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Quarterly Results season 1

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
Here are the write up's for the latest quarterly finals.

Durham Final

Two tables of nine started the first quarterly final of the new league season at Horden CW. After being the first to re-buy earlier, Tony Williams was also the first player to be eliminated as his pocket 5s were beaten by Chrissy Deane's pocket 9s followed shortly by Carol Maguire in 17th.

Reigning Horden CW champion Ben Applegarth was 16th followed by Joe Wilson, Chris Gill and Trevor Haddick in that order. Just 12 players remained when there was a double whammy for the girls with both Katie Wallace and Laura Cornwell being eliminated on the same hand. 10 players were now fighting it out for a place on the final table of 9 and it was Greg Nichols who just missed out as his KQ wasn't good enough to beat Paul Kellett's pocket 10s.

The final 9 consisted of 4 players from the host club, 3 from the Rising Sun Inn and 2 from the Beacon (Eston). Tommy Naisbett went out in 9th spot followed by Beacon champ Chrissy Deane in 8th. Lee Stewart couldn't match his success of the previous final and went out in 7th. Rising Sun champion Dan Cawthorn finished 6th and Viv Williams who was runner-up in both of the last two finals went out in 5th. Horden's last hope Gary Tait was eliminated in 4th place as his AK suited was defeated by pocket 9s.

That left just 3 on the final table with Robert Chapman a big chip leader but facing a couple in both Paul and Sue Kellett. Sue went out 3rd when both she and Robert had 2 pair (Aces and Kings) but Chappy's kicker played. Robert was still a big chip leader but Paul fought his way back bravely and even got his nose slightly ahead at one point but it was Robert who went on to win. After the flop came down 3 of spades, 4 of clubs and Q of hearts; Robert shoved all in and was called by Paul. Paul had 5 3 in his hand giving him the lead over Robert's A 7 of clubs. The turn came K of clubs and the river 10 of clubs giving Robert a runner runner flush. Robert was the winner and a very happy 'chappy' indeed with Paul also qualifying for the National final next year in 2nd place.

Bristol Final

Firstly, a warm welcome to all of the new players who joined us for their first ever CPL quarter CPL. The new players are from pubs that have recently signed up with CPL from around the local area and have fought their way to their first final in Bristol.

With 7 players gaining entry into the National Final next September and the top 5 winning cash, the day was shaping up to be a great day of poker.

We commenced just after 1.30pm with the play starting quite slowly with no-one busting out for quite a while. The first to go out was David Vass who plays at The Horncastle in Reading. He was duly announced to the rest of the card room as being the first to leave the competition, which always produces lots of cheers!

After the 3pm lunch break there was then a steady stream of players exiting the tournament until we got to the final table as below:

Sean Dean, Kim Pring, Anthony Hembro, Will Nash, Owen Donavan, Wayne Savage, Ashley Bristow, Luke Llewellyn, Thomas Speirs, Ryan Gregory

After another hour or so then we were down to ‘heads up’ between Thomas Spiers and Ryan Gregory. Thomas had by far the bigger chip stack and looked as though he should clean up quite quickly. But this was not to be, Ryan fought back and during the one hour struggle, managed to take some big hands and claw his way back into contention. The deciding hand saw them both push all in, with Ryan hitting trip 5’s, over Thomas’ pair of Kings.

Congratulations to Ryan, who plays at the Ferndale Hotel in Rhonda Valley, for not only gaining himself the winnings, the glass trophy, the winners’ certificate and entry into the National final, but just as importantly for taking the ‘bragging rights’ back to his pub!

Also congratulations to the other 6 players who will be joining Ryan at the national final in September 2012.

A special mention should also go to Kim Pring for being the last lady in the tournament!

Northampton Final

With 109 runners at the casino, this meant the top 11 would qualify for the National Final next September, with the top 6 being rewarded with a cash prize as well. Today was going to be an exciting day of poker at the Northampton Aspers casino!

