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It's the last gasp!

Our CPL online league is off to a winning start! We had 113 players last Friday and a further 165 on Sunday, over 200 unique players in total!

But last week there was just $100 up for grabs in each of the tournaments, this week we're offering up QUARTERLY FINAL SEATS to the top 10% of players from our Sunday game!

That's not all! All buy-ins this weekend will be added to the pot, as well as a $25 added prize on Friday to get things started, so make sure you play to win big and grab a seat at the finals!

Passwords for the tournaments are:

Friday: cpwhos1
Sunday : cplast

Some of our players had trouble registering for last week's game. We have now been informed that the passwords are CASE SENSITIVE and must be entered in lower case!

If you do finish in the top 10% on Sunday, please email us the William Hill player name you used along with your name and CPL membership number so we can send you your invitation. All cash prizes will be awarded on the night of the tournament.