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Quarterly Final write-ups

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League

122 players arrived at Champions Poker League Quarterly Final being held at the Loose Cannon Club with play starting just after 2pm. After just 15 mins play we had our first casualty, Chris Cable, who got the biggest cheer of the day! At 7pm we were down to the 13 players that would qualify for the National final this September and an hour and half later we had the 6 players that were in the money. 9pm we were heads up Alison White from the Horns Tavern & David Brown from the Four Chesnuts. After 10 mins we had our showdown Alison had Queen 10, Dave Jack 4, the flop 2,6,4 the turn 2 and river Queen. Alison taking the £500 winers prize and the coverted crystal trophy!


Players started to register at 12 o'clock sharp and play began at bang on 2pm with a CPL record of 211 players. First out and the traditional CPL Cheer went up for first man out, Along Yin. Food Break took place at 4:30 play resuming at 5:30. At approx 9pm we had 21 players left all qualifing for the national final later in the year, an hour later we had the 10 players who were in the money. 11pm the big heads up show down, Edward & Luke, a pair of 6s v 10, 5. The flop 2, 4,7. The Turn 2 the river 4. Edward taking the £500 winners cheque and the coverted crystal trophy.


The Aberdeen Quarterly Final at the G casino was a great day. 51 players turned up on the day, Well done to the Crichie inn players with 5 of them making it to the final table but it ended up with two players from the Broadhill Bar that went heads up. Congratulations to Craig Birnie who won the 1st place prize of £500. Big thanks to the staff at the G casino, Hope to see u all there next time.


It was a busy day at the Scotland regional CPL final. It looked like we were in for an early finish as players were dropping like flies until we got to the final table and the event certainly tensed up. Eventually we had one of our later finishes as Barry Scott gamely grappled his way to victory loudly cheered by the always enthusiastic crowd from the Waverley Hotel. Barry spent the beginning of the tournament wandering hopelessly around the tables vainly attempting to locate his space...until we realised his name had been omitted off the seat plan! Maybe a lucky omen and I'm sure Barry will want us to do the same for him at the National Final!


The whole day took from 1 o'clock and finished approx 6 o'clock with a line up of 22 players out of the 33 registered. Out of the final 7 people on the final table the Crown public house was represented by 4 people!

Tim miller was the first out of the final table only bringing a small stack to the table with him, this left Adrian Dawson as the small stack at the table who managed to suvive an all-in call and double through with the blinds now up to 2000 and 4000. Within the next 3 hands Adam Briggs dropped to the wayside, closely followed by Adrian then Colin Ward. with the blind level now up to 3000 and 6000 Mark Briggs decided it was time for his all-in call, only to be beaten by Karl who was now the major chip leader heading into heads up. Heads up play lasted for about 4 hands when Laura had no choice but to go all in with her 7-4 suited hearts against karls k-10 suited. the K-10 held up crowning Karl Schoenrock as the winner of the Norfolk Quaterly Final!


Due to the Lancashire Final being held in Liverpool next week, we had an influx of Lancashire players coming to Leeds and they contributed well to the banter on the tables!

We had players from Louth in Lincolnshire and as far away as Bristol! Which is a coincidence as Jennifer Blenkinsopp from Selby is at Bristol next week!!

Unfortunately there always has to be a player to go out first and this year it was Steve Hewer from The Gypsy Moth in Selby. Sorry Steve but well done for making it to the final, I know the competition is tough at the Gypsy.

Cliff Meese from Maltby was chip leader at the break with approx 13,000 chips. With Andrew Walton 2nd chip leader.

Some I did see was the famous 72!!! But these were Suited! 72hearts against QQ Flop 4 5h Jh turn 6d Boooom Ah River to give David Rathbone Sheffield the A Flush

Ant Auty from Mirfield 72 All in only another 200 to call for Steve Quinn calls with his 103. Ant hits his 2 on the river, Ant hits Trip Jacks next hand, then triples up the following hand with 66 against 55 Flop comes Q 5 6 Boom trip 6’s against trip 5’s Ouch!

Final Table starts off with a BANG! AQ against AQ Split pot!

Helen Field from Wakefield Last Lady Standing… well done Helen!

Hands up who thinks A4 is a good hand? David Rathbone's all-in is called with A4. David turns his KK and hits his trip K on the flop. David wins.

David and Steve end up in heads up, with play going backward and forward but Steve taking most of the hands.

Finally Steve puts a small raise in David pushes all in with 57 off. Steve instant calls and turns over his AA.

The flop comes 10, 2, 4, the turn 6, river 5. Unlucky David but well played and well played as well to Steve who came back from 17k on 8/16k blinds with 54 suited to hit his 4 on the flop to make his straight giving him the opportunity to get to first position!


Star City has proven over the last few seasons to be a popular location for the Champions Poker League quarterly finalists and today was no exception with a strong turnout. Everyone was keen to get their hands on the prize pool along with the top 11 qualifying through to the National Final on September 18th and 19th.

