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Bristol, Manchester, Walsall

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
We now have the results in for the finals at Bristol, Manchester and Walsall, along with photos of the events.

First up, Bristol!

We had exactly 50 runners at the Bristol final, just tipping the prize pool into the 750 band. The overall winner was Leigh Acton who walked away with 300!

Full results are as follows:

1. Leigh Acton
2. Scott Grenney
3. Radi Al-aqqad
4. Diane Evans
5. Craig Fry
6. Michael Carver
7. Emma Williams
8. Lyndon Harper
9. Matthew Wood
10. Adam ceri Edghill
11. Michelle Morton
12. Peter Stamps
13. Lee Williams
14. Nigel Rosser
15. Michael Thorpe
16. John Hancock
17. Damien Wood
18. David Nicholls
19. Robert Purdy
20. Max Murrain
21. Darren Goble
22. Gary Phibbs
23. Darren Walters
24. John Benford
25. Julia Thomas
26. Gareth Wheeler
27. Tim Billingham
28. Christine Purdy
29. Dave Jenkins
30. Emma lee Norman
31. Tim Rosser
32. Darren Mullen
33. Mark Wilson
34. George Jacobs
35. Marc Phillips
36. Timothy Julian Edghill
37. Jack Roberts
38. Steve Clark
39. Bobby Norman
40. Scott Mcconnell
41. Nick Hennah
42. Craig Thatcher
43. Daniel Matovic
44. Darrell Maynard
45. Kevin Robinson
46. Joe Leighton-Trew
47. Ronald Frederick Barrett
48. Claire Hennah
49. Ian Quinn
50. Mick Harris

Next up, our Manchester Final.

Full results were as follows:

1. David Cohen Parkfield Inn
2. Gareth Jones
3. Bryony Little
4. Nic Skellington
5. John Mainland
6. Ron Porter
7. Rob Garvin
8. Laurence Clyne
9. Dave Bridges
10. Wendy Sutton
11. Andy Ritchie
12. Guy Stansfield
13. Steven Connor
14. Rob Curran
15. Martin Dudleston
16. Howard Collins
17. Phil Thorpe
18. Mark Davies
19. Lisa Irving
20. Stewart Kelly
21. Dean Larder
22. Steven Mitchell
23. Chris Johnson
24. Colin Owen
25. Neil Davies
26. Mark Mojsej
27. Lee Thompson
28. Steve Tunstall
29. Phil Hunt
30. Kevin Brown
31. Brett Little
32. Ian Such
33. Neil Johnson
34. Steven Smith
35. Kieron Hailwood

There were 39 runners on the day, but four people left without signing out so we don't have finishing positions for them.

We had two ladies make it all the way through to the final four with Bryony Little dazzling everyone by coming back from the brink time after time. When it came to heads up both David Cohen and Gareth Jones played aggressive games, at one point both going all-in with what turned out to be identical hands of Ace seven!

In the end there can only be one winner, and this time it was David Cohen who walked away with 200! David will also be taking his quarterly final trophy back to his local venue, the Parkfield Inn, to sit next to last season's Manchester quarterly final trophy, won by Andy Paton, another Parkfield Inn player!

Finally we come to Walsall.

Due to staffing problems on the day and the overwhelming number of attending players we were unable to collect the full list of finishing positions.

1. Chris Nicol
2. Ian Bird
3. Rob Campbell
4. Adam Bailey
5. Richard Morgan
6. Darren Fletcher
7. Dave Whyle
8. Eddie Herbert
9. Penny Stirland
10. Sean Weir
11. Marvyn Malicki
12. James Cox
13. Anthony Turner
14. Vic Isaac
15. Daren Foley
16. John Shenton
17. Wayne Turnor
18. Warren Allen
19. Aaron Dodd
20. Craig Frost
21. Liz Maxted-Bluck
22. Tom Herbert
23. Anthony Parker
24. Stephen Hinton
25. Peter Bibbings
26. Leigh Roberts
27. Chris Carter
28. Dave Grimmett
29. Gav Roberts
30. Rebecca Court
31. Paul Eversden
32. Steve Woodhams

The casino at Walsall was absolutely crammed, with 140 players turning up to play in the tournament.

Play started late due to all the new registrations, starting at just after five, and lasted all the way through till 2am Sunday morning.

Congratulations have to go to the winner Chris Nicol who won despite Ian Bird starting their heads-up with a massive chip advantage. Ian got knocked out after going all in on an unfortunate hand and Chris took home the trophy and the 400 first prize after just ten minutes heads-up!

Special mention should go to Penny Stirland, who only started playing recently but was the only lady to make it to the final table. Penny was so chuffed she got everyone on the table to sign a poster for her to remember the occasion.

Another special mention should go to Tom Green, though he'd probably rather we didn't mention that he was first out. Better luck next time Tom!


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