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Quarterly Final latest results

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League

It was quarterly time in Aberdeen again and the last chance to qualify for the National final, and with only 26 players on the day only 3 would clinch the last places. This time out was fast and furious and with only 3 hours gone we had our final table which consisted of Abbie Birnie, Moira Milne, Carl Justice, Tony Short, Ricky Grant, Jim Phimister, Danny Logan, Alex Burton, Roderick Milne and Gary Mitchell. But sadly Carl, Moira, Gary, Tony and Ricky could do nothing but look on as they were each knocked out respectively, and it would be Danny finishing 5th and Jim finishing 4th who would take the small cash consolations. So it was Roderick, Abbie and Alex who would take the places for the National, but would either Alex or Abbie lift their first quarterly trophy or would Roderick lift a second trophy of the year?

Sadly Alex just missed out and finished 3rd with Abbie looking a strong chip leader. Heads up was quite a see-saw affair with both players looking to close out the other, but it would be Roderick who would win when 'all in' was called with his 5c 7d, Abbie called him with As 5h, with the flop coming Ac 7c 7h Roderick went slighty ahead with trip 7's... unfortunately the turn or river was not kind to Abbie with the 2con the turn and 6c on the river Roderick would be Aberdeen Champion again winning with trip 7's.
Congratulations Roderick!


The day eagerly awaited by all the qualifiers at the Genting Club Star City casino got underway just after 2 o’clock with over 70 players competing for the prize pot and the prestigious trophy. Action was steady up to the break with all players appearing to play a tight game, and just as we thought the break would arrive with all the starters still competing, 2 players both busted out shortly before the end of the third session. Their consolation was to at least be able to be first in the queue for the lunch about to be served up.

After an opportunity to refuel with a welcome meal provided by the Star City catering staff it was quickly back down to business with players keen to make use of any add-on chips purchased at the break. Play progressed throughout the day with some players building healthy chip stacks at their table whilst others experienced less good
Fortune and vowing for better fortune next time.

As the blinds and the pace of the action increased, at around 6pm we were eventually down to 2 tables dealt by the card room staff, with many of the players who had been knocked out either staying to support fellow players or joining one of several Sit and Go side games within the casino.

When we reached the final table, play wwas moved to the Genting Exhisition table in the cardroom with the following players remaining: Dean Whitwell, Paul Coni, Mik Porter, Jane Berridge, Robert Pietrucik, Amanda Davies, Howard Lewis, Martin Juson, Jamie Dix and Chris Lloyd.

After some exciting play, including one hand featuring 4 way action with 3 players declaring all-in before Martin Juson’s flush took the main pot, the field continued to narrow with Dean and Paul finishing 9th and 10th leaving the remaining players all winning invites to the CPL National final in September

With the Hop Pole and the Mitre pubs both well represented on the final table, a close fought contested ended with Jamie Dix and Chris Lloyds heads up battle producing a win for Chris to secure the winners prize money and take home the trophy.

After handshakes all round between the competitors and with the Champions Poker League trophy duly awarded, we look forward to seeing all the qualifiers at the National Final at the same venue in September.


Travelling to the Bristol final on Saturday was chaos due to protest marches in the city, so the start was delayed a little. It was a good job, since quite a few rushed into the card room at about 1.20pm, all red faced and eager to get going. With 20 minutes blinds, starting at 25/50, they had time to regain their composure and ease themselves into the game. We had our first casualty around lunch-time with Dave ‘Dai the Destroyer’ Evans busting out of the tournament and not quite living up to his nickname!

After the later than usual lunch break, play re-commenced with a few more players now starting to bust out of the tournament. This slow trickle of players exiting the tournament continued until we reached the final 10 players, who made up the final table.

Well done to all the final table players; their finishing positions were as follows:

10th – Lee Bowen from the Tylorstown Ex-Service Mans Club in Tylorstown
9th – Kim Pring from the George in Bristol
8th – Ray Tree from the White Hart Hotel in Holsworthy
7th – Sean Dean from the Queens Head in Andover
6th – Mahesh Kotli from the Queens Head in Reading
5th – Paul Whitcut from the Upper Cock in Cwmbran
4th – John Mills from the George in Chepstow
3rd – Alan Pring from the George in Bristol
2nd – Adam Harding from the Golden Ball in Bridgewater
1st – Dave Whitaker from the George in Bristol

When it came to ‘Heads up’ between Dave and Adam, then Dave suggested they consider splitting the 1st and 2nd prize money between them and the having one hand to decide who takes the trophy, although he was happy to play on if Adam wanted to. Both the chips stacks were about even at this point and after some careful deliberation then Adam decided he would take the deal on offer. But there was the small matter of who won the trophy, Adam was keen to take this back as ‘bragging-rights’ with Dave a little more blasé, since he already had one of these in his trophy cabinet from winning a CPL quarter final last year.