We commenced just after 2.00pm with the play starting quite slowly, with no-one busting out for quite a while. The first to go out was Declan Nixon who plays at the Derby Engineers Club in Derby. An announcement was made about his exit from the competition; as well as rapturous applause from the other players there was also a noticeable wave of relief!

After the 3pm lunch break there was then a steady stream of players exiting the tournament, until we got to the final table as below:

Rod Massey, Charlene Watts, Clive Poster, Thomas Henderson, Jayne Newman, Marcel Cunnigham, Michael Kelly, Nathan Vowles, Gareth Shreeve, Lynda Gannon and John Coxell.

Play on the final table was eventually whittled down to Gareth Shreeve, Lyda Gannon and John Coxell who amazingly enough were all from the same pub. There was no ‘love lost’ between these as they were all vying for the top prize and first position. Gareth Shreeve was aiming to make it ‘two on the trot’ since he won the last quarter final at the Northampton casino back in July.

Gareth had by far the bigger chip stack with John second biggest, and Lynda hanging on in there, with the blinds eating up the modest stack she had. This was until John and Gareth went head to head on a pot, which John won and took the majority of Gareth’s chips. This forced Gareth all in on the next hand and left Lynda with an uphill battle against John’s massive chip stack.

No sooner as the head’s up had started then it finished just as suddenly. With Lynda low chip stacked she had to push all in chasing a straight, John called with his Queen high, which stood up, and he was pronounced the winner.

Congratulations to John, for not only gaining himself the winnings, the glass trophy, the winners’ certificate and entry into the National final, but just as importantly for taking the ‘bragging rights’ back to his pub!

Also congratulations to the other 10 players who will be joining John at the national final in September 2012.

Birmingham Final

Held at Genting Casino Star City with the card room manager Lance ensuring that all play was well organized and fair and answering any inquiries about rules or procedures. 83 players were competing for the £1000 prize fund with the tournament starting @ 14:00. First out was Jonny Soden who, after a re-buy, was unlucky to have his pocket Aces beaten by a J,Q that hit a straight on the flop. Over the first stage of the tournament all players took up the option of either a re-buy or add-on as the food break commenced. As usual the food provided to the CPL players in the stylish Star City restaurant area allowed everyone to refuel and plan their strategies for the later levels.

Play remained steady after the break and we were down to approx half the starting field by around 5pm, with some of those unlucky enough to bust out taking to a Sit n Go game to extend their poker playing time.

With some quality poker play in evidence the field was slowly reduced down to a final table of 9 players who all achieved qualification to next years National Final. With the final 6 players being paid out from the £1000 prize pool, play then tightened up until around 8 o’clock, when the final 6 contenders remained to battle it out for the money and the coveted CPL Quarterly final winners trophy. A long period of tight aggressive play ensued with often the big blind taking the pot uncontested pre-flop or opening raises/all-in’s resulting in the remaining players folding.

Steve Cox 6th after his K,K was beaten by Lee Hayne’s Q,Q hitting trips on the flop to be followed shortly after with his short stack all-in shove with Q,Q met by Lee Haynes big blind call with 10,4 hitting 2 pair on the board.

Adam Bennett received a nice increase to his stack with an initial call from late position with A,Q followed by calling a big raise pre-flop by A,8 and winning the hand. Adam then continued with a steady game but received few quality cards before bowing out in 5th position.

Sam Soden was then eliminated 4th after making several tactical raises from late position but crucially losing several coin flip heads up hands.

The final 3 then continued with Kally Broom having a substantial chip lead over Stuart Lees and Lee Haynes, the latter having make a determined fight back from having less than 1 big blind when 6 players remaining.

With the blinds increasing Stuart Lees took 3rd place after his K,J all-in was dominated by K,Q with neither player improving from the cards dealt.

The battle for the top spot and the prestigious trophy ensued between Lee and the much larger chip stack of Kally with the final hand at around 10.30 having Lee’s A,4 came up against Kally’s Q,6 which made a straight on the board.

