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Courage Best Poker League!

Champions Poker League takes over Courage Best Poker League!

Itís happened again! Another league has joined Champions Poker League, this time itís Courage Best Poker League!

Courage Best Poker League has been operating in the UK for three years with the support of The Wells & Youngs Brewing Company and run by the VIP Card Club. Courage Best Poker League has chosen to become part of the Champions Poker League in order to offer its players the best pub poker experience in the UK!

Courage Best Poker League will continue to run and be supported by The Wells & Young Brewing Company, whilst providing Courage Best players with all the benefits of the Champions Poker League. The VIP Card Club will continue to run exciting promotions for players in the league who also enjoy online poker.

Champions Poker League would like to welcome all Courage Best Poker League players to the Champions Poker League, please let us know what you think of the league in our brand new forums!

This marks the third league in the last 15 months to join Champions Poker League. This is part of our continuing work to bring as many venues from across the UK onto the Champions Poker League in order to offer our players as many places to play as possible!