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January Quarterly Finals

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
Please scroll down to find the summary details for the quarterly final you attended and don't forget: For a full list of all the finishing positions for everyone that signed out please check as usual on the: 'Finals - Past Finals - Quarterly Final Season 2 (2011-2012)' page where you'll find the link to both 'results' and 'gallery' also for photo's taken on the day at each venue.......


The Aberdeen mini final was under way again with 26 players looking to book one of three places at this years final!
After just 4 hours we had whittled it down to our final ten, with Andrew Thomson, Paul Bruce, Martin Gray, Rae Finlayson, Antony Short, Abbie Birnie, Lee Charlton, Charlene Johnson, Aaron Simpson and Sean Kennedy battling it out to take one of the 3 places for the final.
Unfortunately Andrew, Aaron and Martin were eliminated respectively with Sean and Paul narrowly missing out on a small cash consolation. Abbie and Antony finished 4th & 5th respectively taking the cash consolations. With qualification in the bag it would be down to Charlene, Rae and Lee to see who would lift the trophy... Charlene was first to leave the table finishing 3rd and qualifying for her 1st National final through her 1st appearance at a Quarterly..Well Done Charlene. So it would be between Lee and Rae to see who would be Aberdeen Champion...with a full house of 10's over 2's Rae's hand had beaten Lee's J 9 to become the Quarterly Champion.
Congratulations Rae!


The day eagerly awaited by all the qualifiers at Genting Star City casino got underway just after 2 o’clock with 75 players competing for the prize pot and the prestigious trophy. Action was steady up to the break with just a few early casualties quietly bowing out and vowing to make amends next time.

After an opportunity to refuel with a hearty meal provided by the Star City catering staff it was quickly back down to business with players keen to make use of any add-on chips purchased at the break. Play progressed steadily throughout the day with some players building healthy chip stacks at their table whilst others experienced less good fortune with around half the field remaining when the late afternoon break arrived around 17:30.

As the blinds increased we were down to 2 tables dealt by the card room manager Lance and his friendly dealing staff by around 7 o clock, where play started to tighten up with the occasional all-in move pre flop often taking the pot uncontested, until those with short stacks felt the time was right to go all-in with varying degrees of success until we eventually had our final table players.

At this point, play was moved to the exhibition table, where cameras and cards with built in chips are used to enable Gentings own poker channel to show a full analysis of play at later times. Within a short while, we had our final 8 players who had all gained qualification to this years National finals. Congratulations are due to Tony Andrews, Sean Weir, Nigel Jones, George Henson, Richy Watkiss, Kally Broom, Steve Smith and Dean Whitwell.

Several classic poker battles then ensued, including Neil Cole’s under the gun pre flop raise with an A,Qs losing out to a straight on the river after being called by Dean Whitwell’s 6,6, and Dean again in the action to win a massive pot when his A,Js hit the nut flush after dominating Nigel Jones’s Q,J. Steve Smith began to build up a strong chip lead with good aggressive raises and looking to get a psychological advantage over the other final tablers, at one point scooping up a bit pot hitting 2 pair with his 7,9. Richy Watkiss played a great steady game, picking his moments to move all in pre flop and take the pot, with Kally Broom, the winner of the last Star City quarterly, making some excellent push/fold choices in her attempt at achieving back to back wins.

With the top 5 players all winning part of the days cash pot, we eventually lost George Henson in 5th, Richy Watkiss 4th and Kally Broom 3rd leaving a heads up battle between Steve Smith and Dean Whitwell, who made a gentlemans agreement to evenly split the first and second place prize money between them. After continued good play from Steve trying to out-psyche Dean and get a read on his card holdings, the crucial hand came down to Dean raising pre flop followed by an all-in declaration by Steve which was quickly called and both players turned over their hands to show Steve’s 9,10 connectors up against Dean’s pocket Jacks, which held up to leave Steve with less than 1 big blind. Just a couple of hands later it was all over with Dean’s K,6 hitting trip’s against Steve’s mid Ace.

After handshakes all round between the competitors and with the Champions Poker League trophy duly awarded, an exhilarated Dean then took time to absorb the occasion and his accomplishment, almost exactly matching his premonition that he would secure the trophy and prize money by winning the tournament holding King, eight. His win also gave a boost to the Barn Owl pub in Northampton, who had no less than 3 of their players in the top final positions.

A good day was had by all, with all the players determined to achieve qualification again during the current season and gaining useful experience for progressing further next time.


