out by Charis Bentley. Online qualifier Ian Boynes just missed out on a place on the final table in 9th place.

Lorraine was first out on the final table in 8th, Trevor Haddick was 7th and James Evans ended up in 6th. Despite having a lot of chips early in the game, Charis Bentley was the 5th place finisher, beaten by Ross Workman’s trip 4s. Ross also eliminated 4th place finisher Joe Hall, this time hitting a flush. Wayne Henderson was the unlucky 3rd placed finisher, just missing out on a National Final place leaving Ross Workman from the host club and Dave Bentley to fight it out for the trophy, safe in the knowledge that their National seats were booked.

Although quite evenly matched in chips to start with, things swung back and forth as both players hit some big hands. After losing a big pot not long before, Ross went all in with AK and was called by Dave with the 9 and 10 of hearts. The flop came 7 of clubs, 8 of diamonds, J of clubs giving Dave a straight immediately. Q of clubs on the turn and A of clubs on the river were not enough for Ross as he had to settle for 2nd place. Well done to Dave on going one better than his previous best finish and finally capturing the elusive Quarterly Final trophy.

Once all the players had taken their seats at the CPL Season 1 Quarterly final at Genting Casino Glasgow and had a quick introduction to the tournament structure by the TD, play started on time @ 2pm. With an initial stack size of 3000 with an addon/top up of 3000, this gave potentiality a chip count of 186000 in play.
It was an hour before we lost our first player Barry Hipson who was also was the dealer at the table. He blamed plenty of drinking the night before on his performance and not his dealing. The main break of 30 min was set for 3.30pm and at that point if was the last chance to purchase an add-on.
After a complimentary meal had been provided to all the players it was time for the remaining 23 players to continue the contest and those that had been less fortunate considered trying out some of the casinos other games. Simon Shannon & Donald Buddy was the players next to exit and shortly at 4.15pm we had 2 tables of players remaining with the chip leaders Gary Thompson and Michael Courts taking command of the game.
Within 30 mins we lose 5 more players and also a new chip leader is born in the form of Allen Pegman.
Players all know the final table is usually 10 handed and with 11 players left James Brown goes out at 5.20pm.
A photo is taken of the final table players and a quick 10 min break given to allow chip up and do chip counts.
Final Table:
Jim Muir, Allen Pegman, Chris Walker, Chris Halladay, Michael Courts, Eileen Shannon, Anotony Short, David McLean, Kev Smith, Gary Thomson.
Only a few hands into the final table and David Mclean shoves all-in with K3 to be called by Eileen pocket J’s. Jacks hold and David is eliminated in 10th place.
Blinds are now 1500/3000k and there is some small stacks hoping to pick up a hand to be able to double up. The time is now 6pm and there are 8 players left.
It wasn’t Eileen day as she goes out on the cash bubble and has just the memories of a hard fought contest to take home with her, although she was glad to have made a final table.

With all players registered and sat down after several late changes there was quite an air of excitement and expectation in the Leeds casino with many players competing in a casino for the first time. Following the card room manager Mel getting the game underway, the field were playing especially cautious to avoid being the first player out. The unfortunate person to do so in this quarterly after around an hours play, would be one of the first time quarterly qualifiers in Adrian Wood, who at least had the compensation of receiving a mighty cheer from the relieved remaining players.As the day progressed we finally reached the final table, and with 7 qualifying places to next years National Final up for grabs it started off with cautious play and as the players were eliminated one by one the final heads up contest was between John Krolak and Henry Bialek, With both players equal in chips at the start of the heads up contest it was only a few hands in before John’s all in announcement with K J offsuit was called by Henry with J 9. Despite John’s dominating hand it was
Henry hitting a 9 on the turn that took the final down, a great achievement for his first final, with good competition from all the participants..

Play started at approx 12.10pm with 115 players and after only 30 mins play we lost our first player, Tim Brown. Play continued to 6pm before we were down to the last 12 going onto Birmingham next year. By 6.30pm we were down the final table with all the players getting a poker goody bag from Aspers Casino. 7.30pm we down the top 6 all making the cash, finishing 6th and the top lady on the day was Vanessa Turner. Very soon we were heads up Frank and Petr battling it out. The showdown hand was Frank having King 3 and Petr a pair of 9s, the flop, 10, jack, king, the turn a queen the river a 6. Petr wining the event with a straight.

