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Luton Final Results.

The results for the Luton Quarterly final are in! With 140 players, Luton was the biggest of all our quarterly finals.

Again, due to problems resulting from the huge number of players, we only have the top 23 players positions recorded.

Those are listed here:

1st - John Sturtz
2nd - Eddie Thompson
3rd - Justin Evans
4th - Luigi Guerriero
5th - Paul Date
6th - Rhian Coolings
7th - Duncan Wilkie
8th - Lee Hampshire
9th - James Hogg
10th - Adrian Bensley
11th - Ross Talbot
12th - Jonathan Stewart
13th - Brian Goffart
14th - Kwai Mok
15th - Darren Dyer
16th - Dave Storey
17th - Rees Watson
18th - Noel Leehan
19th - Giuseppe Tramunti
20th - Danny Szeto
21st - Colin Welch
22nd - Paul White
23rd - Brian Renphrey

Congratulations to John Stutz who walked away with the first place prize of 400 after ten straight hours of poker. John is one of our more prolific players, having qualified from the Bluebell in Bedford but also playing at the nearby Queens Tavern, George and Dragon and Kalooki Club. He won the tournament after going heads up against Eddie Thompson, winning with a pair of sevens he only made on the turn. Eddie can't be too dissapointed however, as he got the second prize of 250!