With 7 players gaining entry into the National Final next September and the top 5 winning cash, the day was shaping up to be a great day of poker. We commenced just after 1.30pm with the play starting quite slowly with no-one busting out for quite a while. The first to go out was Guy Ford who plays at Queens Head in Andover. He was duly announced to the rest of the card room as being the first to leave the competition, which always produces lots of cheers!

After the later than usual lunch break, at about 3.30pm, play re-commenced with an increased number of players now starting to get bust out of the tournament. The final positions for the day were as follows:

11th - Kim Pring from the George
10th - Ian Jones from the Ferndale Hotel
9th - Steve Tonge from the Tylorstown Ex Serviceman's Club
8th - Victoria Holder from the George
7th - James Monahan from the Ferndale Hotel
6th - Alex Norgett from the George
5th - Tom Bailey from the George
4th - Mike Walker from the Crown and Hoseshoes
3rd - Mark Stevens from the Golden Ball
2nd - Michael Morgan from the Tylorstown Ex Servicemans’ Club
1st - Nick Bolton from the Horncastle in Reading

‘Heads up’ between Michael and Nick was a bit of a ding dong battle, with chips being moved back and forth between the players for about half an hour. Then Michael ran into Nick’s AQ, which held, and Nick was pronounced the winner. Congratulations to Nick for winning the money along with the glass trophy, the winners’ certificate and entry into the National final. Also congratulations to the other 6 players who will be joining Nick at the national final in September 2012.


Just 12 players started the first north-eastern quarterly final of 2012 with the host club (Horden CW Supporters Club) feeling quietly confident with 7 entrants. 4 of the other finalist came from the Beacon in Eston with entrant number 12 being a bit of an unknown quantity as he plays his CPL poker at Wyboston Lakes Golf Club in Bedfordshire.

There weren't any early casualties this time round and only two players had to re-buy before the break at the hour mark. They were Tony Williams and Joe Wilson and would start back for the second hour at a considerable disadvantage to the rest. Despite this, it was former quarterly final winner, Lee Stewart who was the first faller in 12th place. He was one of the front runners in the early stages but after his pocket kings were cracked by AQ (with two queens hitting the board) and then AJ beaten by Adrian Johnstone's pocket 5s holding up he was gone.

Short stacked Tony Williams was next to exit in 11th, followed by Carol Maguire in 10th and Joe Wilson in 9th, despite fighting back from virtually no chips his comeback couldn't last and he was taken out by Viv Williams to leave a final table of 8. Ian Parker was eliminated in 8th as his pocket 10's failed to hold up to Adrian's over cards. Greg Nichols went out in 7th followed by Bill Haddick in 6th, beaten by Katie Wallace's favourite hand of K8.

The two remaining ladies were next to leave the table. Katie Wallace finished 5th after running into Ben Applegarth's pocket aces, leaving Viv Williams as top lady in 4th. This is Viv's 3rd top four finish in recent finals and surely it won't be too long before she gets her hands on the trophy. That left us with our final 3 who were Ben Applegarth from the host club, Scott 'Scotty' Barlow from the Beacon and Adrian Johnstone from Wyboston Lakes Golf Club. It turns out though that Adrian's trip to the finals wasn't quite as far as we first thought as we discovered he works in Bedfordshire and plays poker there but actually lives in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham.

Despite the numerical advantage, the trophy wasn't going to stay at Horden CW this time around as their last hope Ben Applegarth went out in 3rd leaving just Scotty and Adrian. After several hands and all ins, Scotty was all in again after the flop with the 9 and 3 of clubs chasing a flush draw. Adrian made a good call with his K and Q of hearts over cards which held up as neither player found anything else on the turn or river to improve their hands. Well done to everybody who competed for making it a great afternoon but the main plaudits go to the unknown quantity, Adrian Johnstone who held off all challengers to win his first quarterly final.


