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Walsall Manchester and Luton

The remaining three quarterly finals for the league have now been held and the results are in!

First up, the Walsall final. Despite only having a pool of players, the Walsall final lasted a full six hours!

Play was very tight on the day, with few people sticking their neck out early on. The first player out, Gordon Langton lasted a solid seventy-five minutes before dropping out.

When the 28-man tournament got down to it's final table, the game looked like this:

Luisa Tarczynski - 28,400
Charles Wetton - 16,600
Brian Plumb - 15,500
Mark Broomhall - 14,700
Wayne Turner - 14,500
Tom Herbert - 9,600
Aaron Saini - 4,800
Stephen Sault - 4,100
John Edmunds - 3,800

Only the top seven from the tournament were going to qualify for the national and unfortunately it was Aaron Saini and John Edmunds who took the fall.

When heads up came around it was Brian Plumb and Charles Wetton who were staring each other down. The deciding hand was where Brian Plumb picked up the ace of clubs and the seven of clubs while Charles Wetton picked up the jack of clubs and the three of clubs.

A jack came down on the turn but the river card gave Brian the nut flush and that just about cleaned Charles out. A few hands later he was out as Brian made two pairs.

Highest losing hand went to Gordon Langton, first man out, who lost with kings full of sevens against kings full of queens.

Feedback for the final was fantastic, with Brian being carried out of the Grosvenor Casino on the shoulders of a cheering crowd! Thanks to all the players who attended and we hope to see you next time!

The full final placings were as follows
1 Brian Plumb
2 Charles Wetton
3 Mark Broomhall
4 Tom Herbert
5 Luisa Tarczynski
6 Stephen Sault
7 Wayne Turner
8 Aaron Saini
9 John Edmunds
10 Rob Broad
11 Ian Bird
12 Carl Langford
13 Lee Broomhall
14 Mervyn Malicki
15 Shaun Street
16 Robert Box
17 Grahan Moore
18 Craig Frost
19 TJ Delaney
20 Tom Green
1 Eddie Herbert
22 Nicola Williscroft
23 Tosh Herbert
24 Liz Maxted
25 Eric Jones
26 Marc Wiggin
27 Michael Taylor
28 Gordon Langton

Next up, Manchester!

1 Andy Paton
2 Steven Mitchell
3 Gareth Jones
4 David Bridge
5 Peter Pierce
6 Andrew Cairns
7 Neil Johnson
8 Ben Senogles
9 Nic Skellington
10 Rob Curran
11 Steven Burnard
12 Dean Larder
13 Arwel Jones
14 Rebecca Pimblott
15 Chris Ponticorvo
16 Erskine Elleyne
17 Matthew Postlewaite
18 Terry Hayde
19 Greg Howson
20 Steve Griffin
21 Max Evans
22 Stuart Kelly
23 Andy Ritchie
24 Oliver Petty
25 Carl Cribbin
26 Simon Ramscar
27 Lee Thompson
28 Daniel Bracken
29 Wendy Sutton
30 Elliot Braybrook
31 Steven Smith
32 Chris Johnson
33 James Mallion
34 Mariz Davis
35 Carl Wheeler
36 Chris Walkden
37 Jonathon Gerrard
38 Keith Kenyon
39 Phil Hunt
40 Mark Thompson
41 Ron Porter
42 Liam Dennehy
43 Paul Warner
44 Ian Such
45 John Scellington
46 Lisa Irving
47 Steven Connor
48 Steve Tunstall
49 Neil Davis
50 Lee Howard
51 Jason Ashall
52 Lawrence Kline

Lawrence Kline from the Parkfield Inn pub was our first man out on the very first hand. He was given a huge cheer but what can you do when you go all in against a royal flush! He had an ace and a nine suited. The flop came up with an ace, a ten and a queen all of clubs which suited Terry Haig from the Fusilier just fine, as he had the king and jack of clubs. Terry played it slow and poor Lawrence went straight out.

Some great poker was played. We had several cases of a four of a kind beating out a full house, so our winner for the highest losing hand bottle of bubbly was constantly changing.

Ben Senogles won the Turbo Tournament and there is a picture of him with Ian Such manager of Roaring Winds with the rest of the photos on flickr. The Grosvenor staff were fantastic and everyone had a great time!

Finally we have the Luton final!

1 Bertrand Robert
2 Jack Allanby
3 Brian Giffart
4 Teo Bozic
5 Nigel Harris
6 Jackie Regan
7 Sandra Tyler
8 Magna Bednarska
9 Craig Morrison
10 Pilipp Faehndrich
11 Glenn Green
12 Mathew Naylor
13 Duncan Wilkie
14 Roger Carey
15 Tony Brown
16 Darren Dyer
17 Rees Watson
18 Rebeca Cullen
19 Ken Potts
20 Simon Parker
21 Luke Lorch
22 Richard Brindley
23 Jem Morey
24 James McKenzie
25 Ian Cliff
26 Tom Callaghan
27 Jason Cook
28 Stuart Hathaway
29 Ashley Booker
30 Terezia Mrazova
31 Gary Taylor
32 Ian Wilkins

Winner of the 200 Turbo Tournament event was Mr Duncan Wilkie. Full details and photos to follow.