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Explanation of the medals board system

The medals board is a fun way of keeping track of your accomplishments in the league. The medals board can be reached by going to any player's details page either through clicking on their name on a leaderboard or by searching for their membership number or name on the leaderboard front page. The chest is broken into three segments, your medals,your rank and your skill.


Medals are placed in your medals chest when you earn them by achieving certain goals. When the goal is achieved the medal will appear in your medal chest along with the number of times you have earned it.

Move your mouse pointer over a medal slot in your chest for an explanation of how that medal is earned. Medals which say "over the course of a season" will not appear in your medals chest until that season has closed.


Your rank represents how much of an impression you have made on the league. All players start of as a 'rookie' when they join the league and advance upwards through the ranks as they play in tournaments. Every tournament you play in grants you 'experience', with more experience being gained for better performances. When you have gained enough experience you will increase in rank.

Experience is gained as follows:
Each tournament played in: 1 exp
Reaching the final table: +1 exp
Going heads up: +1 exp
Winning a tournament: +2 exp.
Therefore the most experience that can be gained in a tournament is 5 points.

The ranks progress as follows:

Rookie - 0 exp
New Player - 3 exp
Regular - 10 exp
Contender - 20 exp
Old Hand - 40 exp
Veteran - 60 exp
Shark - 90 exp
Single Bracelet - 120 exp
Double Bracelet - 150 exp
Triple Bracelet - 200 exp
Immortal - 250 exp


Skill is a representation of how well you have done overall in the league. It can go up and down according to how you play.

Skill is distributed as follows:

Finish in the top 25% of a tournament: +2 skill points.
Finish in the next 25% of a tournament: +1 skill points.

Finish in the second from bottom 25% of a tournament: -1 skill points.
Finish in the bottom 25 % of a tournament: -2 skill points.

Also on the medals board is your average skill, which shows how many skill points, on average, you have earned each tournament, giving a quick analysis of how well you generally do.

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