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First week's Quarterly Finals

The write-ups for the first three finals are in!

You can find the full results and galleries on our past finals page.


The Mancs and Scouses take down LEEDS!!!

113 Runners started at Leeds, with everyone very excited at having qualified. Friends had come along disappointed they had not qualified and others trying to bargain their way in because others could not come.

"Can I have my chips back" was the shout from Mark Fahy when holding QQ and someone folded his cards and they turned over showing Q6!

Mark was told he could play or fold, on tilt. Mark went all-in. Richard called, Lee folded, Richard turned over 10 10 to Marks QQ. Unlucky for Mark, Richard hit his trip 10!

Another Liverpool rant came from Jay Keegan on his big blind when the flop was turned over before he had even looked at his hand! He folded his cards before the TD (Mel) had chance to give her official decision. Casper had raised so was entitled to take the blinds to the dissmay of Jay. The argument was a bit heated and attracted the attention of the tables around them but Jacko came and calmed everything down.

Final Table Neil Birtwell came to the final table as chip leader with 172,500 chips and Chris Rose from Liverpool as lowest stack with 31,500.

Neil had nothing for the next hour and started bleeding chips to the rest of the players. However his paitence paid off and he soon started hitting and winning again! Chris Rose played a very thoughtful game and I am sure folded hands he would not normaly fold, coming back very strong and ending up heads up with Neil! Despite this, Neil still came through, winning in the end.

Thanks to all attending for making it a truly great final!



Play got under way at the Loose Cannon London just after 2pm with 85 Players.

Play was well into the 2nd level of blinds before we had our first casualty, Wayne Ferris. At about 7:30pm we got down to the 9 players making the final table and qualifying for the national final.

Top lady on the day was Julie Golds from the Royal Exchange finishing in 4th place, well done Julie!

The heads up battle was between Paul Rosevear from the Floods Tavern St Ives and Rob Ayton from the Chippenham London. After 30 mins quality play we had our showdown, Paul had Jack Eight off suit, Rob King Eight Suited. On the Board we had 8,4,7, turn ace, river 9. Rob taking 500 & the crystal trophy first prize!


It was standing room only at the Nottingham Quarterly final with the card room filled beyond capacity to seat an incredible 121 players!

We managed to get everyone seated and the tournament started only slightly behind schedule and soon got underway! Play was very tight with no players dropping out of the tournament until the third blind level when we suddenly lost Kevin Pritchard and Deepak Parmar almost at the same moment!

After the break players started coming out in a steady stream, with us at one point losing ten players in three minutes!

When it came to the final table the stacks and seats looked like this:

1. Lewis Reed - 36,000
2. Paul Mason - 58,000
3. Zoe Clark - 23,000
4. David Mayman - 106,000
5. Gary Morley - 22,000
6. Lindsey Rock - 162,000
7. Patrick Defew - 88,000
8. Kelvin Massey - 56,000
9. Jason Thornhill - 186,000

Zoe Clark, despite being short stacked, showed her courage early on, taking three hands in a row, knocking out Gary Morley and Paul Mason just minutes into the final table!

Lewis Reed then began an incredible run of success with all-in betting, doubling up several times throughout the rest of the game.

Jason Thornhill then began playing very aggressively, first going all-in and catching a lucky straight on the river to double up, then going in hard on the next hand only to lose a lot of chips to Lindsey Rock's K A. Then Jason goes all-in again against Lewis, doubling up again and then finally goes all-in one more time, forcing Patrick Defew off a pot.

Lewis Reed then went all-in once more, doubling up with a full house. David Mayman went all-in soon after, facing off against Lewis who hit another full house, 8's over 9's, taking David Mayman out of the tournament!

Patrick Defew goes all-in but loses out to Lindsey's trip 7's.

Jason Thornhill goes all-in once again, with Zoe Clark going all-in to call him, only to be taken out of the tournament in fourth place, not bad at all considering how badly she was short stacked going into the final table!

Jason Thornhill, going all-in for the last time, is called by Lewis who makes 2 pair to finally knock Jason out of the tournament. Considering Jason stood up every time he went all-in, I think he probably got the most exercise out of all the players there! Well done Jason for staying in so long.

Now it's heads up between Lewis Reed and Lindsey Rock, with Lewis the major chip leader.

Lindsey goes all-in and doubles up, then goes all-in again but this time Lewis emerges victorious winning the battle of K2 vs A5.

Well done Lewis! Thanks to everyone who came to the tournament, it was definately a memorable one!