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Quarterly Final results week 1

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League

It was quarterly final time again in Aberdeen with 57 players turning out for the occasion with the day being enjoyed by all. After 5 hours of frantic play we were finally wittled down to the final table with Steve Nicol, Peter Farrell, Joe Storm, David Welsh, Danny Mitchell, Robert Carr, Roderick Milne, Antony Short, Roland Cudars and Gary Mitchell looking to battle it out for a share of the spoils and a place in the National.

The final 10 were under way with David, Roland, Peter and Joe just missing out on a spot in the national, we were down to our last 6 who qualified with Robert, Gary, Steve and Danny clinching places our last 2 were left. Antony and Roderick battled it out and it was Antony who came out on top with pocket 9's beating Rodericks A 6.

Well done Antony.

1st: Antony Short
2nd: Roderick Milne
3rd: Danny Mitchell
4th: Steve Nicol
5th: Gary Mitchell
6th: Robert Carr
7th: Joe Storm
8th: Peter Farrell
9th: Roland Cudars
10th: David Welsh


We had a busy day at Birmingham with 90 runners showing up to compete!

After starting a few minutes late, we had a shock as Pete Oxley gave us one of our quickest Quarterly Final exits ever, getting knocked out after less than 15 minutes and declining to take a re-buy!

It was gone 7pm when we hit the final table, with Tony Andrews, Steven Johnson, Matt Bluss, Violet Cunningham, James Brown, Paul Johns, Luke Genner, John Jones, Micky Gerrard and Angus Malcolm all looking tense as whilst the table seated 10, only 9 were going to be qualifying!

The unfortunate 10th position went to Tony Andrews, leaving the remaining players to compete for the 6 prize paying positions!

Steve Johnson went out to a Flush, with Matt Bluss going out soon after when pitting his pocket 9's against pocket queens. Next Violet Cunningham went out after a dramatic 3-way confrontation.

This meant that the remaining 6 players all finished in the money! Now it was just a battle to see who got what!

James Brown went out first, falling to Quad Kings! A respectable hand to lose to at least. Before James Brown was even finished signing out, Paul Johns had followed him in 5th!

Luke Genner was next, leaving just John Jones, Micky Gerrard and Angus Malcolm left. There wasn't much difference in chip stacks and no-one was willing to risk going in too hard with the big prizes so close, so little happened for the next hour and a half, until John Jones finally went out to A7 vs AK.

The heads up between Micky Gerrard and Angus Malcolm lasted a further 40 or so minutes, but eventually both players were tired of the constant back and forth and went heads up, A8 vs J8, with Angus taking home the trophy and first prize!


It was good to see some of the usual faces and some new at the Bristol casino. Everyone was keen to try to get to the last 6 players to secure their place at the forthcoming National final on 18th and 19th September at Star City casino. Also with the top 6 getting paid and the winner getting £500 there was a lot to aim for.

After the usual announcements and an explanation about our new online league starting on 30th May with Genting Poker, ‘Shuffle up and deal’ was shouted and a quiet hush commenced across the card room.

After 3 blind levels giving 1 hour’s play, the players broke for lunch with no one bust out at this time. After lunch, play started again and it wasn’t long till we had Richard Williams announce he was the first player of the day to bust out of the tournament. Although Richard was first out in this tournament, he had already secured his position at the National final in September by winning the Bristol final last quarter!

There was then a steady stream of players exiting the tournament until we got to the final table as below.

Andrew Langridge from the Tilers Arms
Peter Stamps from the Golden Ball
James Monahan from the Tylerstown Ex-Serviceman’s Club
Ashley Bristow from the Tylerstown Ex-Serviceman’s Club and Ferndale
Martin Newcomb from the Cobblestones
Jordan Fey from the Crown and Horseshoe
David Ashurst from the Queens Head
Alan Pring from the George
Sean Dean from the Queens Head

After another hour or so then we were down to ‘heads up’ between Peter Stamps and David Ashurst, with David looking as though he has the advantage on the chip stack. After some tough play from both players, the chip stacks were about even, when the final hand came. David pushed all in and was immediately called by Andrew. David showed J6 with Andrew showing Q9. With no-one hitting on the community cards, Andrew was pronounced the winner and was £500 better off and had a shiny new trophy to show off at the pub!

Congratulations to Andrew and commiserations to David who fought a tough battle but both of them, along with the other 4 players, will see each other soon at the National final in September.

Thanks also to the casino staff, who made it a great day with their unflappable professionalism and enthusiasm.


The finals got off to a slow start today; maybe the nerves were getting to players early, as we didn’t lose our first player until 5 minutes before break. After the break we started to move, has the blinds increased we had our first royal flush, Mark Suggitt from Manchester played the hand well with a straight possible on the table someone fell for it , pushed all in mark was only too happy to call removing the player from the game.