Play started slower than normal with no-one busting out in the first two 20 minute blinds, then just before the food break we had the first player Shaun Edwards from the Old Coppers Malt House in Shrewsbury. As usual he was announced to the room as the first to exit and greeted with rapturous applause.

Play continued steadily until we reached the final table at about 8 o’clock. The final table positions and chips counts were as follows:

Seat 1 Rob Round 25,500 chips
Seat 2 Martin Lee 80,000 chips
Seat 3 Ade Clark 145,000 chips
Seat 4 John Mutch 60,500 chips
Seat 5 Peter Ryder 31,500 chips
Seat 6 Stephen Cox 13,000 chips
Seat 7 Stephen O’Reily 145,000 chips
Seat 8 Simon Greene 67,500 chips
Seat 9 Hayley Alexander 56,500 chips
Seat 10 Stephen Adams 29,000 chips

Well done to all the players who made the final table, all eyes were on Stephen Adams who won the last CPL quarterly final in April 2010 in Birmingham and was looking to ‘do the double’ although he wasn’t looking too strong with only 29,000 chips.

Play commenced and within 5 minutes we had our first out, Steven Cox from Sutton Coldfield who got busted on AQ suited, hitting AQ on the board only to be beaten by Ade Clark with a King straight!
Final table players continued to bust out with a great days’ poker played by our only female Hayley who finished 3rd. Well done Hayley!

And then it was down to heads up between Simon Green and Stephen Adams. Simon was dominating with 3 times more chips than Stephen and there was talk about splitting the prize pool but they couldn’t agree a deal so they decided to play on. Stephen clawed his way back into it with a couple of big hands which drew their chips about even. At this point they decided on a deal to split the cash but to continue on for the trophy. Stephen finally came through as the victor with his QJ holding out.

It should be mentioned that in CPL history no-one has ever won two quarterly finals in succession so well done to Stephen for pulling off this amazing feat. Two wins on the trot, two lots of cash and two trophies – not bad! Oh and the bragging rights!

Even though Stephens’ mates from the George were giving him some grief saying he will now be insufferable at their weekly poker games and that “he never wins in the pub!” credit must be given to him for a great days’ play. Maybe we should put a bounty on his head or take some odds on him at the National Finals in September? Comments on the forum please!

Well done to all players and thanks for a great day.


Gala Casino Liverpool Queens Dock.

One of the better views from any Casino I’ve been in and a great environment to play and work in, lots of activity in the dock during the day, Yachting, Rowing, Windsurfing and a Water Taxi kept us entertained during the day.

Only 46 players unfortunately due to most of the Lancashire players travelling to Leeds, when they see the pictures of the venue and the number of players they'll wish they hadn’t!

Play started at 12 noon and lunch not being till 3 we were in for a 2 hour stint before a break and then another hour until lunch, blinds went very fast losing players along the way, it became obvious we could have finished before Lunch! The guys showed their concerns so this was discussed with the TD “Roachy” Brian Roach, Roachy a 7 year veteran at the Liverpool Casino held the game together very well and adjusted the blinds at the break in order to “slow” the game down, this did the trick.

John “TAFF” Hatherell was the first to buy in, but managed to survive until the final table, well played Taff!

Next was Howard Collins all in with A8 with another 8 on the board but against JJ the Jacks hold up so “CHIPS” please….

Unlucky for Howard he quickly lost these chips also and was Liverpool’s first man down, Howard not too worried as he has already qualified for the Nationals. Now Howard just has to work out how he can look after his dog when he goes to the finals!

Nice action early on, on table 5, Anita Elfassy (a recent player only 7 games) Anita plays her AA against QQ Flop comes AQ! A pair of 8 give Carl Sullivan a queens over eights full house but Anita takes it with a full house aces over eights. Unlucky Carl.

2pm comes and we are down to 30 players already! Blinds at 400/800 some players only having a couple of blinds left, we adjusted the blind structure to slow the play down, which I think most agreed worked, especially Jason Sewerson. I think Jason was the biggest benefactor of this move as it let him make the Final Table 'just'. Well played Jason.

Liz Stocks was our first lady out just before the break unlucky Liz.

Nic Skellington was unlucky first hand after the break coming up against a straight! Unlucky Nic and I hope you do well on the Second Chance Sunday.

Steve Derbyshire from Lancashire! Pushes all in with 42 and wins 14.2k! 'Fortune Favours the Bold'!

Mark Mitchell has been dealing on Table 1 now for 3 hours, Neil Birtwell pushes with his 34, Mark has to call due to value and what he has to add to the call, Mark has 22! Hits 2 pair with 77 coming out BOOM goodbye Neil.

Our last lady standing goes out to Roy’s trip 9’s well Done Anita not a bad game to say only 7 games with CPL. Good luck in Second Chance Sunday!

Not a great heads up final but Neil pushes with A9 Mark again calls as chip leader with his 33 and they hold up leaving Mark Mitchell the winner of the Liverpool Quarterly Final!


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