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Walsall, Luton and Manchester

The final set of results are in and we are now able to present the rankings for the Luton, Manchester and Walsall finals.

First up, Luton.

The top 16 players from Luton have qualified through to the National final.

1.George Brown - Alma
2.Roy Marino - Bear
3.Kevin Woods Wigmore Arms
4.Keith Boon Great Harry
5.Diane Corby Kalooki Club
6.Larry Farmer
7.Stuart Aylott
8.Don Borromeo
9.Steve Lawman
10.Rees Watson
11.Emily Young
12.Richard Allison
13.John Jeremy
14.Elizabeth Fitgerald
15.Carl Douglas
16.Nick Noonan
17.Clare Prentice
18.Don Hicks
19.Magdalena Bednarska
20.Paul Coleman
21.Marcia Carter
22.Matt Traill
23.Leone Madongorere
24.Jamie Halliwell
25.Hugh Canavan
26.Karen Walker
27.Colin Welch
28.Loza Browne
29.Garry Chambers
30.Jacky Regan
31.John Canavan
32.Billy Martin
33.Stephen Murray
34.Gavin Brimmer
35.Geoff Garratt
36.Janos Laszw
37.George Henson
38.Jonathan Maddix
39.Paul Mason
40.Sean Daniels
41.Christopher Ali
42.Jason Jones
43.Steve Turner
44.Stuart Scott
45.Sean Denton
46.Jonathan Wojtasz
47.Nicky Stocks
48.Liz Shaw
49.John Coxell
50.Richard Graham
51.Cris Sherwood
52.Daniel Chandler
53.Matthew Naylor
54.Stephen Jackson
55.Graeme Greenwood
56.Paul Bromhall
57.Mark Kingdon
58.Mark Harris
59.Joe Gast
60.Stephen Ellis
61.Craig Westbrook
62.Cassandra Butt
63.David Bishop
64.Graham Hoyle
65.Duncan Wilkie
66.Mark Waller
67.Simon Temperton
68.Dave Storey
69.Ian Vincent
70.James Watkins
71.Sue Mason
72.Stephen Ruffet
73.Danny Matthews
74.Gary Randall
75.Lorenzo Viscusi
76.Joseph Saunders
77.Ian Hutchings
78.Steve Dunham
79.Dave Usher
80.Jonathan Stewart
81.Paul Taylor
82.Trevor Madden
83.Alex Hemsley
84.Lee Brown
85.Dave Clarke
86.Aaron Fairbrass
87.Lee Thomas
88.Nigel Jackson
90.Michael Taylor
91.Roy Roberts
92.Moses brown
93.Vip Makwana
94.Steve Wright
95.Michael Anstead
96.Christy-Jay Mahoney
97.Sab Topa
98.Colin Lee
99.N Dexter
100.Mick Pickford
101.Alison White
102.Sarah Blackburn
103.Jack Allonby
104.Karen Darmian
105.Paul Lydiate
106.Glenn Green
107.Nathan Williams
108.Carol McCann
109.Brian Wilson
110.Lucy Butt
111.Kevin Boarer
112.Martin Coote
113.Joe Hicks
114.Gary White
115.Noel Lehane
116.Mark Rennie
117.Maureen Foster
118.Simon Parker
119.Ray Allison
120.Paul Williamson
121.Gary Denton
122.Ian Cliff
123.Carl Harker
124.Chris Field
125.Corrina Stebbings
126.Pete Howard
127.Shane Oughton
128.Sean Williams
129.James Kasey
130.Christian Lorentzen
131.David Clarke
132.Andy Clegg
133.Matthew Jackson
134.Leon Rawson
135.Junior Quailey
136.Simon Wade

We had record 153 players at the Luton Quarterly final, playing for a 1500 prize pool! This meant that the card room was almost filled by the final, with what little extra space there was being taken up by a smaller tournament where attending guests were playing against the casino regulars. There was also a large crowd around the blackjack table before the start of the tournament which gradually reappeared as players dropped out. The Grosvenor staff were excellent, very well organised, and play started only slightly after the target time of 2:30pm.

Commiserations to Simon Wade who was first out of the tournament. Hope the round of applause didn't embarass you too much Simon.

A discounted buffet was supploed with an excellent array of food, including some very nice desserts!

The final two players were George Brown from the Alma in Cambridge and Roy Marino from the Bear in Bedford. The last hand was played around 2am, approximately 11 hours after the tournament began. George had an ace and a queen, whilst Roy had a jack and a three. The flop came down ace, two, three, followed by a four on the turn and a ten on the river, allowing George to win with a pair of aces and take home first prize!

Next up, Manchester!

We had a good turnout of 63 people at Manchester, meaning that the top 7 players have qualified for the national final.

