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Information for venues

Champions Poker League has been created to help venues increase their profits on usually quiet nights of the week.

We offer the best and most cost effective pub poker service in the UK.

Our league is constantly improving, offering our venues new tools to help draw in more customers each week which in turn is great for your profits.

Want to pack out your venue each week with people spending money? The Champions Poker League brings you a great way to increase your profits. Imagine 30-40 players each week all spending money at your pub on one of your quiet nights! We are always looking for new pubs or clubs interested in hosting our Texas Hold’em poker tournaments.

What are the benefits to joining a league?

• No prior knowledge of pub poker is required to run your evening as our instructions are easy to follow whether you have played before or not.

• Increase revenue (average spend per player is £10-£12) – some pubs running pub poker nights take over £800 each night.

• We provide comprehensive guides on how to play pub poker and how to run a tournament, including a ‘How to run a pub poker evening’ DVD, tournament director’s manual and a detailed legalities document. We also provide full guides on the use of our website.

• We can supply high quality pub poker equipment (subject to payment).

• No long term commitment – Unlike other leagues we do not sign pubs up to a long term contract. Should you wish to stop your subscription to the league, simply let us know.

• With up to £90,500 in prizes on offer each year we give players more reason to return to your venue each week.

• We host Quarterly Finals at casinos across the UK every season and a single central National Final once a year. The great Casino atmosphere improves the final experience encouraging players to keep playing in the league. UK gambling law also allows for bigger prizes at casinos.

• We have over 18,000 members already registered with the league looking for new places to play. Your venue will be marketed to the players to help increase attendance and build momentum for the poker night.

• We run quarterly seasons back to back, so there is never any break in play at our venues. This means there is no loss of momentum as your players will always be able to play!

What do I get?

We will send you all the information you need to run a successful pub poker evening which includes:

• How to run a pub poker evening DVD - A comprehensive guide to running a successful pub poker evening; advises how to market your evenings and maximise your profits per night. (click on the videos to the right to play a sample)

• Telephone help-line for those "one off" questions

• Laminated cards showing top hand rankings

• New member registration forms

• Signing in and signing out sheets

• Marketing checklist

• Your own log in to our secure web site

• Ability to contact your own players weekly by email

• All required marketing material

Optional equipment:

• 2 x professional poker table toppers

• Box of professional numbered poker chips

• 2 x packs of quality plastic playing cards

• Dealer buttons

Don't worry if you need more equipment, just simply use our online shop to order more equipment.


Why join a pub poker league?

Our league and bonus systems are sophisticated and all of the administration is taken care of by us – there is no need for you to compile complicated league tables or distribute them. All players have access to the history of results through our purpose-built website. By playing in a league, your players are encouraged to return again and again to accumulate points to qualify for the end-of-season tournament. Players visiting your pub from other league venues will be confident in playing in a familiar environment, using similar equipment and tournament rules that they already know. This encourages players from other pubs to come to yours, resulting in an overall increase in turnout at your pub.

How does it work?

You choose a night of the week and a start date for the evenings. We send you all of the marketing material and you do the “Grass roots” marketing by displaying posters, gaining interest from your clientele and doing local marketing. Your pub or club will be listed for free on our web site’s where to play schedule as well as being advertised on the front page of our website as a new venue and from that point onwards in our ‘where to play today’ section which is checked by our players daily to see our tournament schedule.

The night is surprisingly simple to run and either yourself, one of your bar staff or a regular will find it a breeze. Players love to get involved and after a couple of weeks there will be no shortage of volunteers to run the evenings for you - possibly in return for a few drinks! Points are uploaded each week in a few minutes via our secure web site (or send them to us if you don't have internet access) and are then displayed on the Leaderboard for all to see.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing has deliberately been kept as low as possible to enable you to recoup your outlay many times over by the increase in sales over the bar. We keep our prices down by letting you run your own night without the expense of sending in a Tournament Director, an extra cost which would be passed on to you. Contract terms are month by month and you are free to cancel at any point giving one months notice.

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