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Quarterly Final results week 2

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
Leeds final

Well the Leeds final got off to a slow start, not losing a player until 30 minutes into the game. Wilfred Ackroyd was the first person out and before first break we lost 5 players. It was a surprisingly quiet game in the casino; everyone was taking it seriously.

After the break the players dropped rather quickly, and before long we are down to last 2 tables. Neil Birtwell was hoping to take the title again, he managed to get to the final table as well but that was it, regaining the title went. Elizabeth was the only woman to survive to the last nine, glad she had got her seat to nationals, from being small stack up to chip leader after 10 hands.

The eventual winner Alistair McKenzie won with 89 against AK, K5, AJ as four players were heads up for the trophy. The flop gave Alistair 2 pairs as A89 hit the table, the river card another 9 finished the game off with a full house winning the trophy. It will have to be battle of the roses again on the next final as the trophy went back to Manchester.

Overall it was a good day, the food was excellent again and the staff.


Play started at 2pm with 92 players, making 10 places up for grabs to go to the National Final in Birmingham this September.

It was exactly 40 mins when we lost our first player, Paulin Makaj from the Summerfield. We then had 4 and a half hours of hard play to reach our final table, all of whom are going through to Birmingham!

At approx 8pm we had our heads-up showdown hand, Hazel from Chiswick Snooker with 9,5 and Kevin from The Stoke Ace 8. The Flop was 7,2,2 turn a 6 and river a queen, Kevin winning the title with Ace High.


It was fantastic to see the player numbers had grown by about 50% up to 133 players this time for the Northampton quarterly final. And no surprise, since the new Aspers Casino in Northampton is a great place, lots of space and professional staff. With its own dedicated poker room upstairs, every Champions Poker League player could relax and play their game in a great environment.

With 133 players this gave 14 qualification places, with 7 people getting paid on the day of the share of the £1,250 on offer.

The first player out was the unlucky Michael Franko – this was duly announced to the rest of the card room to which he got a round of applause!

After about 1 hour’s play the players broke for lunch to be served with a good selection of food.

There was then a steady stream of players exiting the tournament until we got to the final table as below.

Clive Poster from the Spinning Wheel Baston
Steve Burt from S and L Football Club
Jacko Jackson from S and L Football Club and the Ship
Adrian Waite from S and L Football Club
Dave Winter from Swan Inn and White Horse Old
Chris Latta from S and L Football Club and Cafe Con Leche
Martin Butler from the Courtyard
Scott Tilley from Rose and Crown Peterborough
Paul Nurse from the Angel in Kings Lynn

After another hour or so, then we were down to ‘heads up’ between Scott Tilley and Paul Nurse. Paul had the bigger chip stack but Scott clawed his way back to about level pegging, before they both went all in and Paul’s pair of 10’s held up and he was announced the winner.

Congratulations to Paul and commiserations to Scott, who fought a tough battle but both of them, along with the other 12 players, will see each other soon at the National final in September. Paul was also presented with the winners’ trophy and wins £500 to take back to Wisbech.

Thanks to all the players and casino staff for making this inaugural Northampton event at Aspers such a great success and look forward to more again in the future at this venue.


The Glasgow Quarterly Final was held at the Gala Casino, Merchant City, Glasgow.

40 names were confirmed to play and 38 players registered on the day of the event.

The event kicked off at 2pm with 4 tables (2 tables 10 players and 2 tables of 9 players), a dealer was selected from the table and ‘Shuffle up deal’ was announced. Within the first 15 minutes of play a few players decided to take advantage of the addon to increase their stack.

After the first hour all players had a break and were allowed to addon , no one had been eliminated by this stage.

All players took their seat again feeling a bit more at ease with the setup and structure, but it wasn’t before long until we lost our first player – Stuart McLean!

The next half hour seemed to be a series of all-in moves which resulted in losing more players – Steven Stewat, Chris Walker and Stephen McElroy.

Play continued and more players stood up and left the card room. Andy Walker was our last player to be knocked out in 21st place before and we saw the TD break the seating down to 2 tables.

The next break was scheduled for 4.30pm and allowed all players to get some food and discuss good wins or bad beats. I think the bad beats stories was the main topic!!
18 players took a seat after the break, all still fighting to win the title and trophy.

Players now could see the final table was closer but it was not meant be for the unlucky few. Gordon Bulloch was knocked out in 11th place to create a final table.

Final Table:

Calum Hallhead, Jim Muir, Alex Muir, John Muir, Lewis Mattews, Christopher MacLeod, Joeseph Brown, Martin Brennan, Mike Kreis & Barry Scott

All players took a seat, the blinds were 1000/2000 and all players had at least 10 blinds behind them.

Play was tight with only a few players seeing a flop for the first 30 minutes. Our first player to exit the final table was Jim Muir followed shortly by Joseph Brown.

With 8 handed play this increased the odds for the remaining players at the table.

Out in 8th Place was Mike Kreis, and our bubble player out in 7th Place was Martin Brennan!!

All players now happy they that were in the ‘cash’ but still all had allot to fight for, play was tight and it was another 30 mins before we lost our 6th Place player Lewis Mathews.

The bubble was now in play for the qualification for National. One player had to be knocked out and that was Alex Muir in 5th Place.

Our once chip leader fell out in 4th place, John Muir went all-in with pocket 9’s and Callum Hallhead called instantly with pocket 10’s, John won the pot when a 9 fell on the turn to give him trip 9’s. Callum still seemed happy with his 4th place finish and a seat in the national but maybe not with the cards.

The final 3 players, John Muir, Barry Scott & Christopher McLeod were not going to give up the fight to be crowned champion.

This resulted in a long 2 hours play between the players and some great poker being played. One player refusing to give up until the end was Christopher MacLeod, forced to go all-in with K4 which was called by John Muir with AK. John's AK holds up to create a ‘Heads up’ battle.

Heads up

Barry Scott & John Muir

The game started with John having an 8-1 chip lead over Barry.

The cards were dealt but John went all-in first to put the pressure on Barry. Barry doubled up after the 5th hand when John went all-in with 34 to be called by Barry 86. No player hit the board so Barry hand held up.

2 hands later John pushes all-in with K6 to be called by Barry K3, the cards are dealt and our winner was crowned.

Well done to John Muir who is now our champion.


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