With each of the final table players receiving generous praise and applause for their efforts it was Kally who, in an amazing achievement for her first ever regional final, took the first place prize of the trophy and £500.

Well done to all those who participated in a fun day, and congratulations to the 9 players qualifying for the National Final. For those that didn’t, the good news is that with the new season underway in live pub venues, and with on-line players signed up with Gentings daily CPL tournament also able to qualify for quarterly finals, there is still every opportunity to improve on the previous seasons performance and get those important ‘bragging rights’ over your mates and other players.

Norfolk write up for 22/10/11

registration started at 11am and we were playing at 12. We had 29 players which meant the top 3 go through to the regional final.

The final table was a reasonably quick affair, with the shorter stacks dropping in turn. It was Nathan Brundish that picked the final 4 off in turn, with John first to give his chips to him, followed by Amanda Hewitt a couple of hands later. With the final 2 returning to the table after a quick break saw Nathan dominating the chip stacks with a 3 to 1 advantage over Kevin Game. Kevin made a valiant effort taking down the first few pots almost equaling out the chip stack advantage. The final hand saw Kevin dealt with A 9 of hearts and Nathan was dealt a pair of 8's, this lead to all in's from both players Nathan had Kevin covered so the cards were placed face up and they both awaited there fate. The Flop came 6d 5s 6h not to much help for the A 9 of Kevin's, the next card came Qs with only an ace on the river needed for Kevin's. The River came 4d so we had our winner so congratulation to Nathan Brudish, and well done to all the players.

Manchester Final

The final went well, everyone keen to win, Mat Hayes was the first casualty losing on his pocket aces.
Today everyone was going out on aces they weren't holding up for anyone, the next 5 people all suffered the same fate.
Eventually we got down to the final table of 10 players, named the bubble table 1 person had to miss out of nationals and Collin Whittle fell here, everyone clapped as they had made the nationals. Next was the challenge for the money and trophy, it got down to Greg Brazil and Christine McCormack who were equal on chips. Christine offered Greg to split money but she wanted the trophy, Greg in his own wisdom said "No" so Christine went to work on him, and by 9.30 pm she pushed him all in with K 10 to take down the final.

Luton Final

Play started at 2pm with 201 players and after onl 24 mins Johnathan Bladon got the biggest cheer of the day being the first player out. At 8-30pm we got to the 21 players qualifying for the final in Birmingham next year and at 9.45pm we had our final table of 10 who all cashed. Top lady for the 2nd time in twelve months was Shameen finishing 4th and cashing £250. Soon after were heads up between Andy and Richard, at 10.50 we had our showdown hand and Richard taking the £500 and crystal trophy with the magic hand of 2, 7, hitting 2 pairs, 7s and 9s. Well done Richard.

Leeds Final

A good final was had at Leeds today, everyone wanting to win. It was an aggressive start with a lot of rebuys, 30mins into tourney before we lost first person.
Has the blinds increased they slowly fell. A lot of moans has people got rivered out. Got down to 36 people when a great buffet was served by Gala again, everyone enjoying it. After break big blinds we were soon down to bubble. Final table the last nine, first hand lasted 1 min, very cagey until the bubble for money then until heads up between Dan Campbell and Steve Morris even on chips taking each others blinds, until all in was called Steve's 9 4 took the trophy hitting trip 9s.
Well Done Steve Morris for winning.

Aberdeen Final

With another poker year beginning we had our first Aberdeen quarterly final with 30 competitors looking to battle it out for the first places at next years national final, and what a battle it was as after just 3 hours we had whittled it down to the final table. Roderick Milne, Gary Deas, David Low, Alex Milne, Kenneth Finlayson, Andrew Thomson, Neil Matheson, Leslie Birnie, Andy Hutcheon and Gary Mitchell would be the players to decide who would take the 5 cash prizes and 3 national places.Unfortunately Gary MItchell(10th), Gary Deas(9th), Leslie Birnie(8th), Kenneth Finlayson(7th) and Alex Milne(6th) all missed out on at least a consolation cash prize, but it would be Andrew Thomson(5th) and David Low(4th) who would take the consolations and just narrowly missing out on qualification for the national. With qualification in the bag Andy, Roderick and Neil would still do battle to see who would be crowned Quarterly champion, Neil Matheson(3rd) was first to bow out and with Roderick,s A K going all in with Andy,s A 10 it was Roderick who would be victorious with both players hitting a pair of aces but Roderick's King kicker proving the deciding factor. Congratulations Roderick!