This was our first quarterly final in 2012 and we are back in the excellent poker room within the Glasgow Mint Genting Casino.
A quick summary of the day was read out to all players by the Champions Poker Rep before shuffle up and deal was announced by the TD. 33 players took their seat all starting with 3000 points stack. 40 mins of play had passed before we got our 1st casualty. Johnny Elly pushed all in with pocket 9’s to be called by Jim Reid with pockets Aces’. The Aces held up and Johnny was the first exit today. We lost 2 other players in quick succession, David Blakeway and Liam Miller. The players had a short break at 3:00pm, this allowed them add on for extra 3000 points if they haven’t already done. The players count at this stage was 25 players.
After the break the Poker was getting exciting and noise level stared to increase as players started feeling more at ease or winning big pots. Play continued at a steady rate until about 4pm before Tom Airlie was put out in 19th place.
Players were split into 2 tables of 9
Table 1: Barry Hipson, Martin Brennan, Jim Muir, Jayne Irvine, Allen Pegam, Barry Scott, Janet Michael, Robert TurnBull, Signsohal Karamjit
Table 2: Stephen McElroy, George Kilpatrick, Mick Gray, Jim Reid, Gordon Miller, Louisa McDairmid, David Kilpatrick, Jamie Coles, Andy Walker
Chip Leaders at this stage: Barry Hipson, Janet Michael, Jim Reid, Gordon Miller
The main beak was scheduled for 4:30pm so players didn’t have much time to readjust to the table before they had leave the poker room. Players took a seat after having some food and a well earned break. The first player to exit was Martin Brennan, he told me that he was card dead all day and was only waiting for any 2 high cards to push.
5:30pm and the player count is 13, final table was close and everyone was fighting for a place. Our once chip leader Jim Reid was the final table bubble.
Final Table:
Jamie Coles, Barry Hipson, George Kilpatick, Andy Walker, David Kilptrick, Gordon Miller, Barry Scott, Stephn McErloy, Singsohal Karamjit. Chip Leader – Barry Hipson
Its seemed like Stephen was on fire on the final table as he knocked out 3 players within 3 hands. With George, Andy and Jamie all feeling a bit shocked the rate of their exit.
Stephen now with a commanding lead and only 6 players left it was now cash bubble time. We all know the time at final table when every hand has a player all in, when this was the start of this when David Kilpatrick moved all in with pockets 10’s, the table folded round to Barry Hipson in the bid blind who called with Q9. Barry wins the pot with trip 9’s. Barry Scott exited in 5th place, Barry has been a consent final table player at the quarterly and nationals. He pushed all in with AQ to be called by Singh with AK. Both players hit a flush with Singh win with King.Gordon Miller exits in 4th place and secures a place in the nationals The 3 players left had a 5 min break while the TD chipped up and some photos were taken.
Final 3: Barry Hipson, Stephen McElroy, Singhsohal Karamjit
The lead chip stacks were Barry and Stephen. Singh seemed to be waiting on a hand to push in his chips. 8 hands later Singh made his move with A7 to be called by Stephen with AQ. No players connect with the board and AQ win the hand.
Heads up was a quick game only lasting 3 hands, our winner was crowned when Stephen goes all-in with 78 to be called by Barry with J10. Stephen wins the pot and the game when he makes a straight Well done to all players.


After a slightly delayed start the tournament got under way and with most players taking a cautious approach it was 50 mins before we lost first player, Darius. Slowly people started to drop out at a steady pace until by 8pm we had our final 2 tables with everyone playing tight and fighting for those National Final seats. Scot Croucher was the unlucky player busting out on the qualification bubble after pushing with very good looking pocket 10s only to find he was to be called by pocket queens. So we now had our final 9 players cheering at their fortune at reaching qualification for the national and it was now to be decided who would gain some of the prize pot. Wayne Hincliffe went out on the bubble for the money, pushing with pocket Queens only to be called by Ace,Seven with, (as you can most likely guess), an ace hitting on river.
The heads up battle then ensued between Jamie Ryan and Mark Ackroyd, with Mark receiving sympathy and condolences from CPL and fellow players following the loss of his mother the day before the final. After a titanic 30 minute battle Mark finally took it down with his King,Ten hitting top pair against Queen,Seven to gain 1st place prize money and to be presented with the winners trophy.


Play started at 2pm prompt at The Loose Canon Poker Club London with 128 runners with 13 being the magic number to qualify for Birmingham. We had had only 20 mins play when we lost our first player, Goeffrey Legigan who managed to sneak away without his photo being taken. Vanessa Turner was the top lady on the day finishing in 15th place. At 7.15pm we had our top 13 all going onto Birmingham later in the year. By 8pm we had our final 7 players all making the cash. We had over an hours further play before we were heads up with Piers Saich and Trevor Webb, after about 20mins we had our showdown hand, Piers Ace, 4 and Trevor Ace, 2. The flop was 3,3,2 All the chips followed, The turn a queen, the river a 10. Trevor winning the tournament with 2 pairs. Well done Trevor.