The next hand was dealt which gave Dave the ‘official’ win! Well done to both Dave and Adam for effectively joint 1st finishing position!

Also congratulations to the other 3 people who cashed and made it through to the National final which is fast approaching on 22nd and 23rd of September 2012! Invitations will be sent out mid-August.


16 players from 3 different venues started the Durham quarterly final looking to gain a place at Star City in September. Players re-buying early were Glyn Jones, Charis Bentley, Laura Cornwell and Wayne Henderson but we reached the first break without any casualties.

Wayne was the first person to be eliminated after the break. Robert Chapman who plays at the same pub as him hit a flush, beating his straight. Two of the ladies were out next as Laura Cornwell and Sarah Barrass were eliminated in 15th and 14th. Michael Webley was unlucky 13th and Glyn Jones was the first player eliminated from the host club in 12th place. Neil Richardson was eliminated in 11th followed by Joe Hall in 10th.

We were down to 9 and needed 1 more out to have our final table of 8 players. The unlucky one was Charis Bentley, elimated by Dave Bentley of all people who just happened to be her dad. All’s fair in love, war and texas hold’em.

Former quarterly final winner Lee Stewart lasted just one hand on the final table as his trip Qs were beaten by another former quarterly final winner Robert Chapman’s flush.

Sharon Hall was eliminated in 7th, also by Robert and Michael Pillar just missed out on the money places finishing in 6th. Joe Wilson was responsible for knocking out the next two players as Robert Chapman ended up 5th followed by the highest placed lady, Katie Wallace in 4th.

Trevor ‘Bill’ Haddick was the next casualty but he had already secured his place in the National Final in a previous tournament. Joining him in September would now be Dave Bentley from the Normanby Hotel and Joe Wilson from Horden CW Supporter’s Club but there was still the matter of first place and the trophy to contest.

Joe Wilson emerged victorious shortly afterwards as he was all in with K9 of diamonds with Q 4 4 6 9 on the board making him two pair. Dave Bentley also had Qs and 9s but was outkicked with just an 8 of spades to back him up. Well done to Joe and Dave and good luck to all the north east qualifiers competing in Birmingham later in the year.


The atmosphere at Leeds seemed quieter than usual with everyone playing cagey knowing this was the last chance at a quarterly to qualify for the national final. It was a good hour before we lost the first person, Mark Ackroyd, who had been a previous winner here.
Slowly they started to drop, and an excellent buffet was once again served up by the casino. By 8pm got down to the last 3 tables. After some further tight play, Ian Pryke was the unlucky bubble boy taken out by a team mate from the same venue. Rachel (Sambuca) Jones was the chip leader now with 94000 chips , she was trying to prove to her boyfriend she could do better than him. At around 9.40pm with the players feeling the effects of a long day, Rachel was getting tired as chips passed between her and Tye Bailey.
After a further 20mins ,She pushed her large chip stack all in with 9 4 off suit to an instant all-in call from Tye with Ace, Jack, The flop came down 4 K A Tye’s face lit up he was on his way to winning, before the turn card changed things with a 4 to give Rachel trips before the river card.
With both players on their feet a 9 was turned over, and Rachel had hit the full house to take the tournament and the end of an enjoyable day for all participants.


Play started at 2pm sharp with exactly 100 players, all aiming to make the top 10. After 27 mins we lost our first player Charlie Bloomfield from The White Heart, and what a cheer he got. At 6.50pm we had our top 10 all going to Birmingham and moving to the final dealer dealt table.
After half an hour we were left with 6 players all making the cash. 8pm we were heads up, Marina and Paul, the deciding hand was Marina having King Queen and Paul 6, 7.
The flop 8, King, 6, the turn 2 and the river Ace. Marina from The Borough Arms Maldon Taking the top cash prize of £500 and the crystal trophy.


Play began at 2-10pm with 168 players all trying to make the top 17 to go to Birmingham. After 33 mins play we lost our first player, Anne Pell from The Cock Inn Peterborough, what a cheer she got. Top Lady on the day was Geminie Winterburn from The Dragon Peterborough finishing 14th. By 8.30pm we had our 17 qualifiers for Birmingham and after another hours play we were down to the last 8 all making the cash. At 10.45pm we had the showdown hand between Keith from The Blackhorse and Jonathan from The Old White Heart. The flop was 777 both players checked the turn was a 2 both players went all in Keith with Queen Jack, Jonathan 2,4. The river, Keith hit his Jack to take the Trophy and top prize of £500


It was 35 minutes before we lost first player following very slow start. After the first hour we stopped for dinner which went down well with everyone. After break it was all about getting down to final table, Ciriaco Straccia was the bubble man for the finals, but he wasnt bothered as he had already qualified for the Nationals. A cheer went around the table as it was announced to the last nine they had made it, now it was a fight for the money.

