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Quarterly Finals results set 2

The biggest Quarterly Finals in CPL history are now finished. 964 of you attended the tournaments, and 101 of you managed to Qualify for the National Final in September.

To see the first week's reports, which have now been updated, check our previous report.

A full list of players who qualified for the National will be posted soon, but for now you can check the past finals page for the full results and see photos for the finals in the gallery page.


On a bitterly cold January day, 97 players converged upon the railway arch known as the Loose Cannon Club, to play in the Champions Poker League, Season 2, London regional final.

Roy Houghton, Managing Director of the club, announced the words, “dealers, shuffle up and deal” and at 2pm the game got under way.

It took a couple of hours before Graham Jackson of the Red Lion in Aldershot was to become the first man down, Graham was a grand final winner with his previous poker league before it was bought out by CPL in 2009. The players started dropping like flies and as evening approached Michael Simpson was out, we were down to ten, final table was announced.

Those still left in were:

David Hayes of the Kingpin, Stevenage holding 40.5k
Richard Barber of the Royal Exchange, Lindford with 89.5k
Oscar Rodriguez Becerra of the Red Bar in Kings Lynn having the short stack of just 11k
Peter Keens of the Jolly Miller in North Warnborough with 18k
Bob Young of the Red Lion Aldershot having a very respectable 72k
Sameer Malik of the Fest in Fulham with the second highest chip-stack of 94k
James Medes of the Marigold in Bermondsey with 13k
David Curtis of the Cherry Tree having the chip lead with a massive 173.5k (almost twice as much as his nearest rival)
Rob Watkins (season 1 regional winner), also of the Royal Exchange in Lindford with 42k
Miguel Da Costa, also of the Fest with 19.5k

Play was fierce with the blinds at 3k/6k for the first hand and then up to 4k/8k for the 2nd hand onwards. The big stacks were naturally forcing the short stacks all-in early doors to eliminate them very swiftly.

Richard Barber doubled through when his pocket aces held up to hurt David Curtis, leaving Richard to become the new chip leader, a position he was not going to lose.

It was all over very quickly as Bob Young went heads-up with Richard, Bob moved all-in with his 57 spades to Richards AT, flop came AT rag, turn T, river A. Richard hit a full-house to become the season 2 regional final winner.

The finishing positions were:

1st Richard Barber
2nd Bob Young
3rd James Medes
4th Sameer Malik
5th Rob Watkins
6th David Hayes
7th David Curtis
8th Miguel Da Costa
9th Peter Keens
10th Oscar Rodriguez Becerra

Congratulations to Richard and a big thank you to all the players who attended our first ever CPL Quarterly Final in London!


This season we had our biggest ever showing at Manchester, with 164 players coming to the Manchester G Casino to play.

Thankfully, despite the advertised capacity being just 140, we managed to find some additional tables to allow the extra players to play.

The start of the tournament was slightly delayed due to these additional numbers and a few non-qualifying players trying to blag their way into the final, but we were soon up and running.

Almost all of our players hung on very tightly prior to the first break, with only four players dropping out beforehand.

The speed of play increased dramatically after the break, with over half the players dropping out of the tournament in around 3 hours.

Soon the second break came, and with it the buffet! As our hungry players descended upon the free food, it became apparent that there were only around 50 players remaining.

When the final two tables were reached play dropped to a snail's pace, with the two tables going hand for hand till they reached the qualification bubble of 17 players. Commiserations to Jon Collinson-Taylor, who was quite annoyed at going out on the bubble. There's still two seasons to go Jon, it's not over yet!

Our players clearly felt safe at this point, as play really heated up and chips started changing hands faster than I could follow and soon we were down to our final table.

The final table consisted of like this:

Kristian Roberts
Alex Williams
Marc French
Sam Blundell
Lynette Walker
Myra Gaffin
Daniel Thomas
Raymond Finch
Wayne Casey
Norman Young

Of particular note was Raymond Finch, a previous winner at the Leeds Quarterly Final and Mark French, who has now made it to two Manchester final tables in a row!

Unfortunately the relatively short-stacked Norman Young and Wayne Casey were knocked out quickly, just missing out on the cash bubble.

The rest of the players started tumbling soon after and soon we were left with just Kristian Roberts and Alex Williams.

The final hand was extremely tense, with Alex debating whether to call Kristian for a long time before finally going all-in, a decision he immediately regretted when Kristian turned over his cards.

Congratulations to Kristian and a big thank you to all our players who attended the Quarterly Final.


Well Saturday 30th Jan saw a return to Star City in Birmingham for 148 players all hoping to get one of the 15 coveted National Final Seats and maybe even win and have the choice of £500 or a free upgrade to a Vegas Holiday!

