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Second/third week of results

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
As always, full results and galleries can be found here.


It was a chilly start for the finalists at the Scotland final in Edinburgh as the casino had lost their gas power! The cable had been damaged outside their premises so walking into the casino was a distinctly chilly experience.

However a couple of oil heaters were quickly installed in the card room and before too long everyone was complaining it was too warm!

We had 45 players attending and the quality of play was of a high standard with the last 4 proving to be hard opponents to break down!

It was a superb display by winner David Welsh who kept his calm in front of a noisy and boisterous watching crowd to bring home the trophy!

Congratulations David and thanks to everyone who attended!


A massive 237 players turned up for the Champions Poker League Luton quarterly final, with play starting about 2.15pm.

After 45 mins we had our first casualty, Ricky Darbon. Better luck next time Ricky. After 6 hours of hard play we finally got down to the 24 lucky national final qualifiers, all of whom will be heading to Star City next year!

Just an hour later we were down to the ten players in the prize money! After a short battle heads up, Darren Turner took the trophy and first prize from Richard Bayliss.

Well done Darren and thank you to all the players who attended!


We had 58 players at the Manchester CPL Quarterly Final, many regular players having opted to take a trip over to leeds the previous week!

We had a very exciting final table! Stephen Derbyshire was just hitting every hand, to the total disbelief of everyone else! Last quarter's winner, Mark Mitchell was having a great game, playing excellent poker and looking for everything like he was going to grab a second win, then he met stephen. Mark went all-in, 30,000 with pocket jacks. Stephen turns over pocket aces and that's it for Mark!

Stephen was also taking people without such amazing hands, as John Hatherell found out soon after Mark's exit. John went all-in with 14,000 holding KK and expecting a nice easy double up, but Stephen called him and hit a straight on the river! Sorry John!

Peter Pierce was next in line. Peter went all-in and Stephen calls with the 8 and 9 of spades! An ace flush on the river sees peter out of the tournament after another miracle hand from Stephen!

Kathy Munroe was now all that was standing between Stephen and first place and the Manchester/Liverpool banter started to fly! Kathy goes all-in with AK and Stephen calls, with QQ! But Kathy lucks out when the flop comes down A 7 A, giving her trip aces. The turn comes down 8, with Kathy getting excited, but then the final card comes down Q giving Stephen a full house!

Very unlucky Kathy, but well done Stephen! What a final table!


99 Players turned up for the CPL Birmingham final, with plenty of familiar faces signing in!

Play started more or less on time with not many players dropping out before the break. After the break it was a different story as people started streaming out of the tournament, the more embarassed ones nipping off without signing out!

There were no massive dramas heading into the final table (though we did have to wait a while for Jim Griffiths to come back from the break! Where did you get to Jim?), with the final line-up looking like this:

Seat 1: 37,000 - Gwyn Pugh
Seat 2: 102,000 - Jason Pilipenko
Seat 3: 96,000 - Liam Sutton
Seat 4: 34,700 - Lee Haynes
Seat 5: 53,700 - James Street
Seat 6: 22,800 - Paul Stone
Seat 7: 36,700 - Jim Griffiths
Seat 8: 17,200 - Sebastian Piorowski
Seat 9: 135,000 - Simon Greene
Seat 10: 52,000 - Steve Ball

Straight away Paul Stone is all-in, but Liam Sutton calls with pocket jacks and Paul is out!

Jim Griffiths falls next and Sebastian Piorowski is reduced to a chip and a chair!

Lee haynes goes all-in, but manages to double up after hitting a straight on the river!

Sebastian goes all-in with A5, called by James Street with 33. Another 3 comes down on the flop, taking Sebastian out of the tournament!

Lee Haynes goes all-in again with 99. James Street calls with QJ and hits second Q on the Turn, taking Lee out.

Gwyn goes all-in, but James Street calls once more and takes Gwyn out of the tournament, QK against AK.

Simon Greene goes all-in with Q4, called by Steve Ball with pocket aces. Simon gets a straight on the river, leaving Steve short stacked.

Steve Ball goes all-in, J8 with Simon Greene returning the call with A7. Steve's luck goes south once more and he comes out in 5th.

Liam goes all-in now with JQ. Simon calls with 57! Liam doubles up easily.

James goes all-in, but everyone folds and he takes the blinds. He then goes all-in a second time, this time seen by Jason, who has to go all-in himself to call! Jason doubles up, but James is still in it. James goes all-in again, taking another set of blinds.

The blinds go up, now standing at 10,000/20,000. Simon Greene goes all-in and takes the blinds.

Jason Pilipenko now goes all-in with QA, called by Liam Sutton with pocket tens. Liam gets a full house, taking Jason out of the tournament, with Simon Greene going out the very next hand!

Finally it comes down to Liam Sutton and James Street heads up, but when James goes all-in Liam's Q9 unsuited manage to hold up, earning him first place!

Congratulations Liam and thanks to everyone who came along for helping make it such a great day!


Coming soon


The Aberdeen Quarterly Final was under way again with 49 players attending, each hoping to battle their way to first prize and the quarterly final trophy. The final was hotly contested and was over in just 6 hours. After just 4 hours of play we were down to the final table:

seat 1:Arnis Zeibots
seat 2:Gary Deas
seat 3:David Low
seat 4:Martin Davidson
seat 5:Andrew Hutcheon
seat 6:Daniel Logan
seat 7:Graeme Howe
seat 8:Pamela McGinley
seat 9:John Middleton
seat 10:Lee Buchan

After another hour of play we had lost Martin Davidson, Graeme Howe, Andrew Hutcheon and Arnis Zeibots respectively, we were then down to our final 6 with Pamela McGinley, Lee Buchan, John Middleton and Daniel Logan all taking home some of the prize pot and a seat in the National Final. Well Done.

Finally we were down to Heads Up which was hotly contested between current National Champion David Low and Gary Deas. David raised all in with 7-10 offsuit and Gary called with A-5 offsuit, with neither player hitting anything on the community cards Gary was then declared the winner with Ace high. Congratulations Gary!


Coming soon


The winner of the norfolk mini final was Russell Vickers!

He was in a long heads up battle with Kevin Game over 20 hands back and forth.

Russell started the heads up with a 4 to 1 chip stack over Kevin but slowly Kevin brought it back to level pegging and at one stage was ahead in the chip stacks.

The final hand that sealed the winner's fate was 9, 10 off suit for Russell and ace jack off suit for Kevin. With the flop coming 7, 8, 9, Kevins good hand now looked like getting beat by a pair of 9's then came the turn of a queen with no help to Kevin it was only an ace or jack that could save his final hopes and the river came a 6 sealing his fate giving a run to Russell and the winners trophy.


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