Kevin Rogers was the bubbleman for the money just losing out. Finally at 8pm we got to heads up, it was slow going as each player wanted the trophy, Mark Davies had tried for 4 years to get this, and John Lyon was equally determined. The blinds were just passed from pillar to post between the players for a while until Mark made a move, pushing in with pocket 8s to an instant call from John Lyon with ace ten. The flop came 22A followed by a 3 on turn,

John was overjoyed at seeing he was leading with 2 pair in anticipation for the river, but there was a massive cheer from Marks supporters as an 8 was turned over, giving Mark trips, and 4 years of waiting finally over. An excellent day was had by all.

Once again a fantastic day of poker at the Crown at Gt. Ellingham with a great spread of food and waitress service for drinks. What more could you ask for apart from lady luck to be sitting on your shoulder?
With 39 players competing, this made it the biggest crowd of players yet at the Norfolk area mini final so with all the registrations and announcements done and the cards shuffled it was time to deal. With only 3 hands played we had our first re-buy, after 6 hands we had the next, then there were no more until break time. Everyone then grasped the opportunity get the "add on" to be ready to recommence battle after lunch.
After a refreshing food break, with a further 5 hands played we had our first faller Craig Dickenson. For a short while after, the rest of the players slowly started to fall by the wayside with the majority of the players having fairly even stacks with no clear chip leader at this point, and it wasn't until we were down to the last 12 players that an outright large chip leader did start to emerge. Nerijus Sopa was leading the way but after calling a couple of quick all in’s Nerijus was out haven lost most of his chips to Craig Crabtree.
So with the final table of 8 upon us, Chris Haste and Janis Shepard left the table first and then Fernando Carvalho on the bubble for the money prizes. Craig Crabtree was now the large chip leader with double his nearest rival’s stack. Martin Knowles takes the lead soon after taking most of Craig chips with pocket Jacks. A few more hands played and with the blinds rising fast Craig was down to his last 400 chips. Craig managed to win 5 all in hands on the bounce before Duane Smith was next to fall during this run of all in hands.
But the game changed quickly when Martin Knowles went all-in with A,K against Craig’s J,Q where surprisingly the Q,J beat A,K to give Craig over 144k in chips. Craig then went all in against Angie Palmer and won again. Amanda Hewitt was the last to go against Craig’s run of fortune: 10,2 offsuit for Craig who declared all in before Amanda who called with her A 7. With the cards turned over and everyone excited watching the flop cards being dealt there was a shock in store as 3H 2S 8S hit the flop to put Craig in the lead, with the turn a 9D there was just one last chance for Amanda to beat Craig’s hot run of cards. But with the river a JH, Craig won with his massive pair of 2's to become the winner of the Norfolk mini final.


Thanks to all involved in another great day at the Aspers Casino in Northampton. Numbers were down a little due to the start of the holidays but as usual the regulars were in good form, to make this one of the best finals that CPL does around the country.

First out of the tournament was Mark Baker from the Courtyard pub in Derby. When this was announced to the rest of the players, then he was a great sport and took his applause well! A special mention should go to Gareth Shreeve from the Rose and Crown in Peterborough who was next out of the tournament. Gareth has won the Northampton final previously and also finished on the top table, so this result was a bit of a shock to say the least!

After the lunch break, play re-commenced with a few more players now starting to bust out of the tournament. This slow trickle of players exiting the tournament continued until we reached the final 10 players, who made up the final table.

Well done to all the final table players; their finishing positions were as follows:

10th – Clare Taylor from the Tydd Goat Inn in Wisbech
9th – Peter Smith from the Ship Inn in Peterborough
8th – James Northover from the Thornhill Arms in Kettering
7th – Alf Hitchcock from various pubs in Peterborough
6th – Gordon Howe from various pubs in Peterborough
5th – Jacko Jackson from S & L Football Club in Corby
4th – Andy Kew from the Blue Bell Inn in Peterborough
3rd – Karah Warren from the Mitre Hotel in Derby
2nd – Chris Latta from S & L Football Club in Corby
1st – Joe Green from the Draymans Arms on Spalding

When we got down to the last 3 players, then it seemed that Karah was in control with by far the biggest chip stack. But this was not to last, unfortunately she was eliminated in 3rd position, after suffering a couple of major defeats and losing all her chips. It was then left down to Chris and Joe to play out the heads up to the finish. The players continued to battle it out, with Joe at one point only a few blinds away from going out of the tournament, but with a couple of brave ‘all in’s’ he was back on about the same number of chips as Chris. The final hand came when Joe’s A, 9 suited held up against Chris’s hand and that was it, Joe was the victor.

Well done to a great effort by Joe and a deserved winner.

Also congratulations to the other 9 players who cashed and made it through to the National final, which is fast approaching on 22nd and 23rd of September 2012! Invitations will be sent out mid-August.


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