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October's Quarter Finals

Write up’s for April Season 1 2018-2019 Quarter Finals

A brief summary of the days play held at each quarterly final venue can be found below. Photos and finishing positions can be found on our finals page or by clicking here.

The day was great, a lot of new players from Leicester chose to come and really enjoyed a change of scenery from the Midlands quarter final. It was a good 2 hrs play before we lost our first person, Sam Duggan who went out to a great applause. By 18.30 we reached the final table but Steve Richards was the bubble boy.

After 1 hrs’ play the table started to lose players, Ray Wallace was the next to go and unfortunately just missed out on a seat to national finals. The remaining players were now somewhat relieved since they had all qualified.

When we finally got down to last 3 players we had a 3 way split of the money, which left the trophy and an extra £100 for the winner. The play was steady as there was only 100,000 between them all but finally Joanne Platt went out leaving two boys from Leicester (Aaron Lowe and Darren Taylor). After a few more hands the all in was given with an instant call. Darren Taylor with Q,10 against Aaron’s A,9, the rest of the cards were 5,Q,10,A,4. This gave Darren 2 x pair and winning the Huddersfield Quarter Final – well done Darren!

Play got under way just after 2pm with only 47 players registered for the day's play and we lost our first player just after the first break and the unlucky player to receive a big applause from all the rest of the players and the customary photo to go with it was MITCHELL LANE

After the lunch break we had a steady flow of players going out and we got down to the final table at 7:15pm after a quick break and a couple of pictures we got back down to play and to see who would take the places to qualify for the national final there were 5 places up for grabs at the final and 5 places being paid out. The unfortunate player who busted out on the bubble for the final and the paying places was MANTUS JANKAUSKAS.

We got to heads up between VALMIR HAJDARMATAJ and JACK MARTIN at 9:30pm and after about 20 minutes of play both players announced the famous words ‘all in’ and with VAL turning over Ad 7s and JACK holding Ac 6s and the race was on.
The flop came Kc,3d,10c Both players still looking for help but VAL was slightly in front.So on to the turn card which was 2d.The river card came down and it was the 9s.
Val’s A7 holding up and taking the win.

Well done VAL and good luck to the rest of the players who managed to qualify for the NATIONAL FINAL. Lastly a big thanks to the casino and to the rest of the players who also turned up. Hope to see you at the next quarter final.

Although only 33 turned out, it was an enjoyable event with a round of applause for Paul Roose the first out. The final table was quickly achieved, but what followed took a lot longer.

Sean Dean was short stacked and as par for the course for the final table, chipped up, only to go out on the bubble. Clive Cooper was as good as gone, but started to chip up, as was Dave Kelly, both surviving several all ins’, when very low. Nigel Anderson came fifth and Andrew Mosferer 4th. The two guys on a chip and a chair managed some-how to be third for Clive and 2nd for Dave.

Teresa Beard, the eventual winner, was consistent throughout, never really getting into the Danger Zone. In the final all in, Teresa’s pair of 9s held up against the pair of 3s of Dave and she became the deserved winner.

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