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Results - National Final 2012

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
At last, after 12 months of poker and thousands of players competing through weekly leagues and quarterly finals we finally have a winner of the 2012 National Trophy. Neil Matheson triumphed against a field of nearly 300 players to take home the National Trophy after a thrilling weekend of poker! With another 20 players also receiving their share of the £13,000 worth of the prizes - read on for the full story!

Final placings for all signed out players and all pictures taken on the day can be found on our past finals page. In addition, the technology made available for CPL players by Genting Casinos, means that a video stream of all the action, recorded live from the final table on Sunday, can be viewed by clicking here.

The day started with all players registering and collecting their complimentary T-shirt, with many taking the opportunity to pose for a photograph with the resplendent feather and sequin costumed Vegas Showgirl. Once all players had been registered, everyone assembled at the casinos main card room for a brief welcome and to announce the schedule of play for the weekend. All players were then allocated their seat and table numbers, with both upper and lower card rooms utilised to handle the large number of entrants.

After about 1 hours play we had our first player exit the tournament from the Vegas Showbar. It was radioed up that Greg Brazil was making his way upstairs to sign out, but for some strange reason he never made it to the desk! One could only guess this was because his exit would have been announced over the P.A. system as being first out. After repeated calls and sending out a search party, he eventually came over and the inevitable announcement was made to the loud cheers from the players’.

Lunch was split with the upper and lower card rooms dining alternately to reduce congestion. The lunch break gave a good opportunity, for any players who had not yet required a rebuy to take up the optional 5,000 chip add-on, to boost their stacks. After each of the two groups of players had been suitably refreshed with food and drink, play restarted and continued throughout the afternoon with some good tactical play, and of course the occasional bad beat story from unfortunate players’, as they reluctantly signed out from the tournament.

Some premium hands were in evidence as Full Houses were shown, and one player, Geminie Winterburn, was lucky enough to actually hit a Royal Flush during the afternoons play! Gradually the field was reduced, with some players’ now accumulating large stacks from the more than 2.5 million of chips in play, and others vowing to return more successfully next year. As play continued, tables were moved one by one from the upstairs area to the Vegas Showbar, until everyone was together with about 100 players left.

As we entered Saturday evening, we came closer to the magical number of 80 players, at which point the tournament would pause for those remaining to return the next day. At this point in the proceedings, player numbers were continually being announced, so everyone knew where they stood and could adjust their play accordingly. At 81 players left, we actually had two bust out at almost the exact time, thus giving us 79 to return the following day. Each of the 79 had to bag and label their chip stacks, ready to be securely stored for Sunday’s action. With the following day's play starting at 12:30, it thankfully wasn’t too early a start for those who had stayed to play in the casino’s other Saturday night games which went on till 5 a.m.!

And so we moved onto Sunday. Most of the final 79 players turned up on time at about 12ish with some a little late, running in just before the start at 12.30. Most seemed fairly relaxed and rested, but there were the odd few who had been out partying in Birmingham till the early hours who looked a little worse for wear. Before play commenced, the largest and smallest chip stacks were announced: Helen Field found herself the short stack with 1,700 chips with Gordon Howe the largest at 119,900 chips. With the opening small and big blind levels at 1,500 and 3,000, this made things pretty tricky for Helen, but to make matters worse she was actually sat on the same table as Gordon, who held 70x more chips! Just a few hands later the inevitable happened, with Helen unfortunately busting out of the tournament. Many others succumbed to the same fate throughout the afternoon, as we got down to our final 2 tables.

Getting down to the final 2 tables, totalling 20 players, meant each of them was now in a prize position and all were starting to consider what they needed to do to increase their chances of making that No.1 spot. Zoe Clarke was amongst the final 20 and finished in 17th position as the highest female in the tournament. The action continued at a pace throughout the afternoon, and when we reached the final 10 places, play was switched to the Genting casino’s special tournament table. This table has special transmitters built into the cards and table, which enables live video of the game to be streamed onto the internet. The video shows all of the cards being played and was a fantastic way for other CPL members to follow the action. The video can be seen by clicking here.
Whilst the full list of all signed out players’ finishing positions can be viewed on the relevant ‘finals’ page, here is a rundown of the names of the final ten finishing positions, in ascending order:

10th - Stewart Brown from the Mitre in Derby
9th - Jonny Chiles from the Old White Hart in Hook
8th - Marcel Cunnington from the Spinning Wheel in Baston
7th - Kenny Badachia from the Derby Engineers Club in Derby
6th - Richard Fountain from the Crown in Norfolk
5th - Antony Short from the Abbey Inn in Arbroath, Scotland
4th - Jason Sweeny from the Calder in Accrington
3rd - Ian King from the Summerfield in London
2nd - Andrew Thomson from the Royal Hotel in Aberdeenshire
1st - Neil Matheson from the Royal Hotel in Aberdeenshire

A huge WELL DONE and congratulations goes to Neil Matheson, who has now been crowned the 2012 Champions Poker League National winner! Neil has automatic entry into next year’s National final, so he will be there to defend his position in 2013.

You will note from the above list that the runner up Andrew Thomson and winner Neil Matherson were the only qualifiers from the Royal Hotel Stonehaven, so for both of them to finish heads up in the tournament was a very notable achievement indeed.

Thanks to all who attended, we hope you all had an enjoyable weekend with the chance to meet up with CPL players from across the country, enjoy some good banter and play poker in a large National Final competition. We look forward to seeing you all again next year for another great Champions Poker League National Final!


Posted by Andrew 'bullets' Thomson

No mention on the report the me and neil were the only two to have qualified from the royal hotel in stonehaven and ended up heads up. This for me was a fact worth putting in the report as this was an incredible feat.

Posted by David Meehan in response to Andrew 'bullets' Thomson

Apologies for that omission Andrew and please note we have now added a reference to Neil and your achievement in the report. Well done indeed !

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