Play started at roughly 2:15pm. After just 2 hands we lost our first player, or did we? I won’t mention his name but he came to sign out not realising he had not had his re-buy! So it was back to the table to join the game and eventually achieved a very creditable finishing position. Our first casualty of the day was in fact Rikki Anderson from Floods Tavern in St Ives, Cambs. Better Luck next time Rikki!

The first break was around 4pm when went for food and by this time we had lost a fair number of players, some of the unfortunate ones being Shaz Rafferty, Daniel Mainwaring, Rebecca Rogers and Ben Puddy.

After we returned from eating the chip leader was James Harris from Floods Tavern in St Ives. As we progressed and players started ‘making moves’ the field began to shrink as we approached the final two tables and top 20 players.

Some players just missing out on the top 20 were Russ Riches 25th, Jamie Dimmer 24th, Rob Doveyy’ 23rd, Dave Clark 22nd and Tony Parker 21st. It was after this point we lost 3 players all from the same venue, Q Sportsbar, Bourne, Lincs in quick succession, Ross Davidson 20th, Steve Twell 18th and Kelvyn Massey 16th, well played guys, I thought Kelvyn was going to the final table with the chip stack he had amassed but it wasn’t to be.

At 16 players left we went to hand for hand to determine who would be the National Final seat winners but as it turned out two players went out on the same hand, Kelvyn Massey 16th and Andy Hawkins 17th!

The next ‘landmark’ was final table and there were some pretty short stacks, none more so than Peter Bibbins 10K and Vicki Massey 9K, both however managed to hang in and make the final 10. Unfortunately for Vicki her final table achievement was short lived as she departed first.

Next to fall was Jonny Soden and shortly after Peter Bibbins. In 7th place and ‘making the money’ was Mark Hendrick from Tamworth and in 6th was Karen Broome from Peterborough. 5th place went to James Aston from Kettering who was having difficulty finding a hand to play, which he mentioned to the dealer, Rob on more than one occasion! Still it was a good result for James who would be receiving a cheque for £70 a National Final Seat and an online entry to win a holiday to Las Vegas.

Liam Magill fell in 4th place but played some excellent poker on the final table. So then there were 3, James Harris, Jason Pilipenko and Rob Sutton. Suddenly Jason and Rob started to take chips from our chip leader James Harris, at one point the 3 players were pretty even but unfortunately for Rob it was one push to many when he was cruelly eliminated in 3rd.

Chips passed between the final two players with one or two nasty river cards adding to the excitement. The end came and fittingly it was a ‘good hand’ that won it for James, his AJ pairing the board to give him 2 pair Aces & Nines, Jack kicker. This earned James the title of Quarterly Final Champion, the trophy, £500, the all important ‘bragging rights’, an online tournament entry for a Vegas Holiday and a National Final Seat. Not bad for a day's work!

All in all I hope you all enjoyed your day at The Star City in Birmingham and as always I would ask if you have any comments, good or bad to please pass them on so that we can continue to offer you the best pub poker league in the country.


For our quarter final at Bar San Lorenzo we had 19 runners.

There was a great atmosphere with everyone raring to go and we duly started on time. At the first break we only had one casualty (Bob Scouler). San Lorenzo kindly put on some food for the players, consisting of; pizza, garlic bread, roast potatoes, potato skins, dips and mediterranean salad.

Action got underway again and players started dropping out at regular intervals. Finally we got down to our last eight with three of them from San Lorenzo and giving a good account of themselves. (Jose Valle, Martin Crossland, and Simon Walton)

To make this a great experience for all I took my very own CPL chipset and table that I won at the Birmingham final 2009 (when finishing 13th) and dealt for the duration of the final table. We had a small break to allow for the set up of the table and then we cracked on. The final table was a serious affair with only Dave Burnicle doing any table chat, much to the amusement of all who stayed to watch.

Martin Crossland was 5th and received £18.50 cash.
Paul Napier was 4th and received £37.00 cash.
Dave Burnicle was 3rd and received £46.25 cash.

We were down to heads up between Si Walton and Johnny Naylor, the latter having a 2-1 chip lead. It was a fairly short contest with the first half a dozen hands going with the blinds then Johnny raised all in (A 8 off suit) and was called by Si with J 2 off suit, the flop was Kh,7h,10h, turn was 10s and river came As to confirm Johnny as the winner and he was delighted.

Simon received £83.25 cash for being second, whilst Johnny will receive a cheque for £150 and the Quarterly Final trophy which he was very pleased with.


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