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Big changes to finals!

***PLEASE NOTE -- The date of the national final has now changed to the 19th of September***

***PLEASE NOTE -- The location for the national final has now changed to STAR CITY in BIRMINGHAM. See separate post for details***

CPL is pleased to announce that we have a great new location for our National Final, the new G Casino in Coventry!

Previously known as the Isle of Capri Casino, Coventry G Casino is one of the biggest Casino locations in the UK, with a potential card room capacity of 200!

To compliment this new location we are increasing our National Final Prize pool from 6000 to 10,500! We will also be increasing the number of seats paying out from last year's 5 to the top 20 this year!

The Coventry G Casino will also be used from now for Quarterly Finals instead of Grosvenor Casino Walsall.

Full details on the casino and the increased prize pool will be released closer to the end of the season, as the casino is currently being refitted.

A video showing the Casino's facilities can be seen here.

Please note, due to poor take-up at the Northampton final and proximity of the Coventry G Casino to Northampton, we will be discontinuing our Northampton finals for the forseeable future.