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Quarterly Final Reports part 1

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
Champions Poker League has had its biggest ever set of Quarterly Finals, with close to 600 players from across the country playing in finals from Scotland down to Luton. Luton recorded the biggest field out of the lot with an immense 188 players whilst Grosvenor Walsall had a huge 108 runners.

Photos are available in the gallery.


We had a great turnout at Bristol, with sixty entrants in total. This resulted in a slight delay as we had to find additional seating for the extra players!

The tournament started in a relatively tame manner, with no players dropping out of the tournament for the first two levels (although there were a lot of rebuys). Obviously this couldn’t last and just moments into the third blind level Radi Al-Aqqad signed out. Things weren’t so bad for poor Radi though, as Grosvenor card room supervisor Steve Minnett was on hand to present him with a great booby prize, a full chipset!

Things started speeding up from that point on, with three more players dropping out before the break.

PLEASE NOTE – During the break several of our players walked away from the table with their chips. This is not allowed in casino tournaments as those chips are the same chips used in cash tournaments. Please do not take chips away from the table, no matter what system you use during the breaks in your pub, it is not allowed in casinos.

Player dropout continued to increase in speed after the break and by the second break we were already down to 27 players (though this may have been in part due to distraction from the Man Utd v Tottenham match on the plasma screens around the room). Pretty soon we were down to our 9-man final table.

The last 9 were as follows:

Aaron Rosser
Adam Edghill
Ben Theobald
David Nicholls
Fred Collins
Nigel Blair
Nik Gornall
Seb Worrall
Tim Edghill

Unfortunately not everyone going into the final table had comparable chip stacks, resulting in the quick loss of Nigel and Fred. The rest of the final table was characterised by a series of one on one duels, including a pair of hands where Ace Jack squared off against Ace Queen both times (though with the cards changing players for the second hand) with no real winner either time. Poor Aaron Rosser went out in sixth, missing out on the prize money, but Grosvenor came to the rescue once again and cheered him up with a free chipset!

The final heads up was between David Nicholls and Ben Theobald. The duel didn’t last too long with Ben going home the winner of the £300 first prize after gaining a victory with pocket fives.

Congratulations to Ben, David, Seb, Adam, Nik, and Aaron who will all be going through to the National Finals in September!

Special congratulations also have to go out to the lads from the Market House Inn, three of whom (Adam, Tim and Ben) all made the final table, despite trying throughout the tournament to knock each other out in order to win a personal bet!

Also we’d like to give an extra hello to all of the West Midlands players from the Maya bars and the Wychbury Inn who made the journey down to the final. We hope you enjoyed the day and maybe we’ll see you there again!

1 Ben Theobald
2 David Nicholls
3 Seb Worrall
4 Adam Edghill
5 Nick Gornall
6 Aaron Rosser
7 Tim Edghill
8 Fred Collins
9 Nigel Blair
10 Pete Edmunds
11 Adrian Hills
12 Paul Wonnacott
13 Dean Cartwright
14 Robert Thompson
15 Michael Weller
16 Sam Crowther
17 Amanda Collett
18 Paul Shortell
19 George Jacobs-mccann
20 Ben Hoyal
21 Darren Mullen
22 Nigel Rosser
23 Rob Knox
24 Christopher Lake
25 Adonis Tingzon
26 Simon Hawkins
27 Christine Purdy
28 Thomas Fouracres
29 Michelle Morton
30 Sean Weir
31 Ian Quinn
32 Henry Franks
33 Martin Newcomb
34 Yim Ross
35 Peter Keens
36 Peter Collins
37 Dan Pearce
38 Kevin Robinson
39 Carl Wyatt
40 John Rosser
41 Ross Lawrence
42 Stu Leader
43 Leigh Acton
44 Andrew Bloomer
45 Ben Watkins
46 Kelvin Griffin
47 Alex Lees
48 Jonnie Gaines
49 steven Mills
50 Pete Stamps
51 Stephen Knowles
52 Lewis Hounslow
53 Clive Lintern
54 Tony Barney
55 Alan Stevens
56 John Lock
57 Radi Al-aqqad


The Leeds quarterly final was enjoyed by all players who attended, with many of the players never having set foot in a casino before.

