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Quarterly Finals week 1

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
As always, full results and photos (once we receive them) will be up on the past finals page.


We started the day at Birmingham with 92 runners, or so we thought! One player had registered, but never sat down! So 91 keen poker players were competing for 10 National Final spaces and 6 paying positions.

Play started on time at 2pm, with our unfortunate first player out being Lyndsey Rock, who continued to deal for her table till it was broken up a good while later.

Special mention must go to James Northover from the White Horse, who hit his first ever Royal Flush and even posed for a picture for us (see above).

After the break for food players started coming out of the tournament at a steady pace and before 8pm we were going hand for hand on the last two tables with a dealer on each. The final table was as follows:

Seat 1 - Justin Hibbert, 23,000
Seat 2 - Richard Hobbs, 180,000
Seat 3 - Darren Balram, 52,000
Seat 4 - Patrick Faulkner, 107,500
Seat 5 - Jim Bedson, - 10,000
Seat 6 - Sarah Clarke - 18,800
Seat 7 - Stephen Cox - 16,700
Seat 8 - Gordon Bew - 37,300
Seat 9 - Lyndsey Churchyard - 27,100
Seat 10 - Robert Sutton - 73,000

Jim Bedson, Sarah Clarke and Stephen Cox were all horribly short stacked and went out in 10th, 9th and 8th respectively, followed later by Justin Hibbert and Patrick Faulkner (second largest chip stack going in) both of whom lost the last of their stacks to lyndsey Churchyard, who had looked to be going out early, going all-in on several occasions, but made a truly impressive recovery.

The remaining five players now all had a good amount of chips and with the blinds still at a comfortable level they settled in for a long game. After a couple of tense hands, Lyndsey claimed yet another victim in Gordon Bew.

Returning to the table after a short break, Robert Sutton found himself dangerously short stacked and pushed all-in. Unfortunately his Queen Jack didn't hold up against Darren's King Queen and Robery bowed out in 4th place.

Lyndsey now found herself short stacked against Darren and Richard, whose mountain of chips had only increased. Lyndsey and Darren butted heads one more time with Lyndsey losing out but going home with a well deserved 3rd prize.

Richard and Darren asked for a chip count and as there was hardly any difference between their stacks, agreed to split first and second prize between them. The trophy has to go to someone though, so play continued until Darren went all in with eight, Jack suited to take first place!

Congratulations Darren and to everyone who qualified for the National!


This quarter's Edinburgh final was a typically tense affair, however for the first time we had last quarters winner retain his title!

David Welsh played his usual shrewd game and he triumphed in a close fought final table, with Graham Kettles pushing him all the way.

It was also the first time we actually had a kilt on display at the Scotland final, as the Burns night weekend probably saw a few of the finalists moving straight onto various nights out after the final had taken place and created a spirited atmosphere on the card table.

Once again the casino put on a fine spread and as ever the day was enjoyed by all who attended.


We had a great turnout at the Leeds final, with 89 players competing for 9 Quarterly Final seats as well as the prize money.

Drama began as the final table was set up for the last 9 players, all chips were being moved and seating sorted when Jaye Cozens received a call that his daughter had gone into labour and was on her way to hospital. Jaye, after sweating over a long bubble to get to the final table, was now sweating even more! He had to leave his 6000 chips to be blinded out, but he was happy over two things, making the National Final, and the imminent birth of his grandchild (to be confirmed yet son/daughter). The good news is he finished 8th place, gaining 1000 chips before they were removed. Hope everything went ok with the birth Jaye, see you at the Nationals!

This then left Jeanette Beevers short stacked has she faced 7 men, but she hung in there, fighting away and started doubling up. Slowly player after player dropped to her style of play and before she knew it she was heads up with Morgan Smith. 14000 chips separated them, it was tense so we had a quick break for the players to calm their nerves. Both players didnít want to lose so they decided to share their winnings, leaving both parties happy, but we needed someone to win the trophy so it was decided that it would be an all-in hand, winner takes the trophy!

Jeanette went in with K7 and Morgan with A4, the flop came down 8, 7, 3, then the turn card a 4, waiting on river. Jeanette held on as a 9 came giving her a total of 365000 chips.

Well done Jeanette, a very impressive victory!


Play at the Luton Quarterly Final started at 2pm prompt with 223 runners, the top 23 players Qualifying for the National Final later in the year. After 35 minutes play the big cheer went up, with Ded Kalag being the first player out, having lost with a full house. At 9pm we had got to our 23 qualifiers and by 10pm we had our 10 players getting paid.

In 7th place was our top lady on the day Debbie Roberts from Aylesbury. The two heads up players were Jamie Lewis from Aylesbury and David Miljkovic from Bedford. At approx 11.30pm we had our deciding hand: Jamie with Jack Three and David with Ace Four. The flop came 5 king 8, the turn was a king and river a 7, leaving David to win with ace high.

Well Done David!


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