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Leeds, Bristol and Scotland

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
Ok, our quarterly finals have now finished and we're ready to start putting up the results! All of the results will be uploaded this week, write-ups and photos will follow. We will have photos from all six finals for you to see. First up is Leeds. The top five players have qualified through to the National Final.

1.Alan Bridges
2.Kain Pisarkiewecz
3.Paul Hudson
4.Craig Browne
5.Gavin Roberts
6.Claire Wright
7.Martyn Cotton
8.Lee Pearson
9.Kevin Lewis
10.Andy Green
11.A Williams
12.Gary Henderson
13.James Horner
14.Alan Foster
15.David Grimmett
16.Will McNelly
17.Luke Mitchell
18.Jonathan Cresswell
19.George Jamieson
20.Matt Kelly
21.Dave Tindall
22.Chris Wray

This final finished about 8:30 pm. A deciding moment was Paul Hudson going all in with trip 8's, losing out to a straight which fell on the river, leaving him with third place. We have recently increased our sales presence in the Leeds area so the number of venues will be increasing over the coming months so look out or a lot more runners next time at the quarterly final.

Next up, Scotland. The top six players from this final have qualified through to the National Final.

1.Robert Forsyth
2.Rodger Smith
3.Chris Barton
4.Jason McDonald
5.Usman Khalid
6.Chris Lyons
7.Jamie Stewart
8.Ian Dewar
9.Stefano Vessella
10.Ally Horne
11.Johnnie McGinley
12.Dick Farquarson
13.Scott Morton
14.Jason Macuie
15.Thomas Ridley
16.Craig Thomas
17.George Burns
18.Ross Macnay
19.Cora Winters
20.Barry Findlay
21.David Kilcar
22.Robert Hunter
23.Tam Kilday
24.Niall Gosman
25.Kyle Crabb
26.Shaun Khan
27.Tony Short
28.Andrew Witts
29.Frank Burns
30.Rhandir Koli
31.James Grant
32.Chris Walkingshaw
33.Rob Holden
34.Mark Hampton
35.David Kerr
36.Andy Forsyth
37.Dougie Malloy
38.Susan Morrison
39.Wilson Docherty
40.Alastair Elliott
41.Peter McKinsley
42.Don Milne
43.Alan Mundy
44.Chris Fairclough
45.Mark Atchison
46.Dionne Hunter
47.Brendan Fitzsimmons
48.Michael Clinton
49.Jon Pennycook
50. James Walker
51. Karene Murray

Finally, the Bristol final. The top six players have qualified from this final through to the National Final as well.

1.Terry Rudge
2.Tim Edghill
3.Ben Theobald
4.Rob Knox
5.Jan Grzesiak
6.Leigh Acton
7.Christopher Lake
8.Craig Fry
9.Michael Pinch
10.Darrell Maynard
11.David Nicholls
12.Katie Rolls
13.Danny Moore
14.Clive Lintern
15.Michael Weller
16.Diane Evans
17.Julia Thomas
18.Stu Leader
19.Jonnie Gaines
20.Thomas Fouracres
21.Lewis Hounslow
22.Christine Purdy
23.Peter Collins
24.John Speak
25.Deepak Parmar
26.Simon Hawkins
27.Martin Newcomb
28.Marc Phillipps
29.Mark Wilson
30.Amanda Collett
31.Mark Waters
32.Eddie Butters
33.Owen Taylor
34.Paul Wonnacott
35.Adam Edghill
36.Claire Hennah
37.Robert Thompson
38.Darren Mullen
39.Pete Edmuneds
40.Dan Pearce
41.Ed Best
42.Tony Barney
43.Stuart Mcilroy
44.Jason Rosato
45.Andrew Hobbs
46.Joseph Alexander
47.Craig Thatcher
48.Ronald Barrett
49.Ben Watkins
50.Kevin Robinson

Condolences to Kevin Robinson, who was first out, better luck next time! Terry Rudge won with pocket jacks against ace, two with a flop of nine, seven, king followed by a two on the turn and a 4 on the river.


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