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The first results are in!

The results for this weekend's Quarterly Finals are now in.

To see the full results for each venue please visit our past finals page.


It was our first final to be played at the Gala Casino in Nottingham and 62 players turned out for the event. The card room was separate from the main casino area and it had a nice ‘feel’ to it.

Play started just after 2pm on 9 seat tables and there was quite a bit of tension in the air, no one wanted to ‘take the walk of shame’ I half expected to see Anne Robinson waiting to announce ‘You are the weakest link, goodbye!’ The unfortunate player to go first was Tom Reddy from Derby, who by the time I announced the fact had made a hasty retreat from the card room so did not hear the cheer and applause in his honour!

By the first break, an hour into the tournament we had only lost a handful of players. The standard of play on the whole was pretty good but there were one or two ‘dodgy’ calls as is to be expected, this is a pub poker league after all and not The World Series.

Our card room manager, Olga was keeping on top of the rebuys and table balancing and a good job she did of it too. Everyone knew where they stood with Olga after she sharply rebuked one of the players for swearing at the table by telling him to mind his language! Only 2 players failed to inform me they had busted out but all 62 informed Olga so all finishing positions have been recorded, the first time this has happened for a final I have been the CPL representative at, so my sincere thanks go to you all.

A chip count at the break saw Jack Firman from The Factory Arms, Lowestoft as our chip leader with 23,900. Some solid play taking to that position which continued after the break eventually taking him to the final table again as chip leader with 78,000, a full 23,000 more than Martin Coleman on 55,000.

Once we resumed after the break players started to fall steadily as the blinds began to bite the short stacks, one of these being Clive Poster from Q Sportsbar in Bourne, having doubled through twice only to lose everything when his 10 10 all in shove was called and an Ace on the table hit an Ace in his opponents hand and it was 41st place for Clive. Next to go was Jadine Taylor quickly followed by John ‘The Chef’ Canavan bemoaning the fact he was rivered twice in two hands, so it was on to the cash tables for John. Shortly after we lost three of our lady player in quick succession, Dawn King, Violet Cunningham and Amy Chapman, well played ladies.

With 18 left we were down to two tables, 15 guys and 3 ladies and it was at this point we lost Andrea Sanderson her all in push with A K when drastically short stack finding an 8 on the board paired to see her beaten, still well played Andrea and better luck next time. Next to depart were Mark Foster, Dan Gouch, Shaun Cowan, Dave Winter, Kevin Crainie and Richard Massey. Because we had 10 prizes to give it was decided to go to a 10 handed final table so at 11 players left we went to hand for hand play to decide who would be the bubble and the unfortunate player was Simon Meredith. Once we reached final table we gave the players a much deserved 30 minute break so that chip counts and table placing could be worked out and here they are in seat order:

Seat 1 Carl Prior 10,000
Seat 2 Todd Kyte 33,000
Seat 3 Jack Firman 78,000
Seat 4 Colin Wing 45,000
Seat 5 Adele Munday 67,000
Seat 6 Sarah Cushion 16,000
Seat 7 Richard Morgan 29,000
Seat 8 Daniel Hand 32,000
Seat 9 Reuben Balderson 11,000
Seat 10 Martin Coleman 55,000

When the players left for their break blinds were 4,000 – 8,000 these should have increased to 6,000 – 12,000 but after discussing this with Olga it was decided to ‘cap’ the blinds at 4,000 – 8,000 to hopefully allow the players to play and not to have to start pushing straight away and I am sure the players appreciated this.

It was one of our medium stacks that was first to fall, Daniel Hand taking 10th place, our shortest stack at the table was next to go in 9th when he was forced to push but lady luck was not on his side. In 8th place it was Richard Morgan just missing out on a National Final seat. While all this was going on Sarah Cushion was ‘riding her luck’ and ‘living on her nerves’ as she originally came to the table 3rd shortest stack with just 16,000 but somehow she was hanging in there!

In 6th place and making the money and taking a National Final seat was Adele Munday who was desperately unlucky to see a healthy chip stack decimated in the space of 3 hands!

Reuben Balderson from Baston fell in 5th, a smashing guy who had a smile on his face all day. Hope to catch up with you soon at Q Sportsbar m8.

It was a Nottingham player next to go in 4th spot, Martin Coleman from Wollaton, well played Martin.

So then there were three, Sarah Cushion, shortest stack, Jack Firman our long time chip leader and Colin Wing who had been playing some solid poker at the final table and who had taken the chip lead from Jack. Eventually Sarah fell but what might have been …………….. earlier a card from the dealer caught Sarah’s hand and flipped over, it was an ACE!!!! It became the first burn card and Sarah never recovered but she finished a very creditable 3rd and she was over the moon and straight on the phone to ring her mum.

