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Quarterly Final results


The Aberdeen Quarterly final at The Crichie Inn was a great day with players coming from as far as Inverness-shire.

40 players turned up on the day all fighting it out hoping to make it into the top four in order to win a seat through to the national.

After a few hours players started dropping like flies, everyone just hanging on to make the final table. When the final table got underway everyone was just happy to get that far!

As the game went on we eventually got down to the final four, which meant everyone was leaving with money and a seat to the national.

Russell Williamson ended up wining the game with A 10 off suit heads up with Paul Robertson, 3rd went to Kevin grant and 4th to Abdur Rouf. I would like to say a big thanks to everyone that turned up, especially the lovely Dawn for the food and of course Kev and Sue for hosting the final at their pub.

Birmingham (Star City)

119 players contested this final, a little down on last time due to 29 registered players who did not arrive.

The casino card room staff were excellent on the day as usual and the tournament was played in good spirits by all concerned, even the first man down Mark Cumming took the enormous cheer and applause with good grace.

At the first break after an hours play it was Graham Rock from Shrewsbury with the chip lead with 13,300. At the second break for food at 5pm we had joint chip leaders with 26,100, Jason Murray from Bedford and James Lloyd from Bentley, both on the same table.

It was getting tense as we approached the bubble for the 12 National Final seats with Matthew Cross and Dean Taylor both going out in quick succession to leave us with the 12 National Final seat winners, who were now battling it out for a seat at the final table. Jeff Rawlings fell in 12th with Stuart Lees in 11th leaving us with our final table of 10 players.

Final Table Finishing Positions:

10th Jason Cooper
9th Jordan Vickers
8th Andrew Plumridge
7th Declan Hume
6th Brian Fountain
5th Elliot Sinclair
4th Ashley Emsley
3rd Jason Murray
2nd Joe Bennett
1st Stephen Adams

Congratulations go to Stephen Adams, who won the first place prize of £500!

Bristol Harbourside

With 81 runners this was another great turnout for the South West region. Players started to go out quite quickly with the first to fall after about 30 minutes being James Beckham, closely followed by his brother Robert a few minutes after.

Players were steadily being knocked out and just before the break for the buffet we were already down to about 40 players. This gave some respite from the action and time for players to restock their stomachs and consider their chip stacks.

Play continued down until we got to the final table as follows:

Marc Samuel
Lewis Hounslow
Christine Purdy
Gordon Peacock
Oliver Sugden
Thomas Fouracres
David Errington
Mark Waters
Alex Palmer
Philip Bamsey

David Errington unfortunately bubbled in 7th place before the prizes kicked in after going all in with 32,000 chips with KJ. David was called by Christine Purdy with K6, who hit a 6 on the River.

The first to cash was Thomas Fouracres from the King William Inn in Glastonbury who finished in 6th place.

Oliver Sugden was next to fall in 5th at the hands of Christine when he pushed all with KQ to be called with AJ and Christine hit again, this time on the turn with an A.

Just after 9pm Gordon Peacock, the landlord from the Six Bells in Gwent, who had started the final table with a big chip stack went out against Lewis Hounslow. Gordon had some great support from the other lads form the pub and did well to reach 4th position.

Christine was next to go out in 3rd after a valid effort playing well all day – well done to the last lady standing, which just left Lewis Hounslow and Marc Samuel to battle it out for 1st place.

The eventual winner was Marc, shining through to leave Lewis to take 2nd.

A great day was had by all and thanks to the casino staff again for running a great tournament


It was good to see a healthy number at the Maybury casino for the Scotland regional final, the number buoyed by a few new faces mixing with some regulars thanks to a couple of new pubs really embracing participation in the quarterly final.

It was an exciting march towards the final table as everyone seemed to apprehend what was on stake here and the prize they were playing for; Unusually players didn't start dropping out until quite late in the day, but suddenly we had a rush and it looked like the tournament might be over in record speed until the final table took shape and became a cagey affair, particularly when we were down to the last two who enjoyed a fine game of cat and mouse for a considerable length of time.

Once again the final was played in a terrific lively spirit and the staff at the casino played their part in another successful regional final in Edinburgh.


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It was gloriously sunny on the 1st of May as I was making my way to London to run the Champions Poker League, Season 3, regional final.

Slightly fewer than last time, 91 players registered to play in the event which kicked off promptly at 2pm. We didn’t have to wait too long before the announcement was made, “man down”! Peter Colgate had been knocked out and accepted the round of applause with grace. Better luck next time Peter.

The hours rolled by, the blinds increased, antes came into play and then it was time for the final table! Our last ten players all qualified for the national in September, but they were all equally interested in winning that first prize today of £500 and picking up the prestigious trophy and the online medal that comes with it.

In seat 1 and taking the dealer button, we had Richard Mighall from West Farnborough Social Club with a respectable 56.5k.

Seat 2 gave us Andy Shepherd from The Sun in Convent Garden holding one of the shorter stacks with 17.5k.

Seat 3 was our chip-leader Mick Hickmott from The Phoenix in Rainham which had risen out of the ashes of The Cherry Tree, Mick had a stack of 124.5k.

Seat 4 was the first of two players from The Horns Tavern in West Norwood, Tony Houghton, holding 43k.

