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UKPPL joins CPL!

Thats right! Northern England based pub poker league UK Pub Poker Leagues has joined Champions Poker League.

UKPPL's venues are being added to the CPL database and are now running CPL tournaments every week.

We have chosen to take on UKPPL's stable of venue's in order to further strengthen our presence in the north of England and give both CPL and UKPPL players more venues to play at each week!

UKPPL's General Manager, Phil Gold, said:

"Joining Champions Poker League gives our players many great new opportunities that would not have been possible in our existing format, such as the chance to go to Quarterly and National Finals in casinos or to play online."

"I am glad to have the opportunity to work alongside Champions Poker League to increase the number of pubs playing CPL pub poker in the north of England."

So welcome to all UKPPL players! We're happy to have you on board!