Heads up saw the chip lead swing one way and then the other; it was like the two players knew what the other was holding. I have to say the play between these two was excellent to watch and it took a monster hand to separate them, 4 4 4 on the flop giving Colin quads, slow played hoping Jack would hit something with the remaining 2 cards. Unfortunately for him a 7 on the turn saw Jack make his full house, he was never laying it down and the quad 4’s decimated his stack, leaving him with no way back. A little later Colin’s all in with A 2 was called and a 2 on the board and no help for Jack saw Colin home.

I would like to thank everyone that attended for making the day a pleasure for me to officiate at. Thanks to the Casino staff for their hard work and the excellent buffet, cottage pie, chicken pie, roasters, 2 veg and 2 excellent puddings. It was great. My thanks also to the valets that provided table service, it was nice to see you with smiles on your faces even when the drink orders threatened to overwhelm you! Special thanks to card room manager on the day Olga and the guys that dealt at the cash tables, you were excellent.

I hope you all enjoyed your day at The Gala in Nottingham and as always I would ask if you have any comments, good or bad to please pass them on to me/us so that we can continue to offer you the best pub poker league in the country.


An excellent turnout of 65 players at the Leeds Merrion Casino for the CPL quarterly final and with no late arrivals or last minute hitches we started promptly at 2.00 p.m.

Play initially was very tight and just 5 players were eliminated by the food break at 3.30 p.m. The 1st of these being Edward Fanthorpe, much to the relief of the rest of the field. Chip leader at this point was Tony Martin with 21,000 chips.

After an hour long break for the buffet provided by the casino we restarted and in the 1st 15 minutes after the break we lost 11 players. The carnage continued and by 6.30pm. We were down to 10 players with Richard Green the unlucky player to go out on the bubble.

A 30 minute break was announced while the TD, Martin, readied the final table and counted the chip stacks which were as follows :-

Andrew Tomlinson 83500
Simon Evans 54100
Ian Slinger 53900
Steve Walton 42700
Gavin Roberts 38000
Ross Starkie 35900
Brett McKay 34500
Ashley Cooper 12700
Steven Wright 12300
Neil Hirst 9300

With £1000 in the prize fund and 7 seats to the Nationals at stake the banter from the players during the break suggested we were in for a long haul.

So the 1st hand is dealt and Ross, under the gun, pushes all in. Next to act is Gavin who calls, followed by one of the short stacks, Steven Wright. Everyone else folds and Ross turns over AQ. Gavin smiles and shows AA 2while Steven turns over 77 and reaches for his coat. Gavin is the largest stack and looks to be taking 2 players out. The flop brings a Q giving Ross 2 outs. Turn is a blank but Ross hits another Q on the River to take out Steven and leave Gavin with 2K, less than the small blind.

Shortly after this Neil pushes with Q8 and Gavin calls with 22. Neil hits an 8 and the flop and Gavin is out in 9th.

Ross, who someone on the rail says is running like GOD, then gets all his chips in against Ian and Steve with pocket 10s and hits a 10 to eliminate both of them with Steve out in 8th and Ian taking a seat to the Nationals.

Out in 6th place and picking up £50 is Ashley followed in 5th with £60 is Neil.

Andrew pushes with AQ and Brett calls with 66. No improvement on the board and Andrew finishes 4th picking up £70.

Ross then pushes with KJ and Simon calls with AK and as expected Ross catches a J to knock Simon out in 3rd place for £120.

So we are now heads up with Ross and Brett with blinds at 10k/20k. Brett in small blind calls with Q7 and Ross checks with 5 8 spades. Flop is Q and 2 spades. Both check. Turn is 5c, Ross checks and Brett moves all in. Ross calls and , of course, hits an 8 on the river for 2 pair and picks up a 300k pot.

A couple of hands later Brett pushes all in with AQ and Ross calls with 10 6 off. No improvement for Brett but Ross hits a 6 to take the trophy and £500 while Brett picks up £200.

A great day which was enjoyed by everyone and I would like to thank the Casino staff, particularly Martin the TD, for once again hosting a good tournament.


With 78 players taking their seats at the fantastic Gala Harbourside this was the biggest Southwest Champions Poker League final we have ever run. With 10% gaining entry into the finals everyone was keen to get to those all important last 8 players to gain entry into the National Final.

We commenced on time at 1.30pm with the play starting quite slow with only a few players busting out in the first session. Unfortunately the first few players’ didn’t sign out and this was realised when David Nichols from the Admiral Macbride came over to sign out. He was announced to the rest of the card room as the first player out which was greeted with raucous applause! We then had to announce that he was in fact not the first out but by this time the damage had been done and he had been duly embarrassed!

After the break at about 3.45pm the players broke for lunch and reconvened with about 60 players left. Katie Rolls finished 50th who’d been seen as one of the players’ to beat after finishing on the final table of the National final back in September 09. She played a good game but unfortunately the cards were not on her side today.

At 5.30pm we still had about 35 runners left, all with an eye on the final table where the prizes begin! After another break at 6.15pm we were down to 24 players with blinds of 1000/2000 things were starting to get expensive for those low chip stacks.