Play got under way at The Luton G Casino at approx 10 past 2 with 189 runners. After 30 mins play we lost our first player Nick Morton, once again everyone gave this event a massive cheer of both commiseration and relief.
After a hotly contested tournament throughout the whole days play where Christine Berresford was the top finishing lady, it was not till 9pm that we had our final 20 all going on to Birmingham later in the year. After another hour we had our final table of 9 all making the cash. The 2 players who fought it out heads up were Baldeep Shergill and Martin Lee. At 12-15am we had our showdown hand Baldeep 6-7, Martin King, 5. The flop was 6,7,4, two pair against an up & down straight draw, the turn a Jack, so no change, the river 8 and Martin took the trophy and a £500 cheque with a straight. For a full list of all the finishing positions including the final tabler's and the 19 National Qualifiers please check as usual on the: 'Finals - Past Finals - Season 2 (2011-2012)' page where you'll find the link to both 'results' and 'gallery' also for photo's taken on the day.


Manchester got off to steady start before Phil Quinn was the unfortunate ‘first blood’ going out after 40 minutes of play. Following the break we started losing players more quickly with the qualification bubble arriving at around 2 hours into the days play when Ben Lord was knocked out, just missing out on a seat for the Nationals. With all players at the final table being evenly stacked, Ciriaco Straccia, who carried with him the nickname of ‘Mr Mafia’ played cautiously, letting others take each other out until we lost Mark Mitchel on the bubble for the money positions.
After a further 1 hours play we were down to heads up. Between Ciriaco and Andy Leyland, the latter going all in for a few hands in a row taking the blinds which by now had reached 20,000 and 40,000. Ciriaco announced at this point to Andy ‘I fought in the war and I kill’ giving a cheeky grin and the psychology seemed to work with Ciriaco then starting on a run of cards that finally had Andy all-in with Ciriaco winning the vital hand and the 1st place prize money and winners trophy after a hard fought heads up battle.


With the final table seated we had a clear chip leader who was Sean Lenderyou who had at least double the chips of his nearest rival. The final table was a fairly quick affair with the first 4 dropping quite quickly. Sean had dispursed his chip stack evenly between the remaining 4 players with Martin Knowles the short stack, he was the next to drop. John Smith had made it to the final 3 when he was taken out by our now big chip leader Dean Barber. It was set for the final showdown between the outright chip leader Dean and Sean the short stack. Heads up was fast and furious, Dean was up to 40k in chips by the 3rd hand and 60k by the 7th it all seemed to be going Deans way, and by the 8th hand he had just over 100k in chips leaving Sean with about 20k. It was all decided in the next 3 hands. The first hand saw Dean all in with 20k which he doubled up. Second hand Sean doubles through again with A2 against Deans Q8 winning with a pair of 2's. The final hand Sean with Q 5 and Dean with 10 6 suited the flop came 6 5 Q the turn was 9 and the river 3 leaving Sean with 2 pair and the winner of the Norfolk mini final, so well done to Sean Lenderyou.


A busy day kicked off just after 2 o’clock with 150 players eagerly contesting the season 2 quarterly final at Aspers Casino. A cautious start saw few casualties with the cry of ‘chips’ starting to echo across the casino at a more steady pace as we approached the 1st break. After the food provided by the casino had been digested and any available add-ons taken up, the pace increased as players got more confident at picking moments to steal the blinds or taking the chance to bet big when good cards came their way.

As the tournament entered late afternoon/evening we had around half of the starting field remaining. Some of those that had been unlucky to be knocked out took the opportunity to sit down at one of the casino’s cash game tables whilst others stayed to show support for friends or fellow players from their regular venues. With a large number of players starting, the final 15 players all achieved qualification to this years National finals and the final 8 players; Dan Julians, Dawn King, Judy Hayler, Kevin Hester, Yanis Spalis, Fergus Farrell, Andy Foley and Martin Prior all winning part of the tournament prize pot.

The final table action action sped along quickly with the heads up duel between Andy Foley, who had built up a commanding final table chip lead, and Martin Prior being pretty much settled by a massive pot won by Martin’s K,Q hitting a king to beat Andy’s A,J leaving Andy with only a few chips left before Martin’s final winning hand earned him the winners cheque and the Quarterly Final winners trophy.

Well done especially to Martin but to all the players on the day for making it such an enjoyable well contested event.


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