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Qualifiers and details!

The seasons have now switched over and it's Quarterly Final time again!

The full list of qualifiers for this set of Quarterly Finals is now available here.

All qualifiers are being emailed an invitation which will let them confirm which final they wish to attend.

Speaking of which, there are now even more options available as to which final you wish to attend as we have added a final in Northampton!

The Online league has also closed, with the following top 19 players qualifying for the quarterly final:

1 KingHalz
2 madhatter07
3 simonoid
4 MoiPersonneHill
5 1kingkebab
6 Bill9240
7 JoeViterbo
8 DjMa
9 kevhaz2501
11 madmanz09
12 Chrispkr77
13 22deebbrriinng
14 PubPokerOpen
15 Grunge67
17 xxmikexx80x
18 leffeisnice
19 a88aHill

These players and players qualifying through our forums will receive their invitations next week.

Full details of the quarterly finals are now available on our finals page!