Play was fast and furious with the final table dropping from 9 players to the final 5 in just a couple of hands.

Despite this, the heads up match between Jane Simpson and John Edwards was significantly more sedate, taking over 45 minutes! The chip lead swung back and forth between the two players like a pendulum until the first place trophy (along with the prize money) was finally claimed by Jane.

A special hello to all the 3 Tuns players who made the journey up to the final all the way from Staffordshire, especially John Edwards who made the final showdown so dramatic!

1 Jane Simpson
2 John Edwards
3 Hedley Goddard
5 John Shenton
6 Alan Bridges
7 John ross Lane
9 Adrian Wray
11 Claire Wright
13 Dylan Stevenson
14 Sally Toms
15 Neil Hirst
16 David Grimmett
17 Neil Coulson
18 Gavin Roberts
19 Kristian Burbidge
20 Chris Binnsy
20 Matthew Waddington
22 Stephen Ruffett
23 Anthony Williams
24 Andrew Tomlinson
25 Alwyne Cocking


This report comes from our first time tournament director Steve Heald:

It was my first involvement with a regional final, so I was unsure what to expect. The first thing that struck me was the enthusiasm of the players. Some were literally waiting on the doorstep for the casino to open!

We had a healthy number, 69 attended, and everyone was certainly keen to enhance their chances as we had plenty of re-buys and add-ons. That means one person must have been supremely confident to be the only one playing without the boost of extra chips!

The day ran smoothly, no issues or problems, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Many commented about how well it went, which was pleasing as some of the players had travelled as far as from Inverness to attend.

The second half of the event moved rapidly and we soon got down to a last table of 8, consisting of:

Anthony Short
Charles Donaldson
James Page
Jim Barton
Peter McKinsley
Ross Macnay
Scott Morton
Scott Robertson

Congratulations to Peter who won the first place prize and went home with the Quarterly Final trophy. Congratulations also to the Cliffburn hotel, who had two players finish in the prize money, including pub manager Anthony!

The final table was expertly run by the casino's tournament manager, Robin, who was supreme throughout and helped to make a good day into a great one! Many people enjoyed the food promos and one lucky chap took advantage of the free coin token to drop £100 out of the machine.

So a good day all round and I look forward to doing it again in April.

1 Peter Mckinsley
2 Scott Morton
3 Tony Short
4 Ross Macnay
5 Jim Barton
6 Scott Robertson
7 James Page
8 Charlie Donaldson
10 Richard Tweeddale
11 Dan Marshall
12 David Kilcar
13 Dougie Malloy
14 Shona Denham
15 Joey Muir
16 James Morrison
17 Andy Forsyth
18 Tony Robertson
19 Paul Murray
20 Barry Findlay
21 Niall Gosman
22 Kerry Morrison
23 Ally Horne
24 Craig Penman
25 kuba osowski
26 James Crossland
27 Susan Morrison
28 Craig Forbes
30 Eammon OBoyle
31 Craig Thoms
32 Dick Farquarson
33 Lorraine Sinclair
34 Jamie Stewart
35 Robert Brown
37 Kevin Morton
38 Alastair Elliott
39 Chris Halladay
40 Chris Walkingshaw
42 Robert Morgan
43 Edward Montgomery
44 Kevin Sykes
45 Mark Atchison
46 Martin Graham
47 Rodger Smith
48 Graeme Howe
49 Allan Mundy
50 Cora Winters
52 Kevin Milne
53 tommy walker
54 Kevin Clark
55 Alan Barnes
56 Jamie Omeara
57 George McKinsley
58 Peter Farrell
59 James Grant
60 Ashley Rose
61 GeorgeJnr McKinsley
62 Gordon Scott
63 John Reidy
64 Carol Scholes
65 Gordon Pope


All the players at Walsall had a good time with some good table banter going on. Lots of the players have gotten to know each other well over the last two and half years so it was a time to catch up with old friends.

