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April Quarterly Final Writeups

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League

Another season was over and here was another chance for 3 lucky players to grab a chance of winning a place to the national final. With 29 players turning up to battle it out the action was sure to be fast and furious, and within 3 hours it was just that with our final 10 being announced.

Martin Dines, James Phimister, Lee Charlton, Sean Kennedy, Danny Logan, Paul Bruce, Derek Burnett, Russell Williams, Graham Turnbull and Antony Short would pit their wits against each other to see who would take the 3 places for the final and the 2 consolation cash prizes.
But James, Martin, Paul, Derek and Russell finishing respectively and with Danny and Graham taking the consolation prizes it would be Lee, Antony and Sean claiming the places for the final but would still have to fight it out to see who would be Aberdeen Champion.
Sadly Sean missed out this time round finishing 3rd. Lee and Antony would go heads up with Lee calling all in pre flop with A,7 and Tony calling with a pair of 9's the community cards would come 8, 2, 10, A, K which meant that Lee had won with a pair of A's. Congratulations Lee!


Play got under way promptly in Birmingham at 2 o’clock with 56 eager players competing at the prestigious Genting Club Star City venue cardroom. With the experienced cardroom manager Lance overseeing events, play was steady throughout the first hours play and it looked as if we would be reaching the break without a single player being busted out, despite several players requesting chip rebuys during the first couple of sessions. It was not to be however, with our first casualty receiving a healthy round of applause from all the remaining players and a second unfortunate participant busting out in the remaining few minutes before the first break.

With lunch out of the way and some satisfying refuelling provided for all our players by the Star City catering staff, the action restarted afresh with most players that hadn’t needed a rebuy in the first hour taking up the add-on option. The action continued at a pace with those players making large or subtle moves either busting out or increasing their chip stack in preparation for the later rounds. By around level 6 in late afternoon around two thirds of the field remained. An hour later and we were down to the last 2 tables, with those players who had been unlucky in the main tournament signing up to play on separate sit n go tables to await better fortune.

Some familiar faces were in the mix as well as several first time qualifiers as the final table of 10 players moved to the special computerised Genting table where microchips in each card allow players hands to be recorded and shown via a time delay via Genting Internet streaming pages.

The last 10 places comprised Leigh Dewar, Jamie Dix, Darren Green, AN Other (who left swiftly without leaving her name), Darran Cooper, Tyler Balram, Mark Foster, Steve Cox, Peter Wetton and Dave Forrester. With some classic raises and isolation bets being made pre flop, several pots were contested with players all-in before the flop and with the aforementioned names being eliminated in order, the heads up battle between Peter and Dave lasted no more than a couple of minutes before Dave, who had been on a tremendous hot run of cards on the final table, was presented with the winners trophy and congratulations from friends and other players alike.

Consolation for the players who came so close remained in that all of the top 5 shared in the prize fund and the final 6 have all achieved a seat in the National Finals to be held at the same venue in September. Well done to everyone who competed on the day in a tournament played competitively but in very good spirit.


It was great to see all the regular faces again at the Bristol final along with new ones who had not played there before. We commenced just after 1.00pm with the play starting quite slowly with no-one busting out for quite a while.

After the later than usual lunch break, at about 3.30pm, play re-commenced with an increased number of players now starting to get bust out of the tournament. We continued with a slow trickle of players busting out, until we reached the final 10 players who made up the final table.

Well done to all the final table players; their finishing positions were as follows:

10th – Calvin Davies from the Oakfield Hotel
9th – Rudeerat Ware from the Upper Cock
8th – Chris Salmon from the Crown and Horseshoe
7th – Julia Thomas from the Crown and Horseshoe
6th – Nick Gornall from the Crown and Horseshoe
5th – George French from the Crown and Horseshoe
4th – Dave Whitaker from the George
3rd – Dianne Evans from the Upper Cock
2nd – Gary Portingale from the George
1st – Chris Matthews from the Queens Head Reading

When it can to ‘Heads up’ between Chris and Gary they decided that their chips stacks were similar and the best option was to split the 1st and 2nd cash and take half each. This meant that the pressure was relieved a little, since they were only playing for pride and the Champions Poker League glass trophy. The chips went back and forth for a while, with Chris eventually winning through and taking the title and trophy back to Reading.