Then we had three ladies fall in quick succession with Julia Thomas busting out in 21st position closely followed by Kerrie Finnegan in 20th. Sian Hart was the last standing lady and had a respectable chip stack but at 6.45pm she came over to sign out with her own bad beat story. Sian had AK against a pair of Jacks, she pushed all in with 6500 chips and hit nothing on the board but did finish a respectable 17th.

The final table of 10 started at about 8pm who were all guaranteed at least a £100 buy-in to the online Vegas Baby tournament to win a Vegas holiday. So with £1000 worth of online vouchers plus £1,000 shared between the top 6 players and 8 seats to the National Final it was shaping up to be an exciting final table. The competing players were as follows:

Kevin Dickenson from the Tilers Arm in Gwent with 155,000 chips
Stephen Knowles from The Crown and Horseshoe with 58,000 chips
Mike Walker from The Crown and Horseshoe with 55,400 chips
Jason Bartlett from the George with 36,600 chips
Scott McCarthy from the George with 34,900 chips
Malcolm Harding from the Tap on the Isle of White with 34,800 chips
Chris Flanagan from the Admiral Macbride with 33,800 chips
Nick Gornall from The Crown and Horseshoe with 28,500 chips
Chris Thomas from the Ram in Tidworth with 17,700 chips
Adam Edghill from the King William with 11,600 chips

First hand of the final table and Adam pushed all in chasing the flush only to miss with a pair of 5’s taking the pot and seeing Adam (a previous National Final Table winner) exiting the tournament. Well done Adam – no cash payout today but he did receive (as all the final table did) a consolation prize of £100 buy in into the Vegas or Bust tournament to win a Vegas holiday – so good luck in that!

Scott McCarthy was next out in 9th who unfortunately ‘bubbled’ for a National Final seat. That title went to Chris Thomas who bust out next in 8th position and took the first National Final seat and the £100 Vegas or Bust tournament.

Jason Bartlett and Malcom Harding both went out on the same hand in 7th and 6th respectively with Malcom finishing in the money. He had travelled from the Isle of White to Bristol so had a long journey back after a successful day!

So now we were down to the top 5 with Kevin Dickenson dominating the table with about 100,000 chips until he pushed in hard with A,2,3,4,5 only to be beat with a higher straight using a 6. This hurt Kevin hard, losing about half his chips and levelling the table up a bit. Next saw Chris Flanagan go out in 5th who was hanging on with his low chip stack.

After a quick break at about 9.30pm the last four reconvened with Kevin going all in chasing a straight. He hit the straight only to be beaten with a higher straight! So Kevin was out with the two lost straights taking its toll for him in the game today.

So now we were down to the last three players who were all from the Crown and Horseshoe in Bristol! With Craig Thatcher the landlord looking on, the chips stood at:

Mike Walker with 217,800 chips
Steven Knowles with 142,100 chips
Nick Gornall with 106,400 chips

A nightmare hand then came for Steven when he pushed all in with AK only for Mike to call with AA. No-one hit anything and Stevens’ day was over!

The heads-up only lasted another 10 minutes or so with Nick having AQ suited and Mike having a pair of 9’s. Neither hit anything on the community cards so that was Nick in 2nd with the Mike the worthy winner.

So what a great day for the players’ at the Crown and Horseshoe 1st, 2nd and 3rd. They will all have something to brag about at the next game at the pub. Thanks should go to the casino tournament directors who ran a great tournament with not only the Champions Poker game to contend with but also three of their own tournaments during the day – the card-room was packed!

We look forward to the next quarterly final at Bristol and seeing you all down there again next quarter.


We still had our ususal huge turnout at our Luton Final, despite the addition of the new London and Nottingham finals, with 200 players turning up to the G Casino.

Due to the massive numbers play started a little late at 2:30pm, but play was fast and furious as by 8:30pm we were already down to our top 20 players, all of whom qualified for the National Final! That means we were losing one player every 2 minutes!

Play became much more tight at this point as our players fought to grab the cash, but within an hour we were down to our final ten.

Eventually the final came down to Chad Mitchell from the Fox in Burwell and Earnest Lai from the Wishing Well in Milton Keynes. The battle continued until 11:30pm when the final all-in was called.

Chad had A K and Earnest had K 9 suited.

The Flop came down J 5 9, with an 8 on the turn and the river another 9, letting Earnest take the trophy with trip 9's.

Congratulations Earnest and thank you to all the players who attended the Luton Final! See you next time!


It was down to Maybury casino for the victors of the Scottish pub tournaments and as ever the competitors were greeted by the cheery staff at the casino.

As ever the tournament was a keenly contested affair and the competitors treated their chips in a typically Scottish fashion, paticularly once the cagey last table had been established. However once there we lost many gladiators in quick succession, though one chap by the name of Chris Halladay made the last table with barely enough to cover his small blind yet gamely hung in there to finish fourth.

The heads up between Thomas Ridley and Thomas Kisbenedek was possibly the quickest ever; just one hand was enough to decide the outcome!

A big thank you to everyone who attended! See you again in April!