London Final

Play got under way slightly late at 2.10pm, with 72 players. After only 20mins play we had our first casualty Everton Spikey playing from The Checkers. All 71 other players giving a massive cheer. Top lady on the day was Gail Drea from The Sun Covent Garden finishing 22nd. At 6.50pm we got down to our final table of 8 players all qualifying for Birmingham next year. By 7.30pm we had our final 5 who were now all in the money half an hour later we were heads up, Barry from the Four Chesnuts and Dave from The Checkers. Barry was dealt King Queen and Dave a pair of Tens, both went all in. The flop 2, 10, 6, the turn 4 and the river King. Dave winning with Trip 10s.

Glasgow Final

Remember, remember the 5th November.
This was the day of the South of Scotland Final held at the Genting Mint Casino, Glasgow. 35 players took their seats at 2pm and the tournament rules and information were read out to the players before ‘Shuffle up and deal’ was announced.
We lost our first player after 2 hands, Stephen McNair went all in with a pair of kings after a limp pre flop, Colin Gray called with 2 – 4 after hitting the winning 2 pair on the flop. Next player to exit was Jayne Irvine, Davy Dick trailed behind her.
Players took their seat again after a short 15 minute break with 32 players still in the running.
Garry Thompson was 19th place exit to create 2 table of 9. The play then seemed to tighten up with 30 mins passing before we saw the next exit from the tournament. Chris Henry was the final table bubble going out in 11th place to leave the final table.
Final Table
James Canava, David Elock’ Colin Gray’ Jude Maxwell (Chip Leader), Alex Muir, John Muir, Barry Scott, Andy Walker, Simon Williams
2 hands into the final table James goes all in with pockets Jack, Alex Muir Calls with pocket Aces. An ace and jack hit the flop to put the pressure back on Alex. But a blank on the turn and river was good enough for Alex to win with trip Aces.
At 6:15pm went had 6 players left with Colin Gray 9th, James Cavana 8th & Barry Scott (National Final table player) 7th. Chip leader was still Jude! The bubble for the money was now in play, and it was sadly Andy Walker. Although all players now were in the cash, it created a bubble for National qualification. Chris Mcleod lost most of his chip stack chasing a flush to Jude. This resulted in him going all in with the next hand but was unable to double up and exited in 5th.
We were down to 4 players at 6:30pm and I was happy to announce that they have made it through to Star City next September. David Elock exited in 4th place went he went all in with KJ to be called by our chip leader Jude with A 10. Jude continued his winning streak and won with the nut club flush.
3 players remained, Jude, John and Alex and a short break was given while photos could be taken and the dealer could chip up. The first hand after the break saw John go all in with A8 to be called By Jude pocket 10’s. 10’s hold up and a dream of a 2nd trophy for John was now gone.
Heads Up: The heads up match started with a 4 – 1 chip lead to Jude, he has be contestant throughout the tournament so this was going to be an interesting match. Time 7:15pm. This was the longest head up battle I had witnessed live; both players were gunning for the title. Alex managed to take a lead in the game after an hour, we thought it was all going to be over when pushed all in with K6 but Jude quickly called with a punishing AK. Board come 4 A 10 8 J and once again Jude become the chip leader.
We thought that the game was surely over but Alex held in there for another 30 mins and claimed some of the chips back. After 1hour and 48 min Jude decides to make 1 final move to win the game and puts Alex all in. Alex feeling the pain of the long game makes the call. Alex: Q 8 Jude: AJ . With no player connecting on the board, Jude Ace high wins the title and the trophy. Well done Jude!!


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