Congratulations to Chris and all of the players that qualified for the National final, which takes place on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2012!


Despite a small turnout, the 11 players that started the Durham quarterly mini-final this time around knew that the odds were good for them with 2 National final places up for grabs. Almost half of the field had to rebuy before the first break due to some aggressive play early on and we lost our first player on the hour mark as Richard Hinchcliffe who had made the longest journey (from the Podger in Leeds) was the first to exit.

First time quarterly finalist Ali Shah was next out in tenth followed by two former quarterly final winners, Robert Chapman (9th) and Lee Stewart (8th). Neil Richardson finished 7th leaving just 6 players, 5 of them from Horden CW Supporters Club and just one from the Beacon in Eston.

Joe Wilson was the 6th placed finisher as his pocket aces were cracked by Laura Cornwell’s K 10 of diamonds which both paired. Joe Hall went out in 5th as yet another big hand was crushed. Pocket kings this time running into Darren Turnbull’s flush.

The last remaining player from the Beacon went out in 4th as Laura Cornwell was eliminated by Bill (Trevor) Haddick. The 3 Horden CW players remaining were Darren Turnbull, Bill Haddick and Katie Wallace. Having a lot less chips than the two men, Katie was forced all in by Darren Turnbull but her Q 10 was no match for Darren’s pocket Js.

In a ding-dong heads up battle between two large chip stacks it was Darren Turnbull who emerged victorious. Darren had A K against Bill’s A 7 and when a king hit the flop making two pair for Darren it was game over. Well done to Darren and Bill and congratulations on making the Star City final in September.


With nearly 80 players starting on the day, it was 30 mins before we lost our first player, the unfortunate chap being Dale, a first time qualifier to the quarterly’s who will be looking to qualify again for the current season to improve on his placing next time. After the relief of the other realising they would not be the dreaded ‘first out’, the pace slowed for a short while and then more players began to drop out as we approached the break.

After all players had eaten, with several commenting on the much improved catering situation, they settled down for the remaining freeze out part of the tournament. Soon after lunch we were down to 60% players left, and as the blinds increased some familiar faces were feeling the pressure with short stacks whilst a lot of players playing for the first time were enjoying the game,and still going strong and by 7.30 pm we had got to the last 2 tables competing for their National final places.

As we got to the bubble for the qualifying places Karen Preiss fell giving us our final 9. Brian Pickersgill fell next on the bubble for the money but was happy he made the list for Birmingham. Eventually heads up came down to veteran Terry Sykes verse Robert Young, who was a new player to the league in the last 2 months. First hand dealt Terry goes all in with pocket sixes, to be called by Robert with pocket Tens. The tens held up wiping Terry out, the quickest heads up so far at this venue. So congrats to Robert Young the (old) new boy for playing his first final and winning it. Roll on the next


It was all change this time round for London, with our first quarter final at Aspers Casino Westfield Shopping Centre Stratford. With no shortage of players keen to register from 10am with play commencing at 12.30, there were 136 players with the valuable rewards of not just the days prize pot and the winners trophy to play for but also the Birmingham national final seats later in the year up for grabs.

After 40 mins we had our first player out: Harry Beattie, who at least had the huge cheer from 135 people to console him. It was 5-30pm before we had our top 15 all going on to Birmingham. By 7pm we had our final 7 all making the money. Top lady on the day was Debbie Webb finishing 6th. The two players who fought for the trophy heads up were Charlie and Chris, Charlie winning the showdown hand with a full house 3s over 10s. Well done Charlie.


Despite some initial computer problems at the venue causing the start to be delayed by an hour, over 180 eager players keenly got the tournament going although it was only 25 minutes before Dave Whately from the Greenacres pub was the first casualty to be knocked out.

After a frenetic days play, and very tiring for some players, it was not till 9.30pm we were down to our last 2 tables, with those 20 players and all going onto Birmingham later in the year.

An hour later and we were down to our final 9 all being in the money, with shortly beforehand, Jacqueline Lebrun having gone out as the top performing lady on the day in 15th place. The successful players being: Robert Szalai, Ian Collenette, Robin Bruce, Robert Nuttall, Craig Holmes, Richard Harris, Ashley Harry, Darren Woolard and Martin Cooper.