It seemed to be the men leaving the tournament early this time the women playing cagily. A shout roared has the second royal flush was produced, Matthew trout had got his first royal flush ever, was this going to be a day of royal flushes.

Players started dropping like flies now, Gordon young the previous champion was trying to regain a second victory, within a few hands of Matthew getting the royal flush Gordon removed him from the competition was it going to be his day again.

We got down to last 20 players now and 7 women were still seated at the tables, everyone was starting to talk now, a woman is going to win today, little side bets among players were going on, this must have had an effect on the women, they played tight, and then aggressive doubling up whenever possible.

Well we had to say goodbye to Gordon he could not hold on any longer he finished in the unlucky 13th spot, then down to the bubble, playing the first hand by hand game 2 women had pushed all in on each table, who was not going to the nationals, it was bad luck for Laura Anderson has she went out.

Reseating everyone for the final table, it was all go 6 men versus 4 women, the game was on. After a few hands we lost 2 more players, and then the players seemed to go mad it was nearly all in every hand no one wanted to lose. The 2 big chip stacks went down there bullying tactics didn’t work has they were getting called by Trudi Gibson, she starting hitting everything, calling with just a picture card and hitting she now was the chip leader.

Trudi went around each player calling their all in and removing them from the game. That was it heads up short stacked Neil Camble was left, he tried to double up of Trudi not even looking at his cards just pushing all in. After a few hands played Neil had started to increase his chips, he made another all in move, Trudi made sure it was his last, she called with king 5 off suit, Neil was watching the flop, his ace was winning to the river card, and slowly the dealer turned it producing a 5. Neil had to finish for second place Trudi could not believe it she had won.

king five won the day, well done for everyone who played a good final, 2 royal flushes let’s see what the next one brings.


Play got underway at 2pm prompt and it was only 20 minutes before we lost our first player, Chris Burch from The Greyhound Wiggington Nr Tring, and what a cheer a round of applause he got. It was not till about 9pm we reached our next landmark and got to the final 18 players qualifying for the main event in Birmingham later in the year. Going out 17th and the top lady on the day was Zoe Warwick from The Red Lion Aldershot. At 10.30 we reached the final table and the top 9 making the money. After a hour and a half of quality play we had our heads up showdown hand, Mark from the Plough in Slough having Ace 3 and Adam Coles from The Weavers in Stoke Mandeville a pair of 4s The flop came 9, King, Queen the turn a 9 and river a 5, Adam taking the top prize of £500 and far more importantly the coveted new crystal trophy with 2 pairs 9s and 4s. Well done Adam.


The Norfolk mini final had 23 confirmed players who sat down and played from 1pm we had our first break at 2.30pm with all 23 players still in the tournament. We lost our first player (Malcolm Earl) shortly after we resumed he was soon followed by 3 more players. The rest of us continued playing with the final table starting at about 5.30pm; we had 2 short stacks on the table which were soon picked off. By 6.30pm we were down to our final 3 players, Raymond Bond, Kieran Canham, and Adrian Dawson, all quite equally stacked Adrian took Raymond out and made himself the chip leader with nearly 2/3 of the total chips. the final hand Adrian declared all in with the A,s and 6,d Kieran called with his K,d and 3,s, The flop came 2,s 5,d 2,d no help to either player but gave Kieran a possible flush draw, the turn was the 9,h which left Kieran needing a 3 or k to keep him alive. The river came A,h giving Adrian Dawson the win with a pair of Ace's and the Champion Poker League Trophy and the £150 Cheque. Another great day out for the players in the Champions poker league.


13 players attended the North East mini final at Horden CW Supporters Club, a number that proved lucky for some but not for others. Out in unlucky 13th spot was Steve Scott whose Ace-Ten missed the flop entirely meaning he was the first man down. Pocket aces proved no good either for Lee Stewart who went out in twelfth place to Chris Gill's two pair. Chris Fawcus, Alan Gowland and Andrew Crossley followed shortly afterwards leaving a final table of 8 to fight it out for the prizes.

Four of the host club's players were next to be eliminated as Tony Williams, Joe Wilson, Katie Wallace and Trevor Haddick just missed out on the cash prizes. Putting up a good showing in his first quarterly final, John Bunyan was the fourth placed finisher in an enthralling four-way battle. Despite eliminating the majority of the field on the day, Chris Gill went out in 3rd meaning that Viv Williams and David Caisley were assured of their place in September's national final and would fight it out for the trophy.

It was the Rising Sun's Caisley who would emerge victorious as his King-Five off suit led to a higher straight than Vivs. Both players were delighted with their acheivement but it was David Caisley who deserved the plaudits on an excellent afternoon of Texas Hold 'em.


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