Seat 5 was Luke Nicolaus from The Monarch in Camden with the 3rd highest stack of 116.5k.

Seat 6 saw our second player from The Horns Tavern, Rees Watson, also short-stacked with 17k.

Seat 7 brought us our shortest stack, Jonny Ruiz from The Fest in London was hanging in with 6.5k.

Seat 8 was Stuart Rolfe from The Villager from Vigo, Kent holding 28.5k.

Seat 9 was Joe Pearce from The Green Dragon in Waltham Abbey with 20k and finally.

Seat 10 gave us our 2nd highest chip-stack, Lee Hope from The Star Inn, Woking with 117.5k.

The only options were all-in or fold for the short-stacks whilst the bigger stacks could afford to attempt a bit of bullying. Andy Shepherd more than doubled through with pocket 10’s against Lee Hopes pocket 5’s to set him up to come in 3rdand then Lees pocket 9’s did not fair any better when he went heads-up to Mick Hicknott who had called the all-in with K3 and subsequently hit to claim the crown of regional winner.

The finishing positions were;
1st Mick Hickmott
2nd Lee Hope
3rd Andy Shepherd
4th Luke Nicolaus
5th Richard Mighall
6th Joe Pearce
7th Stuart Rolfe
8th Jonny Ruiz
9th Tony Houghton
10th Rees Watson

Congratulations to Mick, see you all next time!


193 players turned up for this season's Quarterly final at the Luton G casino, not bad bearing in mind it was the warmest weekend of the year so far.

Play started bang on 2pm and after just 15 minutes play we had the big cheer and round of applause for the first player out, Jim McCann. Better luck next time Jim!

After 8 1/2 hours play it all came down to a heads up between Beverley Cooper and Thomas Callaghan. The showdown hand was Ace 8 for Beverley and jack queen for Thomas. The flop came 2, 3, Jack, the turn 7 and the river 7. This meant that it was Thomas taking the title, £500 and the coverted crystal trophy home. Well played Thomas.

Well done also to Rebecca Moore, Brett Peachey, Kevin Slipper, Chris Harman, Wesley Harris, Scott Crouch and Tim Cumberland, all of whom finished in paying positions.

The top 20 players all qualified through to the National Final this September, congratulations all and we'll see you there!

We had a fantastic time this quarter at Manchester Quarterly Final, in particular the Final Table for me was one of the best I have seen in my four years involved with Poker.

Well played to Dean Perry and Scott Walker from Bucks Head, as well as Dave Hope Rossendale, Stephen Riding Todmorden, Peter Kevan Liverpool, Stephen Burton Bacup, Graham Roberts Bolton, Phil Sourbutts Rossendale, Max Evans Bolton and last but not least Alfredo Ayala, who achieved what he wanted "to reach the Nationals".

The Heads Up between Scott and Dean was a classic! "I'll call, I'll raise, I'll reraise, I'm all in, I call, time and time again, the heads up went on for an hour, they were not interested in the money, they agreed to split it! it was purely for bragging rights and the trophy!

The win was finally taken by Dean after Scott went all-In with a queens full of Kings full house after the river but Dean had the kings full of queens Full House! A fitting end to a great day.


Awaiting full details...


Awaiting full details...


Despite Gala Casino Nottingham experiencing some technical difficulties on the day, this season's Nottingham Quarterly Final started bang on time at 2pm. Not a single seat was empty, as 80 players turned up to play!

Play continued cautiously for the first hour, with the tournament only losing it's first runner, Rob Massey, on the very final hand before the break. Better luck next time Rob!

After a short break to enjoy the excellent buffet provided by the casino, play continued with aplomb, with all but the final 9 players dropping out over then next four and a half hours, leaving us with the final table.

The final itself was very exciting, especially due to the large difference in chip stacks and the fact that many of the players all came from the same pub!

The final layout looked like this:

Position 1 - Mick Stubley, 7000
Position 2 - Martyn McMorrow, 52,000
Position 3 - Carl Prior, 193,000
Position 4 - Gavin Roberts, 15,000
Position 5 - Steven Twell, 96,000
Position 6 - Craig Westbrook, 28,000
Position 7 - Alf Hitchcock, 22,000
Position 8 - James Stubley, 28,000
Position 9 - Violet Cunningham, 48,000

With roughly two fifths of the remaining chips, Carl Prior was in a dominating position from the off, whilst Mick Stubley barely had enough to make the first few blinds. It was all to play for, however, as there were only 8 National Final places to be won, so first out on the final table would walk away with nothing!

Poor Gavin Roberts went out first, leaving a very surprised Mick Stubley to come out 8th, more than happy with his National Final seat. Mick's son James followed soon after, both cheerful despite not making it to a paying position.

Now the action really started, with plenty of crazy hands appearing on the board. Most surprising was when Steven Twell and Craig Westbrook both went all in, only to discover they'd both gone in with pocket eights! Unsurprisingly neither got any help from the board and the pot was divided between them.

Soon it was down to the final four and Carl continued his domination of the table by taking out Violet with his ace queen by landing a full house, despite Violet's pocket kings.

Finally it was just Carl and Craig left, but Carl's massive chip lead proved simply too much for Craig to beat and Carl walked away with first place, as well as the £500 prize and Quarterly Final winner's trophy that goes with it.

Congratulations to everyone who qualified, see you at the National!