It was a further 2 hours on that we were heads up between Darren v Martin and it was after midnight that we had our showdown hand. Martin held pocket kings and Darren had jack 8 off suit. After the flop had come down as 5, jack, 6 to make it interesting, the turn came a 3 and the river a 10. And so Martin’s Kings held up to win the impressive crystal trophy and £500.


With just under 100 starters on the day it was the largest Manchester quarterly final seen to date. It was a slow start in the first session but a good helping of bangers and mash in the lunch interval certainly inspired the players to up the tempo from then onwards.

After lunch the players dropped quickly, until it seemed that in no time at all we were on the bubble for the final table, with 2 players having small chips stacks fighting hard to get to the Birmingham nationals, with the unfortunate man to lose out being Matt Hayes so a player from North Wales had made the final after travelling all the distance, he'd really wanted to go away with a seat to make the journey worthwhile and got it.

Once the match got to 'heads up', it was very even for 20 minutes with each player winning hands at an even rate with chips passing back and forth until all in was shouted by Chris Hague with AQ, followed by an instant call from John Hopkinson with KK. The kings held up so congratulations to John for winning the trophy and we'll be seeing him again at Birmingham in September.


We started with 36 players for this quarterly final and had no players drop out before lunch with only 2 players needing their re-buy in this period. After lunch the first player to drop was Mark Murfet who received the customary round of applause.
The poker was fast and furious throughout the whole 6 hr tournament and at the point of being down to the final 8 players, just 2 of the players stood out with large chip stacks: Elise Rout and Nerijus Sopa.
Garry Roberts was first to drop and then Andrew Ward was quick to follow him in 7th. Laura Briggs left in 6th on the bubble. The once dominating chip stack Elise Rout went out in 5th collecting some prize money after losing her chips to Nerijus making him now a huge favourite. Jonny Brown went out in 4th collecting some prize money and the first of the 4 qualifying places for the national final. With a quick chip count for the last 3 players left, Graham Goodchild had 10K, Justin Strickland 85K and Nerijus with 130K.
1st hand in after the break Graham went ALL IN against Justin and doubled up with a straight on the flop, Graham went ALL IN again on the 3rd hand with his pair of 6's against Nerijus pair of 9's thinking it was all over until the river where he pulled out a flush to double up again. Grahams luck ran out for him on the 5th hand. His Kings couldn't hold up against the Ace's of Justin but he left with cash in hand and a place at the grand final.
Justin barely had time to finish counting his new chip stack by hand 7 when the final hand was played. With ‘ALL IN’ declared by both players Justin with his 4 & 5 of diamonds and Nerijus with his pocket 10's.
The flop came 4C 3H 9C...............the turn 2H at this time Nerijus thought he had in the bag when the river dropped 5H after a chip count Justin was our winner. Both player went home with cash and the remaining places to the final but only Justin could hold up the trophy so we all say a big WELL DONE and well played to everyone.


An excited group of 142 players assembled at the Aspers casino in Northampton to contest the CPL quarterly final with 15 National final places, a winners trophy and a substantial prize pool up for grabs. With play commencing just after 2pm , the unlucky recipient of probably the loudest cheer of the day for being the first to bust out was Andy Homeyard.

With the first hours play running along steadily, a hearty meal break was enjoyed before the contest continued with many stories of bad beats and clever moves shared by players throughout the whole day as we reached the final 2 tables of players at around 6.30 pm.

By 7:30 we had got down to our final 15 who had all qualified for this years national and within 30 minutes we had our final table of 10 players comprising: Jon fletcher, Clive Poster, David Dickinson, Bob Bates, Kym Bentley, Stuart Brown, Richard Martin, Nigel Semark, Dawn King and Kenny Badachia.

A fair old tussle ensued with the above named players going out in order, with the top 7 all winning part of the days prize fund and the final heads up battle between Dawn and Kenny lasting past 9:30 where, after several well timed all-in shoves from Dawn during previous hands, Kenny was slightly ahead on chips and faced with another all-in from Dawn but pleased to look down at his A,Q hole cards and called to see his hand hold up and win the quarterly final trophy after a great battle.

Congratulations to all players on the day for making it an enjoyable well natured contest.


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