The Luton quarterly Final started just after 2pm with 127 players with the top 13 going through to play in Birmingham at next years National Final. Our first casualty was Jim Towler from the Farm House after 45 mins play, and as is traditional at such events, he got the biggest cheer of the day. At approx 4pm Ben Dodd from the White Horse Maldon hit the the top possible poker hand, a Royal Flush in diamonds ! By 8pm we were down to the the last 13 all qualifying for Birmingham, and after another hour were down to 7, who would all be making the cash. The top lady on the day was Jackie Lebrun from The Stag finishing 4th. It was 10pm when we were heads up between Darren, a previous winner and Ian. 11pm exactly we had our showdown hand Ian Ace,6 and Darren King,7. The flop produced Queen,2,4, the turn a Jack and the river a 3. Ian from The Dragon winning the event with Ace high. Well done Ian.

With the card room manager and his team running the game smoothly a big thankyou goes out to Dave and the rest of the staff at Manchesters Genting Salford casino. Keeping the players constantly supplied with drinks and with a good food break the excellent staff and service helped to create a good atmosphere all round and ensure that everybody had a great day. The card action on the day was steady with the tournament lasting until after 9pm where the final 2 competitors heads up were Kevin Rogers and Rick Starr. It was Rick, who’s final hand of 9d and 6s won the day and the 1st place prize money and trophy, so well done to Rick and the other 8 National qualifiers from the day as well as everybody else who played on the day and made it a fun memorable tournament.

We had 38 players in total giving us the top 4 places as qualifiers as normal the top 5 were in the money. The 1st player to drop out of the final was Craig Dickinson before the first break he enjoyed the formallity of the customary round of applase.
It wasn't until we got to the business end about 5.30pm for the final table.The players for the final table were as follows, Marty Brown, Barry Baldwin, Darren Goldsworthy, David Alexander, Marcus Tye, Harry Godfrey, Andrew Palmer and Martin Flegg.
All of which came to the table with almost equal chipstacks one or two maybe lower but no one in a comanding lead at this point. Martin Brown was the first the go All IN and was also the first to drop closely followed by Barry Baldwin who kindly gave all his chips to Andrew Palmer who was now starting to form a bit of a lead when it came to chipstacks. The third All IN was Darren Goldsworthy who also went out, leaving the final 5 to share the cash.Harry went All in And doubled up David went all in and doubled up , Marcus went All IN and gained the 12k Blinds.David Alexander then went all in only to be beaten and lafted with 5th place prize of £30 just outside of the bubble for qualifying.Marcus tried his luck again with another All IN bid with his AK suited only to be beaten with J,10 offsuit he left with £50 and and a place in the grand final. Andrew was now the chip leader with approx 100k, Harry Godfrey was All IN against Martin and was kind enough to give his chip to Martin leaving Harry the 3rd place finisher leaving with £80 and a qualifying position. There was only one more hand played Martin by this time had the lions share of the chips and Andrew had to push with his hi card Q,3 suited against Martins A,6 unsuited with an Ace being turned over that was all he needed to be the winner of this quarterly final. The quarter final finished at 6.30pm with lots of woops and cheers for the winner. Well done Martin.

With over 100 eager qualifiers ready to battle it out at the Aspers casino in Northampton play got underway just after 2pm with 11 National final seats being contested as well as the money prizes and the trophy. It wasn't long before the first unfortunate competitors hit the rail but the remaining players continued to aim for the prizes.
After a buffet lunch break for all the players and any requested add-on's being supplied, the tournament continued in earnest and steadily the field was being whittled down, with about half the field remaining by 5pm. Whilst many of the players who had busted out either remained to cheer on friends from their venue, or joined in the casino's cash poker games in the card room, the remaining players in the main CPL tournament continued in their aim for the National final places, with 2 tables of players at 19:00 eventually getting down to the final table comprising Jack Holman, Mark Foster, Jane Berridge, Mustafa Ahmed, William Davies, Clive Kennedy, David Dickinson, Mark Gittins and Robb Alexander. With Jane finishing as the highest placed lady on the day in a creditable 7th place, the final heads up contest was between Mark and Robb, who having decided to split the first and second place cash prizes then played out the tournament for the trophy, which was won by Robb amidst congratulations from friends and competitors. A fantastic well done to Robb and to all the final table players, plus Steve Brookes and Alf Hitchcock who have all won through to the National Finals next year.


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