Although we kept the same blind structure as with previous Quarterly Finals, players seemed to be knocking themselves out quicker this time with Phil Inman (one of the regulars from the Maya Bar) being knocked out after only about 30 minutes. This raised an embarrassing cheer from the other players when we announced it to everyone!

Final table finishing positions were as follows (in order) –

Michael Nabbs
Hayley Mills
Matt Cromwell
Mel Shipley
Steve Clark
Anthony Borsley
Adam Faithfull
Matt Barnes
Adam Bailey

Special congratulations should be given to Hayley who made it to the final table representing the girls. She is also Adam’s (the winner’s) girlfriend so they had a lot to be happy about.

Steve Clark, who has played at the last 6 Quarterly Finals but never made it through to the Nationals, finally made it after a great performance!

The game between Matt and Adam was a great spectacle since Matt had over 500K in chips against Adam’s 100K when they started the heads up. Adam clawed his way back by doubling up a couple of times and stealing a few blinds and eventually won with a pair of 10’s.

Play finished at just after 10 o’clock with Adam on his way back to Shrewsbury to celebrate his victory with his friends.

Thanks to Zack at Grosvenor for another well run event and thanks to all the players for attending.

1 Adam Bailey
2 Mathew Barnes
3 Adam Faithfull
4 Anthony Borsley
5 Steve Clark
6 melvin shipley
7 Matt Cromwell
8 Hayley Mills
9 Michael Nabbs
10 Jonathon Taylor
11 Charles Wetton
12 Veronica Davis
13 Martin Gough
14 Katherine Wetton
15 Stephen Sault
16 Ian Carter
17 Martin Harvey
18 Alan Turner
19 Stephen Cox
20 Michael john Porter
21 Dean Barton
22 Rob Bell
23 Gary Gollins
24 Karen Scougall
25 Anthony Turner
26 Nick Mobley
27 roland espinosa
28 Kerry Turner
29 Danny Moore
30 Jimmy Walker
31 Freda Lucas
32 Shaun Kynaston
33 helen chandler
34 Martin Mccurdie
35 Mark Broomhall
36 Leif Galtress
37 Anthony Fox
38 Daren Foley
39 Tim Billingham
40 Daniel James
41 Charles Ashton
42 Johanna Bridger
44 Marc Wiggin
45 Vic Isaac
46 Peter Bibbings
47 Mark Grimeswilliams
48 Laurent Damay
49 Chris Hatch
50 Patrick Buchanan
51 Rob Broad
52 Nigel Huntbach
53 Michelle Cromwell
54 Charlotte Ayres
55 Martin Sharp
56 Danny Bessey
57 Steve Wheatley
58 Peter Grabowski
59 Jon Revis
60 Simon Horan
61 Sergio Ferdenzi
62 Dave Clark
63 Andy Clarke
64 Jim Gough
65 Sonia Okeefe
66 Tommy Mould
67 Penny Stirland
68 Darren Walters
69 Peter Soars
70 Luke Bessey
71 Derek Young
71 Richard Beagley
72 matthew quincey
73 Joanne Redfern
74 Liz Maxted-bluck
75 Michael Hudson
76 Anthony Hammond
77 Paul Mullett
78 Steve Grainger
79 Steven Roberts
80 Paul Eversden
82 Tom Green
83 Dave Dillow
84 Perry Hemus
85 Lloyd Ramsay
86 Paul Stone
87 Elizabeth Williams
88 pete noakes
89 Simon Barratt
90 Gary Jones
91 Paul Brown
92 Paul Dutton
93 Rachel Mullett
94 Stephen Mcleod
95 Robin Copson
96 Chadd Foster
97 Paul Dew
98 Mark Wallis
99 Mark Newbold
100 Jo Dee
101 Richard Chapman
102 Richard Craig
103 Phillip Inman


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