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Bristol and Leeds

Champions Poker League, the UK's #1 Pub Poker League
The first two of our five quarterly finals were held this past Saturday at the Grosvenor casinos in Bristol and Leeds and both were great successes!

We had a fantastic turn out at the Bristol casino, with the number of confirmed players approaching the card room's capacity!

Everyone who turned up on the day had a great time, but in the end there can only be one winner and on the day that was Craig Thatcher, the manager of the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol!

There were some interesting moments on the final table, with third place player Alister Williams going out after going all-in pitting his ace, jack hand against Craig Thatcher's two, eight but losing out when another two and another eight turned up, but no aces or jacks. Runner-up Timothy Edghill played impressively, but was short stacked upon reaching the final table and despite doubling up several times, didn't manage to face down Craig, who won using pocket aces.

Here is the full list of qualifying players, please note that all players ranked 17th and above have qualified for our National Final.

1st: Craig Thatcher
2nd: Timothy Edghill
3rd: Alister Williams
4th: Kris Holder
5th: Elaine Bendelow
6th: James Wileman
7th: Emma Colmer
8th: Tristan Stride
9th: Joy Miller
10th: Adonis Tingzon
11th: Edward Butters
12th: Adam Bassett
13th: Adam Butler
14th: Patrick Lamb
15th: Craig Fry
16th: Robery Purdy
17th: Gareth Clements
18th: Ronald Barrett
19th: Janeck Grzesiak
20th: John Hancock
21st: Mark Davison
22nd: Alex Cole
23rd: Peter Stamps
24th: Neil Barker
25th: Andrew O'Rourke
26th: Tom Foracers
27th: Dan Parr
28th: Damien Wood
29th: Leigh Acton
30th: Marie Hawkins
31st: Michelle Morton
32nd: Joe Leighton - Trew
33rd: Claire Hennah
34th: Phil Biddiscombe
35th: Gary Bendelow
36th: Scott Grenney
37th: Adam Edghil
38th: David Winslade
39th: Mohit Dutta
40th: Stuart McIlroy
41st: Nigel Blair
42nd: Andrew Jones
43rd: George
44th: Jon Lucas
45th: Daniel Prinn
46th: Daniel Tyson
47th: Christine Purdy
48th: Martin Banks
49th: Michael O'Driscoll
50th: Chris Dawson
51st: Paul Clarke
52nd: Steve Aldworth
53rd: Ed Best
54th: Michael Harris
55th: Greg Palmer
56th: Julia Thomas
57th: Glyn Nessbert
58th: Clive Lintern
59th: Will Parker
60th: Kevin Robinson
61st: Nick Poulsom
62nd: Radi Al-Aqqad
63rd: Owen Taylor
64th: Michael Ricketts
65th: Clint Taylor
66th: Stephan Lane
67th: Ben Davies

Leeds had a smaller turnout than Bristol, but still more than enough to host a great tournament.

Players came to the final from as far afield as the Zoar Inn in Forfar, Scotland to play, even though poor Mark and Trevor (who made a 600 mile round trip!) didn't make it to qualifying positions.

The top ten players, all of whom qualify through to our National Final, are as follows:

1st : Neil Stirrat
2nd : Charles Whitelaw
3rd : Andrew Gott
4th : Iain O'Neil
5th : Robert Edwards
6th : Jason Poole
7th : Lee Robson
8th : Neil Hirst
9th : Ian Read
10th : Chris Mitchell

The overall winner, Neil Stirrat, played very impressively on the day, recovering from the unenviable position of only have 500 chips remaining to win the tournament.

Neil is pictured below with his fellow players, Champions Poker League representative Nick Garbett and his winning hand, the Jack and Ace of Diamonds.


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