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Quarterly Final results week 2

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
As always, all the photos and full results can be found on the past finals page.


The Manchester final got off to a slow start with late entrant Andrew Estell as the first casualty just before the first break.
Everyone was cagey until the blinds started rising, then there was not a lot of flops being seen with all-in being called nearly every hand.

After the blinds reached two and four hundred players started to drop quickly. By 7:00pm we were on the last three tables!

Carl Jackson was now the chip leader and started to act like it! He raised everyone's big blinds and when he got called he seemed to hit everything.

When it came to the final table, poor John Holt went out on the bubble to Carl, leaving the final 9 all qualified for the finals. Andrew Clarke fell on the bubble for prizes and it was plain sailing for Carl now.

When it came to heads up it was David Hope versus Carl Jackson. Ace Nine took the last hand, Carl had done it, his aggression had paid off and he got the trophy he came for.

Well done Carl and thanks to everyone who came down on the day!


Play started just after 2:00pm and after just 10 mins of play the biggest cheer of the day was given to Mr. Neil 'S', the first player out.

After our first break the Grosvenor Casino Luton held a free prize draw for all the players with 20 prizes, including free drinks, gaming vouchers and player points!

The final continued in earnest and at 8.30pm we had our top 20, all qualifying for Birmingham this September! At 9.30pm we finally reached the top 9, the prize positions!

Heads up was between Shameen Jivarj and Robert Bentley. It was 11:00pm that the showdown came. The hand was Shameen holding Ace 4 and Robert with a pair of Queens. The flop came 5, queen, Ace, with the turn a 7 and the river a 10, so 2nd place went to our top Lady Shameen from the Roundabout and the Winner of £500 and the superb crystal trophy was Robert from The Royal Oak Harwich with trip Queens.

Well done Robert and thanks to all who came down! See you top 20 in Birmingham!


As usual, we had a great crowd at the Birmingham final, with lots of familiar faces, as well some new ones, but all keen to try their hardest on the day to become the ‘Quarterly final Champion’.

The first player out was the unlucky Jamie Ford who plays at the Five Bells Inn in Upwell, Cambridgeshire. As Jamies’ demise was announced to the cardroom, there was a sigh of relief from some of the players, knowing that they wouldn’t now be the first one to exit the tournament!

Food was served at about 3pm which was eagerly devoured by the hungry players before re-commencing play at the tables. From this point onwards the players started to exit the tournament quickly until we were down to 9 players who took their seats at the final table.

Seat 1 – Peter Pryde from the Bank in Rugby with 92,000 chips
Seat 2 – Jamie Betton from the Old Coppers Malt House in Shropshire with 49,000 chips
Seat 3 – Carl Power from the Bank in Rugby with 49,000 chips
Seat 4 – John Jones from the Old Coppers Malt House in Shropshire with 118,000 chips
Seat 5 – Nigel Jones from lots of pubs around Northampton area including Barl Owl, Old Swan, Ship Inn, and Thornhill Arms with 32,000 chips
Seat 6 – Nigel Huntbach from the Beacon in Shropshire with 40,000 chips
Seat 7 – Gupal Mahay from the Dog and Partridge in Bilston with 29,000 chips
Seat 8 – Marc Cumming from the Beacon in Shropshire with 61,000 chips
Seat 9 – Neville Gooch from the Tydd Gote Inn in Wisbech with 44,000 chips

After another hour or so we were down to ‘heads up’ between John Jones and Marc Cumming, with John probably having a few more chips, but this really could have gone either way!

The deciding hand came as both players pushed all with Marc having Q8 against John’s Q6. Marc’s hand stood up and since he had John covered for chips, he was duly announced as the Quarterly Final Winner.

Congratulations to Marc and the other top 9 players, who we will look forward to seeing at the National Final this September 17th and 18th at Star City. Invitations for this event will be sent out early August.

Thanks to all the staff at the casino, especially Lance and his team, for continuing to make this a great event each quarter and look forward to seeing you all for ‘for the big one’ in September.


15 players from 3 different venues played in the last North East quarterly final of the season, looking to clinch a place at Star City Casino in September. It looked as though we were going to make it to the break without any casualties until Joe Wilson ran into Lee Stewart's pocket aces to see him go out in 15th. Trevor Haddick was next to go, followed shortly by Robert Chapman who pushed when short-stacked only to run into Lee with pocket aces again. Katie Wallace went out in 12th spot followed by Greg Nichols and David Bennett in 11th and 10th respectively. Ian Parker went out in 9th place and we were left with a final table of 8 players.