1.Jeffrey Eardley - Sacred Heart Catholic Club
2.Gareth Jones - Pen-Y-Bryn
3.Lee Thompson - Red Bridge Tavern
4.John Mainland - John Mainland (Pub manager)
5.Jordon Marsden - Cross Axes
6.Michael Naylor
7.Andrew Lester
8.Robert Curran
9.Steve Middleton
10.John Brooks
11.Howard Collins
12.Matthew Hayes
13.Simon Lynch
14.Ian Jackson
15.Donald Hanson
16.Byron Toumlin
17.Steve Dagnall
18.Bryony Little
19.Gary Dagwell
20.Frank Nicholson
21.Jackie Potts
22.Stephen Tunstall
23.Chris Stephens
24.Martin Dudleston
25.Alan Hilton
26.Pat Colman
27.Antony Cohen
28.Tony Parrett
29.Mark Davis
30.Jonathan Gerrard
31.Matt Whitehead
32.Antony Whalley
33.Craig Jones
34.Stephen Mitchell
35.Craig Hithersay
36.Andy Dobson
37.Laurence Clyne
38.Michael Wharburton
39.Aaron Dodd
40.Keith Elliott
41.David Bridge
42.Ian Stephens
43.Bill Shorrock
44.Ricci Jackson
45.Andy Ritchie
46.Frank Gorton
47.Chris Haigh
48.Andy Smith
49.Lewis Hanson
50.Neil Abbott
51.Karen Peters
52.Eunice Gorton

For many of the players attending it was their first time at a CPL final, including our winner Jeff Eardley from the Sacred Heart Catholic Club. Congratulations must go out to Gareth Jones who yet again placed second after coming second at the previous Manchester final and winning the National final in September!

All attending had a fantastic time and we look forward to seeing the top seven at the National final in September next year!

Last but not least, Walsall!

124 players made it to the Walsall final, meaning that the top 13 have qualified through to the national!

1.John Conlon Pavilion
2.Paul Eversden White Lion, Sutton Coldfield
3.Mik Porter - White Lion, Sutton Coldfield
4.Wayne Turner Unicorn Inn, Ludlow
5.Mick Grimmett Branston Arms
6.Mark Fletcher
7.Geoff Kemm
8.Vic Isaac
9.Tim Billingham
10.John Littler
11.Richard Massey
12.Neil Fletcher
13.Robert Campbell
14.Shaun Kynaston
15.Matt Cromwell
16.John Winsper
17.Kerry Turner
18.Angus Malcolm
19.Martin Sharp
20.Mark Grimes Williams
21.Stuart Edwards
22.Tony Aspley
23.Brendan Charlton
24.Patricia Priest
25.Rob Owen
26.Steve Clark
27.Lisa Ryan
28.Martin Harvey
29.John Shenton
30.David Croft
31.Carl Langford
32.Paul Dew
33.Paul Glover
34.Stephen Cox
35.Perry Hemus
36.Elizabeth Williams
37.Alan Whitehouse
38.Liz Maxted-Bluck
39.Heather Wheway
40.Mark Watkiss
41.Patrick Buchanan
42.Graham Moore
43.Tony Parker
44.Jo Redfurn
45.Simon Greene
46.Charles Ashton
47.Rob Bell
48.Jo Dee
49.Steve Ellerby
50.Andrew Millward-Spence
51.Jason Pilipenko
52.Daren Foley
53.Michelle Cromwell
54.Andrew Jenkins
55.David Painter
56.Katherine Wetton
57.Gary Graham
58.Samantha Wilson
59.Marc Wiggin
60.Barry Taylor
61.Martyn McMorrow
62.Phil Tupman
63.Adam Bailey
64.Ian Carter
65.Andrew Bloomer
66.Michael Beardmore
67.David Whyle
68.Michael Hudson
69.Alan Groves
70.Pete Bibbings
71.Dave Clark
72.Danny Pollack
73.Terry Nelson
74.Mark Newbold
75.Derek Young
76.John Edwards
77.Paul Brown
78.Anthony Turner
79.Sean Weir
80.Richard Craig
81.Sharon Bradley
82.Len Cane
83.David Knight
84.Steve Wheatley
85.Charles Wetton
86.Paul Nutting
87.Sarah Beirne
88.Michael Baynham
89.Dave Dillow
90.Michael Nabbs
91.Sonia O'keefe
92.Rex Wilson
93.Stephen McLeod
94.Rebecca Court
95.Pete Noakes
96.Alan Whittaker
97.Dennis McKenzie
98. Nigel Huntbach
99. Rob Calderbank
100.Abid Ali

We had a great turnout at Walsall with plenty of familiar faces showing up. There were practically no queues and the booking in process went very smoothly. After a 2pm start the tournament lasted all the way up till 11:30pm, with the final heads up between John Conlon and Paul Eversden lasting almost half an hour! John was short stacked going in, but managed to fight his way back to take home 1st prize.

Poor Abid Ali was first out despite having trip jacks. Better luck next time Abid!

Photos of the finals will be available in the gallery section shortly.