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Manchester and Luton results

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
The results are now in for our Luton and Manchester Finals!

First up, Luton:

1 Gary GMAN Morfett

2 Kevin Guvnor Webb

3 Alan Wong

4 Karen Walker

5 Clint Johnson

6 david black

7 Paul Need the Points Womack

8 David Knobby Clarke

9 Dave Usher

10 Sandra Big Tits Tyler

11 Chris Starling

12 Richard Adams

13 Wayne Mullin

14 Gareth GazTD Shreeve

15 Jonathan raz Stewart

16 Dave Spook Bullen

17 Jason Jones

18 michael mickeybo borland

19 Richard Easie Eason

20 Keith da bollox Boon

21 Janos Pellei

22 Jamie DIMMER Dimmer

23 Maureen mo jo Foster

24 John the pipe Jermy

25 shaun nash

26 John King

27 Laszlo Janos

28 Csaba Juhasz

29 Mark Cunningham

30 Colin Stan Roberts

31 Carol Mccann

32 Steve Lawman

33 Luke Alderson

34 Dan Hicks

35 Johnson Morpeus Lazare

36 Graham Harrison

37 Kevin Pritchard

38 Dave Shaggy Dog Storey

39 Joe on the go Gast

40 Daniel Chandler Chandler

41 Andrew Locke

42 Ernest Lai


44 Roy Marino

45 David Devilbish Bishop

46 Nigel HUSTLER Semark

47 Liz Shaw

48 Carl Jackal Prior

49 Colin Gekko Lee

50 Mark Rennie

51 Mark Bean Stringer

52 Karl pokerkid Hill

53 Joanne 7174 Hill

54 Colin Mingler Woodley

55 George Brown

56 John Kent


58 Chris the shamrock Mcmullan

59 Diane Corby

60 Domenico Trypod Borromeo

61 Amy Ghag

62 Kiran kizzy kiss Haire

63 David Lee

64 Colin melon Welch

65 Tim Cumberland

66 Andrew Nobby Clegg

67 Mark swerve Harvey

68 Bill Wilson

69 Tony Little Moon Brown

70 Rupert Townsend

71 Paul Savage

72 Antony Smith

73 Rod Deacon

74 David Casper Howell

75 Sarah Blackburn

76 Daniel millhouse Miller

77 Andrew Jim Jameson

78 Declan Sheeran

79 Danny Matthews

80 Karen Kaz Darmanin

81 David topdog Clarke

82 Samuel Sam Spears

83 Bill The Cat Johnson

84 Mark Davis

85 Ben Yeomans

86 David Bennett

87 claire mumford

88 Lorraine Ridley

89 Tony TK Klimas

90 Adam Poiley Poile

91 Christian Viva Lorentzen

92 Martin Coote

93 Mick Pickford

95 Lorenzo Booter Viscusi

96 Michael Mick Taylor

97 Jason Muzza Murray

98 Carl Douglas

99 Steve OneArmBandit Turner

100 Duncan Wilkie

101 Valerie Walter

102 Alison White

103 Nick Tawn

104 Ross Talbot

105 gary birch

106 Luke Simms

107 Natalie Childs

108 Mark Taffinator Kingdon

109 clive lawrence-teulon

110 Steve Leeds

111 Graeme Greenwood

112 Steve Texas Coughlan

113 Clare Bunnie89 Prentice

114 Dan Cresser

115 Ian The Legend Curtis

116 Nigel Jackson

117 Rob Townsend

118 Rees Rees Watson

119 Sara Laing

120 Ryan Cottis

121 Avril How Much Chambers

122 Tommy Tommy Gun Mitchell

123 George Eore Henson

124 Jason Supasparks Littlefield

125 Graham Hoyle

126 Christopher Pinkey Field

127 Craig Westbrook

128 Carl Carlos Anderson

129 James Kasey

130 Luke Douse

131 Andrew Fuller

132 Wendy Ridley

133 alan warn

134 Will Geordie Daglish

135 Jim Mccann

136 Debbie Gunns

137 Michael Chasman Butler

138 Paul Obiwan Lydiate

139 Steve Bunker

140 Barrington Baz Belgrave

141 Colin Lagertop Clark

142 John Pheonix34 Canavan

143 Terry Lord

144 Adam Kenyon

145 Charlotte Freeland

146 Glenn Bonehead Timson

147 Katherine quizmaster Dean

148 Tom Gi Tom Callaghan

149 Jamie Jamie Tip Coombs

150 Luigi LTW Guerriero

151 Jonathan Maddix

152 Dave Marlow

153 Daren DELBOY Marks

154 richard brillo sargent

155 loza browne

156 Ken Cabbie Potts

157 Nick Noonan

158 Larry legend Farmer

159 Rick Ricky Gojkovic

160 Danny ALLOUT Mcclements

We had 188 players turn up for the final, making it the biggest CPL Quarterly final to date! This meant that the prize pool stood at the full 2000!

Having so many players made for a fantastic atmosphere, with the card room approaching the seating limit!

The tournament was long and gruelling, but at the end it came down to just two players, Gary Morfett from The Sportsman and Kevin Webb from The Marigold. However with 188 players worth of chips in play the heads up between the two looked to be a long one. Instead the players decided to split the money and both won a prize of 650!

Theres only one Quarterly Final trophy though, and it doesn't split! One last hand decided the winner. Kevin played Jack, Queen. Gary played Ace, Three. The flop was 9, 5, Ace, the turn 2, the river 3, giving Gary aces over threes to Kevin's Queen high.

That means that Gary Morfett was our Luton Champion, taking home the coveted Quarterly Final Trophy!

The biggest cheer and applause of the day was for the ironically nicknamed Danny 'Allout' McClements, who was the first casulty of the day. Better luck next time Danny!

Next up, Manchester

1 David bridgey Bridge

1 Christopher Stephens

3 Frank Zaffereley Nicholson

4 Keith Chatters Chapman

5 Robert the river Curran

6 Craig spike Jones

7 Jonathon jonty Gerrard

8 John DAYTONA Mainland

9 Anthony Ant Browitt

10 Jackie jackpot Potts

11 dave thomas

12 Mathew McStay

13 Neil ABBO Abbott

14 Neil Grundy

15 Peter late again Pierce

16 Mark Pearson

17 Julie POKER BITCH Bartram

18 Garry travs Travers

19 Edward Eddie Odonnell

20 Stephen Stickelback Mitchell

21 Howard howi Collins

22 Byron Toulmin

23 Mark Davis

24 Jeff Mad Max Eardley

25 dominic donkey f3st holliday

26 Bill BILLY WHIZZ Shorrock

27 Steven Smith

28 David doc Pilling

29 Terence Tez Hayde

30 Steve Short Stack Dagnall

31 Kevin kevster Brown


33 Erskine Elleyne

34 Andrew Jock Ritchie

35 karl harry swetnam

36 Ian Forrest Mayall

37 Maxwell Evans

38 gary gus wilkinson

39 Graham be-bop Penny

40 Steven THE MOLE Connor

41 Alan Firth

42 Ant White Shark Whalley

43 Darren Daz Lockett

A great day was had by all, the game was fast paced until the final 2 tables. Then came the grind and a suprise flurry of hands resulting in only 8 players making it to the final table.

David Bridge hit the final table massively short stacked, but a few well timed "all-in" calls took him through to a heads-up match with Chris Stevens. Both players decided to cut a deal and split the top two placings prize money.


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