The last hope from the Beacon in Eston was Chrissy Dean but he was eliminated in 8th position leaving four players from Horden CW Supporters Club and three from the Rising Sun. Tony Williams was eliminated in 7th by Susan Hunter but Susan was next to fall in 6th place, eliminated by Vivianne Williams. Dean Ivers was unlucky as he became the 3rd player of the day to be eliminated by Lee Stewart with pocket aces. Dan Cawthorn went out in 4th leaving last season's first and second placed finishers David Caisley and Vivianne Williams alongside Lee Stewart. David couldn't repeat his success of 3 months ago and this time had to settle for 3rd place. In a ding-dong heads up battle, Lee Stewart emerged victorious meaning that Viv had to settle for 2nd spot yet again. With Viv almost pot committed in the big blind, Lee went all in with Q 5 against Viv's 5 2 and when a queen hit on the flop it was pretty much game over. Viv had a glimmer of hope with a gut shot straight draw on the turn but Lee's pair held up meaning he would square up against Viv and David Caisley again in the National Final later in the year.


It was a sunny day, which meant bad traffic in the Bristol area on Saturday, but despite over a dozen players ringing up to say they would be late, in the end no-one was! Play started bang on time at 1:30pm with 48 players.

Poor Oliver Harris got the big cheer on the day, dropping out after just 28 minutes. Play remained steady for the rest of the day, with players going out at regular intervals until we were finally down to the final table.

The remaining players were:

Paul Hoare
John Watkins
Gary Wright
Robin Flippance
Gavin Williams
David Cox
Anthony Hembrow
James Barnes
Paul Gallagher
Dave Whitaker

No sooner had the players sat down, then Paul Hoare was standing back up! He didn't have to wait long for company though, as John Watkins came out right after after losing out to ace high! Gary wright was the next to drop, with his AJ losing out to AK.

Robin Flippance and Gavin Williams both went out before hitting the top 5 positions, meaning no prizes or National seats, sorry guys.

David Cox went out in 5th to 9,2 followed by Anthony hembrow, whose AK didn't survive against pocket aces when there was no help on the board.

By this point Dave Whitaker was clear chip leader and James Barnes and Paul Gallagher put up good fights, but in the end Dave took home the trophy!

Well done Dave, thanks to everyone who came down!

Edinburgh Quarterly Final

Season 4 Quarterly final was a sunny and warm day in Edinburgh. 45 players made the journey through to play in the last qualifier to this year’s National Finals.

After a quick registration period, the table allocation was shown on screen and everyone was seated to start play at 2pm with 5 tables of 9 players.

After a brief introduction to the format and setup of the day each table selected a dealer and ‘Shuffle up and deal' was announced.

Our first Player out after 30 minutes was Lee Bradley. Lee pushed all in with A 10 hearts to be called with pockets Jacks, pockets Jacks held up.

Next two players to exit the game after 45 mins was Stephen McElroy and George Kilpatrick.

1st break was scheduled was 3:00pm and we had lost seven players in total just as break was announced.

Players were reminded to leave their optional £5 rebuy on the table and exit the card room.

Play started back after 15 minutes and it wasn’t long before we split the remaining players from table five to create four tables.

It seemed to be knock out hour as players lined up to be signed out, time was 3:45pm and the TD table split the table down to three tables of nine players.

Big stacks in the game:

Steven Stewart – 22k, John Puller – 13k, Alex McAllan – 16k, Jamie Coles -14k, Davy Dick – 27k, Allen Pegman– 34k

The main break was set for 4:30pm and we still had 20 players fighting for the CPL title.

Colin Gray was out in 19th Place going all in with A Q to be called with A 7. Unfortunately A 7 crates a straight. This now makes two tables of nine players.

Play was getting tighter and at 5:30pm we were down to 10 players. Everyone knew the next player out was not getting a seat in the final table.

Low stacked and in position DJ MacDonald was forced to call and all in bet by Davy Dick with pocket 10’s against Davy A,Q. An ace on the turn sealed DJ's fate.

Final Table:
Allen Pegman – 25.9k, Davy Dick – 51k, Emanon O’Boyle 8.1k, John Bell – 25.8, John Puller – 28.1, Colin Skinner – 33k, Alex McAllan – 21.6k, Lee Charlton 51.9, Chris Henry – 16.9

Our first player to exit the final table was Emanon who pushed all in with pocket Queens, he was called by Allen Pegman A J and John Puller with pockets Jacks.

John hits the only Jack in the deck to finally give him a full house with jacks over fives.

Alex McAlan went out in 8th place when he bet in flop of AAA against Lee Charlton who was holding AJ. This was unlucky time to try and bluff but was a good effort.

John Puller goes out in 7th Place when he goes all in with pocket 3’s to be called Davy Dick with A 10. An ace on the flop seals the fate.

Out in 5th place was Davy Dick who goes all in with A 10 to be called by Chris Henry with pocket Kings. Chris wins the pot with trips kings. Davy still makes the cash and a seat to the nationals.

Lee Charlton goes out in 4th and John Bell in 3rd Place, both players seem happy to have confirm their place for the nationals.

This now leaves a heads up battle between Allen Pegam and Colin Skinner. A deal was made to split the money before play started so both were now playing for the tile.

It was a series of about 10 all in moved by both players, chips just moving between them both.

Final hand dealt was Colin with J 5 against Allen with 6 3.....
Colin wins the hand and tournament with high card and becomes the season four Edinburgh quarterly champion!
Well Done!


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Can't believe i won well happy

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